Pancreatitis and white stools

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Avatar n tn These range in size from a speck to about the size of a dime. They are white, except for one was pink and white. I am not on my period, but it is due in the next week or so. However, I have never passed tissue on my period except for on the day it starts and it is usually gray and red in color. The past two days, I have had some lightheadedness and fatigue. I have also gotten short of breath when doing housework (putting away dishes and laundry). Thank you for your help.
Avatar m tn I do still have my gallbladder and it has been tested and functions normally. I haven not been tested for autoimmune pancreatitis or had a stool sample done. Nor have taking enzymes been suggested. From all of my research I think my pancreatitis at this particular moment in time is quite low-grade which may be a reason my GI has taken a very slack approach.The GI didn't seemed concerned about the black specks and didn't inquire any further after I mentioned them.
10821430 tn?1439584483 I should also add his Creatinine was 0.8 and Phosphorus level was 3.9...I was worried about kidney problems but the vet said the BUN could be higher due to intestine inflamation and a Yorkie can run a little higher "as normal" they have found over years...he had no conserns about kidney functions.
902019 tn?1249865014 The symptoms of autoimmune pancreatitis for me were weight loss, pale stools, gallbladder-like attacks (but longer-lasting) and elevated liver function tests - which initially were thought to be a bile duct obstruction complicated by blockage of gallbladder sludge. Stenting the common bile duct and later removal of gallbladder (which was in bad shape) still didn't solve the problems. See my response (above) to DT10 for further info.
Avatar f tn My husband is 61 years old and has been a heavy drinker for past 30 years. For the last 10 years he has had periodic "attacks" which have sent him to the emergency room numerous times (every time a different "diagnosis"). After so many years of various tests (and gallbladder removal, hearth caths which showed no blockages), our primary doctor thought this might be chronic pancreatitis (although enzymes are usually in "normal" range).
342585 tn?1211994706 My son is 2 1/2 and since he turned 1 he has had issues with occasional pure white stools and always pale colored and clay like stools. We have tested all of his organs, liver, pancreas, gallbladder, and a total cbc and lipid panel test. Everything was fine. He was anemic for awhile but overcame it. He is still growing and is not sickly and still has plenty of energy. He also does not like to eat much food. Only meat is chicken and he loves his milk.
1778046 tn?1318440702 Since then I have had 1-2 bms daily of heavy, soft, tan-colored stools w/ white mucus/fat and white/yellow bits that float. No blood a week into this BM habit started getting symptoms in anal/rectal area: tense when seated and the anus feels closed off (cant expel gas, extreme bloat). A month ago and was ordered CBC, Enzymes, Liver Function bloodwork and all came back normal. Prescribed meds ranitidine and bentyl. no change/worse. Given Flagyl 250mg 3 times daily with 1 Align G.I.
1778046 tn?1318440702 Three people I know had the same symptoms. They were all 1 pack a day cigarette smokers, and had light or white stools, low back pain and abdominal bloating. They also had yellowing of the skin and eyes. They all died within 6 months of being diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Just get checked to rule it out.
447939 tn?1235065543 jus lately she has been having white poops i havent changed her diet for a couple of months and she seems happy enough could it mean a deficiency or anything more serious
Avatar n tn Mild pain in his stomach. Stools are a pale color - almost white. He had a sonogram yesterday that was neg for gallstones. Supposed to have an upper GI. He has had mild gastro problems for a year. Often has a low grade fever. His blood tests are normal. He has taken Prilosec for a few years, Lipitor for one year. Ever hear that such meds can cause the problems? The concern is the pale stools and possible liver problems. What should the doc's next test for him be?
Avatar n tn got white dots on my finger nails. other blood results also showing abnormal bone profile and was positive for antimitochondrial antibody (twice). i have slightly high cholestrol ,which im doing wel in lowering, i have been drinking alcohol and smoking in the past but socially, ive stopped both since being ill, i have a past(2years ago) of car whiplash injury which the back pains are still causing me problems also having investigation into possible prostratitis soon.
Avatar f tn Hello, Without evaluation it may be difficult to determine the exact cause of your symptoms. White stools or white pieces in stool could be due to numerous causes.Malabsorption,liver disease, chronic pancreatitis,Crohns disease, Ulcerative colitis etc.In pancreatic cancer there is clay colored stools,fatigue,weakness,jaundice,loss of appetite, pain in upper part of belly etc.You do not have any weight loss or loss of appetite so it is unlikely to be malignancy.
Avatar m tn Last week I noticed that I have a sore (red circle) at the base of my uvula, and this week I have one white spot on my right tonsil. When I wake up every morning, my upper abdomen aches, especially on the left side under my rib cage. Also, my armpits ache some mornings (maybe lymph nodes?). As the day progresses, my abdominal pain seems to move down lower towards my lower left abdomen, but occasionally also aches on the right side too.
Avatar f tn You need to request further testing. You may want to consider asking about an MRCP to see if any stones or sludge can be found in ducts - can and does happen. Also get your liver and pancreatic enzyme levels checked.
Avatar f tn I had soft yellow stools for 2 weeks back in May/June, a couple weeks normal, and then yellow stools which have turned to diarrhea for the past four weeks. No pain except a little in my lower back, on my right side, for a couple of days, but it has resolved. I also have had a low-grade fever, between 99.1 and 99.9, for at least a month. And I have mild nausea when I wake up (I am not pregnant). I had three tests, one for E. coli, one for salmonella and one for white blood cells. All were normal.
Avatar n tn (i even had a doctor tell me i was a drug addict looking for pain meds----as i threw up green bile on his exam room foor and a white cell count too high for most people to live!)ANYWAY---I HAVE CHRONIC PANCREATITIS--HAVE NEVER USED ALCOHOL, ETC, SO THEY NEVER CONSIDERED IT! I NOW TAKE VICODIN 4 TIMES A DAY FOR PAIN, PHENERGAN FOR NAUSEA, DONNATAL TO KEEP MY GI TRACT RELAXED, AND XANAX TO KEEP ME STRESS FREE-(IT MAKES IT FLARE UP HORRIBLY).
Avatar n tn is just post C-Diff or something brand new, like IBD,IBS, malabsorption, etc. Wouldn't I have pain and other symptoms if it was something like Diverticulitis or Pancreatitis? Any assistance you can offer is greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Avatar n tn They actually doubled me over, broke out in a sweat and or chills, turned white,felt lightheaded, sometimes I had loose stools as well, and very nauseated with vomiting at times. Nothing I took to relieve the pain would help, so I eventually stopped trying to take anything for it and just waited it out. Contacted my GP Dr, he referred me back to surgeon. He thought I had adhesions from surgery (also had 2 c-sections in past).
Avatar n tn I have a male golden retriever, he is 11 years old and I'm extremely worried. My dog hasn't been eating properly for the past few weeks, he refuses to eat his normal food so we've been cooking him rice/eggs/meat/liver etc. Then after a while he doesn't eat himself unless we feed him by hands..and now he doesn't eat at all. Though he does eat some type of snacks. Now, he doesn't seem to have the energy to get up. He would try to get up but his legs seems to be weak or something.
Avatar n tn I have since had several dilatations of the common bile duct, frequent attacks of Pancreatitis and am still experiencing the same symptoms and pain as I originally had!I now suffer from Chronic Pancreatitis (and I mean suffer!) I take several narcotics for pain, Sandustatin inj. for Pancreatic spasms, and enzymes. However, I was told by my Specialist that there is nothing else that can be done.I am very frustrated! I do not intend to live the rest of my life like this!
Avatar n tn I think I have it, as I also have the mucus and weird colored stools right now. Also suffer from indigestion/gas/fatigue/constipation, you name it. All symptoms of Candida. A lot of people who think they have IBS probably just suffer from a chronic case of this and it can be fixed. There are plenty of websites that carry great cleansers, where you basically have to detox your intestines to clear it up. I bought mine today at vitamin shoppe and i'm hoping it helps me.
Avatar m tn I was told to continue omeprazole, and to go ahead and begin taking a teaspoon of pepto bismol once daily until my stools began to look normal again. More blood was drawn to check my pancreas for pancreatitis, but it all came back clean. The next day I had a normal looking bowel movement, but of course it was very dark because of the pepto (which is a known side effect).
Avatar m tn Did anyone find a cure? I am in Kenya and experiencing this but its broken out into what the Derm thinks is Dermertitis - i have taken all kinds of meds the past 7 months with no relief. My hands look like they are scrapped with knives and cut up...they bleed from my constant itching and I am so frustrated.
Avatar n tn multiple labs, CBC with differential, c reactive protein, sed rate, two lyme disease tiders, a comprehensive western blot lyme test, two HIV tests, multiple blood tests for muscle enzymes and functions, EMG muscle testing, MRI of brain (which revealed slight abnormality which neuro said was consistent with CFS or lyme), test for Lupus, rheumatoid panel, allergy test (blood test), CT scan of everything from base of lungs down (due to constipation and tenderness above groin area), and echocardiog
129422 tn?1222703189 dog food) has been having intermittent tummy and obscure pain issues for a month and and half and after 10 trips to vet's office and three blood profiles (one comprehensive one), other than initial dx of pancreatitis, vet is stumped as to what might be wrong. Initially (first week of August), our Maltese did vomit and wouldn't eat (and he always eats voraciously). Taken to vet around first week in August. Xrays showed nothing.
Avatar m tn Since then its got a bit better with pain mostly under right ribs, level slightly less but not gone away. Some floating bowel movement and some sinkers. Nothing yellow or white, 50 shades of brown and no more regular or stinky than usual. Also now having some chills but dont feel unwell at all, no nausea or anything like that. have a history of GERD and take omaprazol daily.
Avatar f tn A gallstone may leave the gallbladder and lodge on the end of the biliary tree where biliary and pancreatic ducts meet. This blocks the outflow of pancreatic juice and can cause pancreatitis. Go and arrange an ultrasound of abdomen and basic blood tests for pancreatitis. Gallbladder pain is like a spasm, often occuring in minutes after a fatty meal. Pain is located below the lowes right rib, about 5 inches from the midline.
Avatar n tn 32 yr Male, daily abdo pains/discomfort in naval area (above/below also) since Aug. which come and go several hrs after eating and last several hrs. GP suspects IBS (initially gastritis) Stools are regular & normal but in Aug I had red blood on side of stool on 2 occasions and constipation (now relieved by keeping up fibre) Ever since 18 (not every week but most weeks) I have drank around 6-8 pints of lager a night 2-3 nights a week.
Avatar n tn have had cramps for about 5 months, first loose stools, sometimes more firm, but lots of flatulence and disgusting stools, that almost paint the toilet bowl when flushed. I drink about 5 drinks a day- some days more (consicously trying not to, though). Am 35. Female. This afternoon my stomach craps were so bad I had trouble walking and had to go to the Dr. Tomorrow I'm having a day off work for a CT. I eat healthy, I run, i drink quite a bit of water. Will see how CT goes I guess!
Avatar n tn I get yellow stools and burning bile that backs up into my system and causes complete HAVOC.... All I can say is good luck to 20 years, I have seen about 15 MD's and ALL of them have different opinions....