Pancreatitis and weight loss

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Avatar n tn could be pancreas,but if it were,i think you would have more issues....severe weight loss,throwing up alot,hpspitalizations exct. sounds like you might have crohns disease. id check into that,,its more digestive then organ i think,and i kinda know,i have a close friend with chronic pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn Some symptoms of pancreatitis include a swollen and tender abdomen, nausea, vomiting, fatigue, sometimes a fever and rapid pulse. Weight loss is frequent. The nausea, pain and vomiting often follows a meal of some sort, and can be triggered more severely by foods heavy in fats. Often there is pain in the abdomen and between the ribs at the base of the sternum. Pain that radiates to the back is also common with pancreatitis.
229538 tn?1300381367 or their weight..and a high source of protein.(not meat by-products) this is the article. I hope it helps and I do hope Kaci is soon well. keep us updated okay♥
Avatar f tn In pancreatitis, nutrients the dog needs are passed out in the feces, thus probably the reason for the weight loss (and that is quite a bit). Has he been checked for diabetes? If the Vets your Vet has called can't come up with any other possible treatment, assuming the above is being done, I would suggest a call to a University Vet Hospital, if there is one in your area. Like the closest one to me is UC Davis in Sacramento.
Avatar n tn BTW, you asked in your first post if anyone had ever had pancreatitis. I wanted to clarify to you that I have had three acute pancreatitis attacks and I now have chronic pancreatitis. Swelling in my abdomen was very visible in the area affected, and that area was particularly painful to pressure. The pain was excrutiating all throughout the abdomen, behind the sternum, through to the back anyways, but any pressure on the swollen area was even more intense.
Avatar n tn About two years ago I developed chronic pancreatitis. Some people can have an acute pancreatitis attack, recover, and never have any problems again. I wasn't one of those lucky ones. The chronic pancreatitis is here to stay.
Avatar f tn I almost went to the emergency room due to my weight loss. My normal weight is 98 lbs and I was down to 88 lbs. I am getting an allergic reaction to almost all of the food I eat!
Avatar f tn I asked the doctor about this and he said it could be due to the gallstones/pancreatitis, and my body not being able to digest food properly. And that I will probably loose weight after having gallbladder removed. IS this true?? I am concerned about having the surgery because I see that allot of people say the GAIN weight afterwards!! But I also wonder if this is due to them being able to eat more foods??
Avatar n tn I've been evaluated for Cystic, autoimmune, gluten intolerance, and just about anything you can imagine and the best I've been able to do is minimize weight loss. 2nd opinion EUS at Cleve Clinic didn't see significant issue and doctor asked me to stop Creon. After getting sick a couple of weeks later, I resumed and was told to "treat symptoms". Recently diagnosed with Vit D deficiency for which I am now taking 8000 IU daily.
Avatar n tn Ive read chronic pancreatitis might not show up in these imaging tests but the severe weight loss and pain are continuing. Please keep me updated on ure condition since it sounds quite similar to my dads.
Avatar n tn Early symptoms include increased drinking, iurinating more (accidents may be a sign), weight loss, increased appetite, dehydration and sudden cataract formation. Symptoms of more advanced diabetes should be treated immediately and include the above symptoms plus depression, weakness, vomiting, rapid breathing, and an acetone odor on the breath.
Avatar n tn in my sides that wraps about midways in my back somethime under both shoulderblades on both sides for the last 2 years after eating with weight loss that has leveled off some. I have had one mild elevation of Amylase around 135 at the beggining of 2006. I had high triglycerides which are now normal.I have had continual elevations of Lipase around 320 throughout the last 2 years. Every thing else has been pretty much normal other than a mildly increased ANA that has since been normal.
Avatar n tn A lot. Saturday morning I called the vet and they wanted to see her right away for fear of pancreatitis. They drew some blood, gave her some IV antibiotics, and some fluids, though she was not dehydrated. They also gave me some prescription pills to give her at home along with some prescription dog food that we are to feed her a teaspoonfull at a time, a couple times per day.
Avatar m tn lack of appetite due to gastritis,pancreatitis,gallbladder attacks these are some of the reasons why I have lost weight when I was not trying. All pertaining to the digestive system and it could be many more reason. Including having a serious illness.
Avatar m tn Im wondering what causes that especially in pancreatitis? I loss alot of weight a year ago, was real sick with abnormal bruising and weakness, falling down, ect, this was before pancreas started acting up again, prior to that I had only one acute episode of pancreatitis. Now its been basically non-stop, confirmed by mri, that it is chronic pancreatitis, and fatty liver.
Avatar m tn My stool was light, pellet like mucusy and very hard to pass. I have moderate itch; nose, chest and thighs, weight loss (2 kgs in 2 month), urine normal colour. Tests outcome: very high bilirubin levels, liver function is normal. EUS: mild esophagitis MRI: normal The Dr. gave me a diagnosis of gilbert syndrome to justify the bilirubin and said that he is not sure from where my other symptoms are from!
Avatar n tn However, last year I began to develop symptoms of pain in the center and left quadrant of my upper abdomen, nausea, mild weight loss. I would feel sick if I ate and sick if I didn't. I cut back to a very limited diet of fresh cooked foods, mainly poultry and vegetables, fruit and flat breads. I have improved symptom-wise except when under stress. However, my Amylase continues to be elevated and I am concerned, as is my doctor, about chronic pancreatitis leading to pancreatic cancer.
Avatar n tn RISK FACTORS Cigarette smoking Alcohol consumption( particularly beer) Gallstones High animal fat diets Diabetes mellitus SYMPTOMS Abdominal pain, vague, dull, middle of abdomen, occasionally going through to the back. Weight loss with loss of appetite, occasionally with an aversion to meats, and a metallic taste in the mouth.
Avatar n tn Depression is also common in chronic pancreatitis and this can also reduce appetite and lead to weight loss. Jaundice (when patients develop yellow eyes and skin) occurs in about a third of patients with chronic pancreatitis. It is usually due to damage to the common bile duct which drains bile from the liver to the duodenum. The common bile duct normally passes though the head of the pancreas.
701334 tn?1262857103 this has been going on for like 9 years now. no weight loss,no throwing up. i also have other gastric issues,some reflux,stomach gergling,stuff like that. in the summer time,i had two unexplained bouts 1 month apart where i got a fever/chilled, had severe stomach pain where it even hurt to the touch,/bloating..and severe diahreah where i was going like 20 times a day!! throwing up though.....
Avatar n tn Most of the people who get sores have neuropathy, meaning loss of feeling, usually in the lower extremitiies. The parts of the body that suffer the most are the fet and hands. Weight loss and neuropathy and wounds that are hard to heal are often symptoms of diabetes, but I am NOT trying to diagnose, just saying that there may be something else besides his liver. I feel for you and know how frustrating it is to try to help someone you love.
902019 tn?1249865014 The symptoms of autoimmune pancreatitis for me were weight loss, pale stools, gallbladder-like attacks (but longer-lasting) and elevated liver function tests - which initially were thought to be a bile duct obstruction complicated by blockage of gallbladder sludge. Stenting the common bile duct and later removal of gallbladder (which was in bad shape) still didn't solve the problems. See my response (above) to DT10 for further info.
Avatar n tn I had been seeing my surgeon for follow up (thyroid and breast cysts/biopsies -benign) and GB became priority now. So I relented and surery was scheduled. 3rd day post-op finally being discharged(of a same day procedure) surgeon assures me nausea will resolve by next week. here we are over 7 months later and not only has the nause not resolved, but neither has the abd pain, and I have lost 20-25lbs.
Avatar f tn I am on the 100mcg patches and Oxycodone IR (Immediate Release) 15mg tablets and have not experienced any weight loss. I have actually gained weight. I believe the weight gain is from my ankle fusion surgery not the medications... just as someone mentioned above I think maybe since you found some relief or comfort that you are not as depressed and feeling better I am sure you probably eat better and don't even notice it... Good luck!
Avatar n tn My mother is 66 years of age, recently discharged from hospital, present weight is 62 lbs, diagnosis of chronic pancreatitis, pseudocyst and tumor tail of the pancreas detected by C.T scan, my mother is booked forERCP,I'm very worried as she is very frail, is there any risk in doing this test with someone so malnurished.Internist says she is not srong enough for a biopsy,therfore we don't know if the tumor is malignant, is there any other way of finding out,?ultrasound.
Avatar n tn MRI, EEG, UPR endoscopy, colonoscopy, x-rays, tons blood work 7-8/03 for more pain, weight loss, left face numbness, burning limbs, black out spells, headaches, slurring sometimes, brain fog...
Avatar n tn I must tell you that I never experienced sudden weight loss, nausea, vommitting or loss of appitite. I have always run a low grade fever tho'. I will say that the times I have experienced vomitting, nausea and loss of appetite were when I was in the middle of a pancreatic attack and needed hospitalization. I also am pretty sure that amylas and lipase levels arn't supposed to be over 63. But the doctor (specialist} I am seeing now is not concerned with what my levels are anymore.
Avatar m tn Over the past few months I have had digestive problems, throat and abdominal discomfort, and weight loss. Here are my symptoms: Almost every day I feel that part of my throat is swollen and I have a dull ache/discomfort in my throat. Sometimes it is higher in my throat, near my tonsils, and other days it is lower at the base of my throat (I’m assuming near my thyroid?). The discomfort is pretty consistently on the left side of my neck/throat. This has been going on for over a month now.