Pancreatitis and headaches

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Avatar f tn Ask your doctor to do a blood test for amylase & lipase levels.
Avatar n tn In November of last year I had an ERCP where they didn't find any stones in the bile duct or anything but ended up with Pancreatitis and hospitalized for 4 days and out of work several weeks. Then the pains subsided and other than having terrible Acid Reflux I didn't appear to have any problems. Then out of the blue last Friday around noon time I started getting terribly nausiated. I thought that I might be coming down with the flu.
Avatar n tn about 6 years ago began getting severe diarrhea and headaches after prolonged periods of sitting. This lasts for several days. I avoid sitting at all costs now. I work on the computer and even do that standing up now. 9 months ago after a 6 hour car ride (again with the sitting) I got severe diarrhea but this was followed by chronic abdominal pain which to this day has not subsided. With my history Gi Doc suspected chronic pancreatitis but...
Avatar n tn A portion of her intestine was re-routed and attached to the psuedocyst to drain. She continued with severe pancreatitis and a month and a half later she uderwent another surgical procedure to open the pancreatic ducts to allow the fluid to flow. She had an amazing recovery and was eating and out of the hospital two weeks later. Now, one year later she is having another bout of pancreatitis and we are so scared.
Avatar n tn They said they didn't know how she got it. Ever since the pancreatitis she has been in pain just about every day (and missing quite a bit of school). It doesn't seem to make a difference as to the types of food she eats. She has tried going without milk for 4-5 days and without wheat for about a week. She was tested for food allergies also, which came back negative. The most pain she has is in her abdomen area, running horizontally from side to side and it is tender to press on.
611067 tn?1458595083 I'm feeling a lot better as far as pain goes, but still have the other symptoms of diarrhea, nausea and headaches. I still feel really fatigued, but that's probably a combination of only being 33 days out from Lortab as well as the illness. I am taking Darvocet when the pain is there, but otherwise, I'm not taking anything. I'm being very careful and feel good about that. Thanks for all your well wishes! I have appreciated it.
902019 tn?1249865014 The symptoms of autoimmune pancreatitis for me were weight loss, pale stools, gallbladder-like attacks (but longer-lasting) and elevated liver function tests - which initially were thought to be a bile duct obstruction complicated by blockage of gallbladder sludge. Stenting the common bile duct and later removal of gallbladder (which was in bad shape) still didn't solve the problems. See my response (above) to DT10 for further info.
Avatar n tn ) 3 years ago began getting very bad diarrhea and headaches after prolonged periods of sitting. This became very evident and memorable because it ruined the first few days of several vacations. Always after a long plane or car rides in the seated position. 2 years ago developed pain under right rib cage that became persistent. This was brought on by a diet change. Found out I had High cholesterol so began eating cheerios for breakfast with flax seed powder on it and walnuts with my lunch.
Avatar m tn If that happens again go to the ER immediately because it could become severe and life threatening. They can take your amylase and lipsase levels and tell you if it is pancreatitis. It is not a good idea to eat or drink if you are having an attack since that will stimulate your pancrease more and you want it to rest.
Avatar m tn I have only two symptoms of pancreatitis and do not have nausea, headaches, jaundice, fatty stool, vomiting, constipation, low B/P, rapid heart rate, fever, sweats or an inflamed pancreas 4. The pain location minus the banding effect to my back is located directly on top of the location I had a pyloric stenosis surgery (and two consecutive repairs) 5. The pain can start immediately when I eat and at night.
Avatar n tn Your case is very complex, and without seeing you and reviewing your tests, I cannot provide much help or advice. What I can recommend is that you have an evaluation at a large academic medical center with a neurologist to start. You should obtain, and bring all your prior tests. They can review this, and then make the appropriate recommendations. Good luck.
Avatar n tn Please go for a CT scan and MRI of the brain and consult your eye doctor and neurologist if the symptoms persist. Hope this helps you. Take care and regards!
Avatar n tn I just feel so tired and helpless, because I don't know what is causing these headaches and I don't know what kind of tests to ask the doctors to run because they're not offering to run any at this point.
Avatar f tn But today it has just been bugging me. I feel the headache through out my whole head area. I rarely get headaches and when I do its usually just on one side and lasts for a few seconds. So I'm not used to feeling a full on headache through out my whole head and almost all day for 3 days. I have no idea what is going on with my body. It went from sharp knife like pains in my stomach to awful headaches that last almost all day long.
Avatar n tn This could explain why I was tired and run down as well as my headaches. I took slowfe for a couple of weeks but didn't see an improvement, The doctor didn't feel a need to do a follow up test because my numbers weren't high enough. I went back a couple months later and my doctor prescribed me immatrex nasal spray and some kind of preventative. The preventative didn't work. The immatrex didn't cure the headache once it hit either. Over the counter meds don't work.
Avatar n tn Has anyone had an ERCP done while they had active pancreatitis? If so did your pain increase and your pancreatic enyzme levels rise? He is on a Dilaudid PCA pain pump 24 hours a day and he is on G tube suction but he is still throwing up and still in alot of pain and he is now getting chronic headaches. Any suggests would be helpful. He is TPN dependent so we know he has a fatty liver, also his spleen is enlarged and he cysts on his kidneys which also can cause him pain.
Avatar f tn I've been to see my doctor multiple times, had a CT scan, MRI, LP, and many blood tests, but nothing has come up as a possible cause. I experienced a slight fever off and on in the first month of the headache, though I do not know if this is in any way related. I also experienced extreme fatigue, sleeping for around 16 hours a day, although none of it seemed restful, as I was constantly tired.
Avatar n tn A couple days later he started having intense pain in his stomach and headaches. I took him back to the ER. This time, the enzymes related to the pancreas were very high. He had pancreatitis. The Dr's did an ERCP and there was no stone although he duct looked as dilated. He cut the schincter. I feel the Dr's are each treating each of these probles as individual issues and I have no doubt that they are related.
Avatar n tn That night, I left the party because I had such bad stomach pains. I went home and was on the toilet for about an hour, with EXTREME stomach pain and diaherra. The next morning I felt out of it, but I attributed it to being hungover. I still felt out of it later that night, but felt that I probably just needed a good night's sleep. I woke up the next day still feeling out of it, almost like I was still drunk, and this continued through the next day. I went to the E.R.
Avatar n tn I have bowel movements frequently, accompanied with stomach pain and back pain as well as headaches sometimes. Often times, I have to run to the bathroom in fear of not making it. My stomach ALWAYS looks like I'm six months pregnant and my anus always itches. I make sure to not use soap around my anus, wash or wipe too hard, etc. My lower back around the sides hurt all the times, and I just cannot function like a normal human being! I am 27 and 127 pounds.
Avatar f tn However, severe upper abdominal pain (especially on pressing) with chills and fever can be due to viral hepatitis, malaria or due to pancreatitis. In all these cases the pain gets referred to back due to involvement of either liver or pancreas. These need to be ruled out by liver function tests, pancreatic enzymes, ultrasound, test for malarial parasite. If the infection is viral in origin, it can cause severe headache not responding to medication.
Avatar f tn I had high blood pressure and an irregular heartbeat but once they had ruled out pancreatitis and gallstones as the cause of my abdominal pain they sent me home with "indigestion." I saw my doctor afterwards who tested my blood for numerous things including hormones, anaemia, thyroid and H Pylori which all came back negative. It was then suggested my original virus may have irritated my stomach and i was prescribed omeprazole which helped a little but not entirely.
Avatar f tn Had discovered that I was having problems with my thyroid and I also had pancreatitis. I have gone on a medicine for my thyroid finally and the pancreatitis has gone. But there are still complications. I have been passing out when I stand up sit up to drive or even lay down to take a nap except for today thank the Lord. I've been experiencing blurred vision in my peripheral. I have a black floater in my right eye and I see very strange rainbow prism like colors in my eyesight.
Avatar m tn My only concern is that I continue to have headaches, dizziness, abdominal pain and extreme burping (gasses) 5 to 10 minutes after I eat and the doctors don't think this is related to my gallbladder. The headaches are mainly on the right side of my head and they can las minutes or they linger for days. I can't stand being out in the sun since that intesifys my headache. Do you think my symptoms can be related to my gallbladder and would they go away once my gallbladder is removed?
Avatar m tn Non-constant sharp/tugging pain in upper abdomen as well as under ribs on both sides and around to back, sleepy, near-constant but not overwhelming nausea (no vomiting), feeling of constipation, chills, significant headaches (pressure in forehead), thirsty, frequent lightheadedness and inability to concentrate, tinnitus. BMs were light brown (almost yellow) for several weeks with an oily look to them, now dark brown/solid again.
Avatar m tn Non-constant sharp/tugging pain in upper abdomen as well as under ribs on both sides and around to back, sleepy, near-constant but not overwhelming nausea (no vomiting), feeling of constipation, chills, significant headaches (pressure in forehead), thirsty, frequent lightheadedness and inability to concentrate, tinnitus. BMs were light brown (almost yellow) for several weeks with an oily look to them, now dark brown/solid again.
1240683 tn?1268236355 Some other symptoms that are seemingly unrelated are widespread tendonitis, daily headaches, and fatigue). The most bothersome symptom is the fatigue. I've had lots of tests, and the gallbladder was removed in Feb, but it didn't help. The tests were extensive blood work, endoscopy, colonoscopy, and ct scan of abdomen. The only thing that has shown up is an ulcer in the ileum, low vitamin d, and low testosterone.
Avatar f tn I had many visual symptoms with this headache that lasted on and off for the following year. I followed up with the clinic I go to and was diagnosed with depression (though I was certainly not) The next one hit suddenly (about 1 yr after the 1st), with vomiting. Lasted 14 days! Possibly more painful than the first one. Went to E.R. and clinic for relief, but nothing worked.