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Avatar n tn My dog had acute pancreatitis over the weekend and I took him to an emergency vet on Sunday and to his vet on Mon. They both kept him overnight, IV, blood work, meds, and his vet did a rectal x-ray and abdominal x-ray with barium to look for obstruction. He found dirt/sand. My dog ate cat poop covered in dirt. He is at home now doing fine and I have him on a bland diet of canned white chicken and brown rice only. However, his lower abd/belly is a little distended and hard.
Avatar f tn Since my surgery, I have hospitalized 3 times with pancreatitis. I now have a GJ (feeding tube) and I am NPO except for ice chips and sugar free gum. My doctor thinks I would benefit from having the rest of my pancreas removed. Has anyone had issues like this? I am on Creon and pain medications daily.
Avatar n tn Is there anything else we should be doing besides draining his stomach and pain control? We don't see an end in site. He has had pancreatitis in the past. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!
750120 tn?1252458630 After checking me out, they sent me straight to be admitted through the ER with Pancreatitis and lots of sludge in my gallbladder. They didn't take out the gallbladder though. They just kept me there until this evening on IV, morphine and went from nothing NPO to only broth to testing out low fat foods. I'd kept a fever throughout and when it was back to normal today they ran me off with some effective pain meds in case it starts up again. It totally sucked!
Avatar n tn Any help in identifing what might be causing my husband to have the following problems would be greatly appreciated! He presented to the ER on Sept 15th with severe epigastric pain. Lipase was 11,000 & amylase was 5,331, liver enzymes normal, glucose normal, and triglycerides normal, Other abnormal labs included RBC 3.96(L), HGB 12.0(L), HCT 34.7(L), lymphs 15.1(L), ABS monocyte 0.6(H). He was admitted with acute pancreatis. Put NPO/given IV's and pain meds and sent home in 4 days.
Avatar n tn In January i began to have pain in my stomach and was admitted the last week of January to the hospital with Pancreatitis due to elevated amylase and lipase levels. After a week of NPO orders and multiple tests i was discharged with no cause for the episode. I had my Gall Bladder taken out in Feb to see if this may have been the cause but only to discover my gall bladder was fine when they removed it. Three days after my gall bladder surgery i discovered i was pregnant.
Avatar f tn My labs showed elevated amylase and lipase and I was NPO again. But I am not having any pain and have not taken pain medication for over 24 hours. My morning labs showed that both continued to rise. I said that I wanted to talk to the doctor and go home. They changed my diet to full, low fat and are going to re-do the bloodwork this afternoon. My questions: (1) can I really have pancreatitis if I don't have pain? (2) what are the consequences if I leave before they want to discharge me?
Avatar n tn Malabsorption can be evaluated via fecal fat tests as well as blood tests for celiac disease. Chronic pancreatitis is evaluated via blood enzymes (i.e. amylase and lipase), as well as imaging studies (i.e. CT scan). Diarrhea can also be a side effect for Zelnorm - you may also want to consider Lotronex for diarrhea-predominant IBS. You may want to discuss these options with your personal physician. Followup with your personal physician is essential.
Avatar n tn When he goes in hospital, I assume the vets check his lipase and amylase levels and that is how they arrive at the pancreatitis diagnosis. Pancreatitis is one of the most difficult problems to treat - in humans as well as dogs. The pancreas is an extremely sensitive organ, and once it becomes inflamed and infected it tends to sulk for quite a long time - sometimes forever. It does not, however, mean a death sentence.
Avatar n tn Search the web for Chronic Pancreatitis and read up on it. It hits more males than female and often in the 40's age range. My wife never drank but drinking is a leading cause of Chronic Pancreatitis.
Avatar n tn My father was diagnosed with pancreatitis on 8-4-02. He went 5 weeks at home NPO except water. Lost 50lbs, then admitted to hospital for 5 days, released with 12 hour tpn bag, which he used for 42 days. After ct scan showed improvement, he was told to start eating a low-fat diet. After 7 days, he was re-admitted to the hospital (from er) with debilitaing upper abdominal cramping. He has been in the hospital ever since.
Avatar f tn I would feel pain start and go NPO for a few days just water and tylenol and could stave off most major attacks. In November had major attack with no warning, lots of vomiting and retching, to the ED where i was dx with idiopathic pancreatitis, remained in hospital 4 days on fluids, lots of fluids 250cc/hr for 4 days. I did not want to remain in hospital (nurses are the worst patients) for the next three days to await survey to remove GB so i was discharged day 4.
Avatar n tn well on the 28th it happened again.was throwing up and severe pain..went back to the er and was told again i have acute pancreatitis put me on nausea pill and pain meds and liquid only diet fot the next 3days...ok that was on tuesday and its now friday and iam still in pain still nausated,stomach is bloated as ever,once in a while i'll have a sharp pain on my lower right side of belly my whole entire stomach is tender to the touch and i think i saw a hint of blackness in my stool...
Avatar n tn 8 percent at 10 years and 4 percent at 20 years, independent of the type of pancreatitis in one study. I have not touched upon autoimmune pancreatitis and the diagnosis and treatment of chronic pancreatitis. I hope that you can understand that I am limited in the amount of time I spend on each question in this forum. Please feel free to ask these points again at the next opportunity, or you can utilize my fee-based medical information service.
559187 tn?1330786456 Even with chicken borth and jello, I was in pain - not terrible pain but pin. I had to tell the GI doctor and guess what, he put me back on NPO or nothing by mouth. When the GI team did rounds late this afternoon, they told me that the NPO will be for the entire weekend and an endoscopy is planned for Monday - UNLESS I get better. Not sure what they meant by getting better when I can't eat as eating brings on the pain. This is all so very frustrating for me.
Avatar n tn I had pancreatitis and gallbladder surgery 07/22/02. It took 4 days for the pancreatitis to clear up enough so they could remove the gallbladder (4 days NPO and I mean nothing by mouth). (No stones found after sonogram, x-rays, CT, HIDA scan and surgery). It is now just about 2 months after surgery. I have had repeat sonogram and CT. I have also had an endoscopy (EGD) done. The only thing found was an inflammation of the lining of my stomach (no H. Pylori).
Avatar m tn I have a divism with severe chronic pancreatitis and just went through a whipple surgery in Nov. 2010 and still suffering. I had to have the whipple after going through 8 ercps with stents put in and removed with no relief. But you have to take care of the problem because i assure you it won't go away and unfortunately i am still on pain meds and looking at a second surgery now to remove the remaining pancreas with my spleen.
Avatar n tn chronic pancreatitis suffers. But you seem to be one. My wife has had chronic pancreatitis for 3 years and the last three months has had one constant severe attack. Has been on Demerol, now Dilaudid which is much safer 3 out of the last 6 weeks with IV fluids and NPO, nothing by mouth at home on homecare.
Avatar n tn My husband is a very healthy 47 year old who developed pancreatitis in Dec 2007 (etiology unknown, maybe viral) After a 4 day hospital stay he lost 17 lbs (had been NPO, then was a bit leary to eat for a few weeks) All pancreatic blood levels (lipase) are normal but he has gained back no weight. Currently 6'4" and 175lbs. Had normal TSH but T4 free "1.46" (norm .61-1.12) What do you think would be the next step? Could this account for the, what he feels, dramatic weight loss?
Avatar n tn I guess what I am loooking for someone to answer is are slightly elevate amylase and Lipase levels okay? and are negative MRI and CT scans enough to beleive that its not pancreatitis? I'm sorry that you are having troubles. HOw soon after you drink does it start hurting? How long does it take to go away? What are your lipase and amylase. What tests have been done.
Avatar n tn Hi My experiecne with this, I had severe upper abdominal pain for over 6 mos, also had by gallbladder out 2 yrs ago, I had 1 ERCP which they found a stricture, never really helped pain, then I had schinter of odd procedure where they measure pressure in duct and look for blockages, they found such a tight stricture couldn't get pressure reading, put stents in for 1 week , meanwhile I the 20% got pancreatitis after surg was inpt on npo for 4 days, when healed from that still had same pain, then
Avatar n tn After aprox 2-3 hours and being NPO except for sips the pain gradually decreases.CT of the ABD was essentially negative though there was some question of bowel wall thickening. Question is; could this be recurrent, intermittent bowel ischemia from SLE???
559187 tn?1330786456 As most of you know, I was readmitted to the hospital on 6 Nov for what seemed like an unresolving pancreatitis. I had stomach pain whenever I tried to eat, severe nausea, and severe diarreah. I was severely dehydrated as a result. They treated it as pancreatitis and we noticed a pattern that whenever they had me on nothing by mouth, my symptoms improved. When they reintroduced food, I got sick again.
Avatar n tn I just recently saw my GI doctor and he is sending me to Shands in Gainesville for testing for SOD. When he came in to the room for my appointment he sat down and said "I'm sorry I can't tell you what you want to hear - I don't know what's wrong with you". He said I fit one of the criteria for SOD to a T - the pain.
Avatar n tn Lucky for me they nicked an artery and that complicated the actual surgery a bit. Due to the pancreatitis and liver issues when I went back to the surgeon a week after surgery and was having a lot of pain he had me go through a repeat sonogram and more blood work. (I hope I never see another needle). My pancreatic levels were on their way down and my liver was also, but due to a fever I was put on an Augmentin (SP?) - talk about nausea. The Dr.
Avatar m tn group which deals with Sphincter of Oddi Dysfunction, Pancreatitis and Undiagnosed Symptoms, among other things. Michele V. is an incredibly amazing woman who owns and moderates the forum and she is also a Registered Nurse. Some of the other members are also medical professionals. This forum is full of people who live with our kind of pain and suffering every day. They have personal relevant experience that REALLY helps including information about ERCPs.
1932256 tn?1327949940 He told them to reduce his dosage every week by 10mg and he's now down to 40 (as of this morning) and the pain and suffering he's going through is about to kill him and me both! PLEASE TELL ME HOW I CAN HELP HIM!! He's drinking vodka like crazy to try and sleep and ease the pain but it's not helping as far as I can tell. He vomits (violently) many times a day, can't eat more than 1/2 cup of soup or a glass of Instant Breakfast in a day.