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254215 tn?1195096984 no food and water by mouth to allow the pancreas to rest, and hopefully reduce its swelling. That is why intense nursing care is so important in the form of IV fluid and nutrient (TPN) maintenance, and pain management. That's also why this condition can be so expensive to treat. In my dog's case, the pancreas was so swollen that it blocked the common bile duct. That resulted in blocking enzyme flow from the pancreas, as well as bile flow from the liver and gallbladder.
Avatar f tn just to give you and your baby the best and most effective care available! My prayers are with you for a healthy child!
Avatar n tn I myself wouldn't want pancreatitis at 16 years old. Well, she hasn't been to school this year so far and she didn't go at all last year, she was home schooled. I'm afraid for my mother, as this has put her under such financial distress and I can't help her out. Joey has had so many tests that my mother's insurance money was out by May of this year.....should last all year long. My mom has filed for financial assistance to help pay for the tests.
Avatar n tn He needs a support group also for hepatitis,,,,and of course AA for drinking. Suggest here,,,and many will help and talk to him and check in your town and see if you have any local support groups. Good Luck to you!
Avatar f tn All my labs were getting better and I was able to go home and give myself IV nutrition at home with the care of home nursing. Once my labs came back great, they removed the PICC line and put me on a bland diet. A couple weeks later I had my Pancreatic stent removed by having an EGD. In June I had my other stent removed by having another ERCP. I went home and a couple of days later I went to see my doc because I thought I had Pancreatitus again.
Avatar f tn I had to take a job as a care worker in a nursing home, at minimum wage, and working a 10-hour night shift. It was the hardest job I've ever had and very depressing to me as a professional worker. Every night that I had to go in to work, I'd get the shakes, I'd hyperventilate, I had major panic attacks, and I felt like such a failure and a disappointment, not only to myself, but to my husband.
Avatar n tn gas,bloated stomach, gastritis my eyes are having a problem, had pains on my eyes, burning and very bloodshot, still under investigation anyways all this started in june for 2 weeks i felt tired and sleepy then one night my right eye lid was drooping down,so i exercised thinking must be a circulation issue, i woke up the next morning with body tingling face arms, weakness, panic attacks, couldnt breath wel, went to drs that whole week and was told it was nothing, maybe a virus and panic attack
13602926 tn?1458507560 It's a lot cheaper when I go to my primary vet, but the internist has 24 hour care and the last time I took Dior there, my bill was 1,600 and he spent one night on IV's, but that also included all the medication they were giving him and blood work. He felt so much better after doing 24 hours of IV. It's great to hear that Pepsi improved from the IV Fluids and that he is eating the Royal Canin Renal Support food. I have to make round balls of the food to get dior to eat it.
541196 tn?1293556536 I have been very inactive the last few days due to a cold I've been nursing and can't think of anything that I couldv'e done to injure this area. What could be the cause? I have some pain and discomfort in that area as well as my back. Should I be concerned or just let it go?
1027005 tn?1300053772 My heart is beating like crazy, my blood pressure keeps getting really high and dropping(Nursing Student, I have my blood pressure cuff and stuff) and one second I'm cold the next I'm hot.
Avatar n tn But she was in a nursing home, withthe nurses administering Percoset, then Morphine and Ativan in her last couple days. I don't know if Hospice is anti-med- it wouldn't make sense if they were, since in the last stretch it should be about being relieving symptoms, not suffering through them. I just realized this post is from August. If youcheck back and read this- how's it going? I hope the issues with Hospice and meds got resolved. Best of luck to you with everything.
Avatar f tn You need to get listed for a transplant at the center and have a hepatologist manage your care up until transplant and the transplant center will monitor you for the rest of your life. Where do you live? Near San Diego or LA. In San Diego Dr. Gish will help you. In LA there are a number of excellent transplant centers. You are young so you should be able to bounce back quicker than us old folks in our 50-60s. Cheers!
Avatar f tn Im 25 weeks pregnant and i have pancreatitis n fybromyalga. I take at most 2 15 mg oxycodone a day n 1 or 1 1/2 mg of xanax a day. When im in hospital i take dalaudid 2mg for pain. Is my baby going to have bad withdrawls? I used to take like 50mg a day of oxycodone but havd gotten myself down to where im just not in pain. Im scared to stop taking it cause i dont wanna b in pain and im also scared of withdrawl.....
390388 tn?1279639813 I got her to eat a piece of hamburger (1 tsp) and 15 pieces of Bill Jac today and it all came back up 8 hours later when she drank some water. I'm hoping I don't have to make an EME run for her. She has an appt. for Monday but, I'm going to try to get her in earlier I think. Her urine output is nothing compared to what she is taking in and no bm for 4 days so I'm cringing at the thought of a partial blockage/blockage. She is 17 years old and God bless her still runs the rabbits.
Avatar n tn In about 15% of cases of acute pancreatitis and 40% of cases of chronic pancreatitis, the cause is never known." Source: Doing your own research can only help. Check out the "First Principles of Gastroenterology", I would take special note of the biliary system, Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction and pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn Such an undiagnosed pain is usually due to adhesions and cutting the adhesions takes care of the pain. Pain under right rib case can also be due to pleurisy, asthma, or any other lung problems. Usually this is accompanied by lung related symptoms like breathlessness, cough etc. Since a confirmed diagnosis cannot be given on net please discuss with your doctor once. Hope this helps. Take care!
Avatar n tn I loved the military, I have traveled and use to be so proud of my accomplishments. I returned to nursing school and eventually graduated. I continue to renew my RN license every year even though I have not worked since 2001. I was an oncology/hospice nurse, I miss that more than anything. Nothing, absolutely nothing in my entire life has caused the kind of pain I am in with my liver area.
Avatar f tn It was hot and red, and awful looking. That scared me. Not enough though. I just started shooting below it and kept going. It looks better today. I kept myself to 12mg today and 4 hours. Except tonight, I did a full 16. I am going to try and NOT use for 8 hours. Tomorrow, I will do every 4 during the day, and do only 8mg each time. Tomorrow night, I will do 12, none during the night. When I get to that point, then I can determine the next phase.
158939 tn?1274918797 :)) Feel Better and take care Terri
Avatar n tn I went to urgent care with the symptoms of the flu, no jaundice or abdominal pain, just high fever and aches in all muscles and joints and no appitite. Blood work came back with white blood cells low and my SGOT (ASST) as double the high end of normal. The Dr. told me I have a form of Hepititis, but didn't seem concerned. I went to my PCP and he said I don't have Hep, but my levels are not to be concerned about. I'm not sure which Dr.
Avatar n tn He's very nervous and is having a lot of bathroom accidents and I am working on getting him into a personal care or nursing home. One of the places asked me today if I could have him move in with me. I just don't have the energy to do it. I feel really bad and wish my mom could tell me what to do. BTW: I noticed on Maria said she was afraid to give out her e-mail address on these boards.
Avatar n tn provide oxygen and treat respiratory distress if present elevate the legs to maximize blood flow to the brain administer intravenous fluids to restore blood volume and vasoactive drugs to treat low blood pressure treat underlying infections with antibiotics Hemodynamic monitoring to evaluate the pressures in the heart and lungs in treatment of shock requires specialized equipment and intensive care nursing.
Avatar n tn In March of 2003 I had an ERCP (scope down throat into gall bladder area) to unblock a plugged bile duct. The surgeon accidentally cut my pancreas and I developed severe pancreatitis and was hospitalized with no food or water and on constant morphine for 7 days. during that time it felt as though a building fell on my chest area and I constantly gasped for air and couldn't breath properly.
Avatar f tn The next day I started to get shooting pains on the left side, and some twinges of pain on the right. The pain radiates up to my shoulder blades and pushes through to the center of my back. I've been nauseous for about two weeks now, and have had no appetite. It hurts to sit up straight and movement makes this worse. So I called my dr. and was told to go to the ER to get relief. I'm not a huge fan of the ER, because their main job is to get you stable and send you home.
Avatar f tn Keep a journal of ANYTHING happening around the time of these attacks and bring that with you to the doctor. Im just a nursing student but the longer you let a liver problem go the worse it will be!
Avatar f tn Yes, and when your blood sugars get/stay so high, the neuropathy your husband has in his legs gets much worse and hurts much more. and the reason he doesn't make sense is also caused by his blood sugars. I have Diabetes myself and when my NS are high like that it's somewhat like being drunk. And when you are sick, your BS go way up.
363852 tn?1204161447 My father just lost his wife of 61 years, two months ago. He is depressed and at times anxious. The medical society tells him to, well, tough it out for at least another 6 months. If I was depressed for two weeks straight, I could be considered clinically depressed. So why can't he get help with his grief and depression. It is a situational depression but so much depression is instigated by a traumatic situation. What gives here? Isn't this a bit prejudicial? He is 84 for pete's sake!
Avatar n tn I just recently saw my GI doctor and he is sending me to Shands in Gainesville for testing for SOD. When he came in to the room for my appointment he sat down and said "I'm sorry I can't tell you what you want to hear - I don't know what's wrong with you". He said I fit one of the criteria for SOD to a T - the pain.
Avatar n tn Well, I have the same symptoms and then some. The only difference is that I haven't had my Gallbladder removed. I HAVE had every other test in the Medical field possible and still no answers. I've had a history of Constipation most of my life but never pain and weird sensations like this ever. I'm sure you all know the frustration that can come from not knowing whats wrong.
Avatar n tn Wow, seriously, you just repeated my story. Except mine happened on a weekend. (Great way to spend a weekend, in the ER...) Here's the deal: if they did bloodwork on you and only said "gallstones" then you don't really have to worry about pancreatitis: it usually shows up in the bloodwork. Even though your progression sounds a lot like pancreatitis, it's probably not.