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Avatar f tn I had Pancreatitis,,,,,,, My GI doctor told me to cut back on all Carbohydrates... eat mostly lean meat,, lots of veggies and very small amounts of fruits... only about 20 grams of carbs per day, not processed.. Veggies have carbs but on a smaller level then a piece of whole wheat bread. Also be mindful of the drinks, no sugar is allowed , I drink mostly diet drinks, water, and equal in my coffee.
229538 tn?1300381367 or their weight..and a high source of protein.(not meat by-products) this is the article. I hope it helps and I do hope Kaci is soon well. keep us updated okay‚ô•
Avatar n tn Wellness Simple (salmon, not lamb) and Wellness Stews are what I feed my dog with pancreatitis. He has chronic smoldering pancreatitis and is 15 1/2 years old. He is a terrier mix but it's obvious there is schnauzer mixed in his bloodline. His lipase level was >6000 today but renal function is normal except BUN a tiny bit above normal. Creatinine was 1.7 (high end of normal). He is having normal stools and has a great appetite and is not vomiting.
Avatar m tn i am a 27 yr old female, with more pancreatitis attacks then i can count in the last year and a half. ive been accused of a frivilious life style which is so far from the truth. ive had every test known for this condition. in the last 2 months i was put on a protien suppliment to replace my emzymes that my pancreas produces. in the first 2 wks i lost 20 lbs, had no appetite, liquid bowel movements, dizziness, fatique, discoloring of the skin,and more symptoms i can even list.
Avatar f tn I have been feeding him smaller portions of low fiber high protein food many times per day. He is eating well and drinking plenty of water. His vomiting had become much less, but I am noticing that occassionally he may vomit up a blood tinged liquid/no food in it. is this to be expected with this condition?
Avatar n tn She has been home from the hospital 3 weeks and has nausea and cannot tolerate much more than vegetable soup, yogurt, blueberries, and oatmeal. She is also experiencing constipation now. My question is: how much time should it take for her to no longer have nausea and be able to eat other foods, and who or what books could I consult to find out what foods she should be trying to eat to have enough protein and other nutrients?
Avatar n tn A serum creatinine and creatinine clearance test should be done to rule out kidney involvement and a blood sugar for diabetes. However it could also be recurrent pancreatitis and pain of colitis too that has become dull aching type. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn However, broad-spectrum antibiotics, and other antimicrobials should be used to cover possible infectious causes such as toxoplasmosis infection, and to cover infections secondary to the pancreatitis, if warrented. Treatment of pancreatitis in cats include the following: For Anorexia (not eating), use appetite stimulant medications. For Dehydration, use IV and/or Sub Q fluid therapy, For Hypothermia (dangerously decreased body heat), use incubators, heating pad, etc.
611067 tn?1458595083 Saturday, I tried to eat dinner, but it hurt my stomach and so I stuck with SF/FF Jello instead and a Soy Protein drink. Last night I had a Soy Protein drink and a small sweet potato. I had no trouble. I'm gaining more energy from the food. So, yes, I'm getting nutrition and taking supplements as well. My doctor even gave me her cell phone number a couple months ago.
10821430 tn?1439584483 I should also add his Creatinine was 0.8 and Phosphorus level was 3.9...I was worried about kidney problems but the vet said the BUN could be higher due to intestine inflamation and a Yorkie can run a little higher "as normal" they have found over years...he had no conserns about kidney functions.
611067 tn?1458595083 I saw my gastro doctor and he says that he does NOT think I have chronic pancreatitis like my family doctor thought. He said that my lipace levels were not high enough and that the pain and bloating does not indicate that, plus the MRI shows that everything in that region looks good. He thinks that maybe there is something wrong near the connection sites from my gastric bypass. So, he has me scheduled for an endoscope on Nov. 11th.
Avatar n tn Thank you for the advise. You are right of course and it is pretty foolish of me to do this.
Avatar f tn I put her on the NF diet in an effort to keep the kidney disease at bay, and suddenly her pancreatitis went crazy! She got very ill and didn't want to eat. I tried to put her back on her old food to get her back to normal, but it was too late. She's been hospitalized for four days. Her BUN/Creat "stabilized" at 116/6.7.
Avatar f tn I'm wondering if you think he may have pancreatitis. I want to do an ipl test and I'm wondering what treatments to do if so. His dvm recommended famatodine possibly also for nausea but I'm not sure if he needs this since he isn't vomiting all the time. It is sporadic.
Avatar f tn My 7 year old Min Pin has acute and reoccurring pancreatitis. We had to take her to an emergency vet one weekend and thought we were going to lose her. She's our baby. She is on Hills ID, no flavors and boiled chicken breasts without skin and nothing in the water. She is off of all treats. We do give her some dry dog food which is Purina little bites but we ration her with that also, but like our vet said, it helps with plaque build up since she's on the other 2 soft foods.
Avatar n tn I have had acute pancreatitis and now have chronic pancreatitis. The lab that tests my bloodwork says that with amylase, anything over 88 is high, lipase, anything over 63 is high. Some labs allow a higher range for both, but even those adjusted levels are less than your daughter's levels. Her lipase is especially high. Her triglycerides are high. Another important indicator. Don't buy it!
Avatar f tn Usually pancreatitis can only be diagnosed with a combination of clinical signs such as vomiting, abdominal pain and fever along with a positive results for a specific blood test (probably the one your veterinarian had sent in), and confirmation with an abdominal ultrasound. In the meantime, you and your veterinarian should keep an open mind, and always ask the question, "What else can it be?", especially if your dog is not getting better.
793908 tn?1294708709 Though their ingredients are top of the line, some of their varieties have a higher carb count or higher protein count than others, so pull it up on line and read the carb count and protein count for each one. "Embark" is their highest protein, so forget that one. "Preference" is a veggie/base mix that you add your own meat too, so you'd have the most control over protein count with that one, since you'd be adding the raw meats or soft boiled eggs or whatever, yourself.
Avatar f tn My daughter has been in and out of the hospital and doctors offices about her stomach. So far this is what her we have so far, as far as results until Aug. 5 when we see the a GI dr. at childrens hospital in philadelphia. Protein total - 8.3 (normal 5.9-7.0 g/dL) Albumin - 5.1 (normal 3.5 - 4.6 g/dL) Lipase - 163 (normal 15-130 U/L) Hemoglobin - 13.9 (normal 11.5 - 13.5 g/dL) Platelet Count - 456 (normal 150-400 THOU/uL) Mean Platelet Volume - 6.2 (normal 7.4 - 10.4 fL) Lymphocytes - 51.
Avatar n tn Hi, I did drink far too much in my 20s to mid 30s or so, and I lowered my intake a great deal sometime in my mid to late 30s.I am now 44. About two years back I would have occasional attacks in the upper belly at night, once in a blue that were excruciating. They woudl die down and nothing more happened. I also had been chronically worrying for literally YEARS, and having "butterflies" in the tummy all the time.
793908 tn?1294708709 The vet said that her glands were different sizes but did not know the cause, could be the drug or could have been that way to start with, so we will never know how much or if any the Lysodren did. Also my dog has a diet which is low in fat and quite high in protein, we feed human grade raw meat and cooked chicken, suplemented by dry premium food. I wish you all the best and stay pro active in your approach, my vets great but I continue with my own research.
Avatar n tn Any help in identifing what might be causing my husband to have the following problems would be greatly appreciated! He presented to the ER on Sept 15th with severe epigastric pain. Lipase was 11,000 & amylase was 5,331, liver enzymes normal, glucose normal, and triglycerides normal, Other abnormal labs included RBC 3.96(L), HGB 12.0(L), HCT 34.7(L), lymphs 15.1(L), ABS monocyte 0.6(H). He was admitted with acute pancreatis. Put NPO/given IV's and pain meds and sent home in 4 days.
Avatar n tn I am eating smaller, more frequent meals, EATING more fish and animal protein, and limiting carbohydrates and sugary foods to before 4 PM every day... In other words, a balanced diet . For years, I had a bad habit of eating at bedtime, dressing my body up with sugar and carbs with no place to go!! In my mind, this was a major factor in the onset of the palpitations.
Avatar f tn But, I'd want to know if this is safe for a dog, and if so how much of a dosage to give her to jump-start her appetite. Also - protein - she needs more protein and as long as her appetite is low, I was wondering if it would hurt her to give her some protein, like you get in those "protein shake" mixes. Once again normally intended for human consumption and normally used by people trying to build up strength or muscle for athletic competition.
571337 tn?1233261897 you will loose weight,you will have bad gas,,,,and you usualy end up in the hospital at least once a month. if this is truly chronic pancreatitis you have,you need to get on some enzymes to help aid your food digestion,,you need to eat high carb,low protein diet no alcohol,pop,coffie,stuff like that.
Avatar n tn There seems to be no literature on childhood pancreatitis. Can you give me any information about the cause, prognosis and any preventative steps we could take.I submitted this question to the Gastroenterology Forum and it referred me to this section. Dear Celia : There are many causes of pancreatitis in childhood , viral etiology including mumps , infectious mononucleosis , influenza A, german measles , and Coxsackie B virus .
Avatar n tn Since July 1994 I have spent months in Duke, John Hopkins and several other hospitals for pancreatitis and elevated (in the 1000's) liver enzymes. I have had 5-6 ercps and several sphyncterotomis(liver). Since Nov. 97 I have spent 90-95% of the time in the hospital and in extreme pain. Until March (after 4 years of agony)there was no known cause for my illness. In March a gastrologist found that contrary to former test results I now had sludge, silt or something in my liver.
Avatar n tn One doctor said she had duodenal ulcers that were mostly healed. One recent doctor, however, did several tests and concluded that she has chronic pancreatitis and that her pancreas has many cysts. He also said he observed "fatty degeneration" in her liver. She, however, has normal blood sugar (no diabetes) . He also diagnosed "anterior mitral leaflet prolapse", though I don't know whether that's relevant to her digestive problems.