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Avatar n tn The pancreatic specialist did not mention pancreatitis at the time and only prescribed nexium and sulcrafate for the gastritis. I am 67, and never had a previous bout with pancreatitis. Moderate beer drinker. How should I be treated?
Avatar n tn Get checked for H. pylori, the bacteria that's known to cause gastritis and GERD. Also may want to have your liver and pancreatic enzyme levels checked.
Avatar n tn There are several ways to test for pancreatitis and to reach a diagnosis of either acute or chronic pancreatitis or both. Bloodwork can be checked to look at amylase and lipase levels, if they are elevated it is a sign of pancreatic inflamation, yet some people who have had the disease for a while no longer show elevated a&p levels. Other tests include fecal fat analysis, trypsinogen tests, ultrasounds, ct-scans, EUS and ERCP's.
Avatar n tn I have had chronic gastritis or pancreatitis or gall bladder or whatever for many years (not sure which). My pain was originally directly in my stomach (not "heartburn" up high, and not in the bowels, but right smack in the stomach). It feels as if my stomach is eating itself. Now I am finding my pain radiating into both shoulder blades, and sometimes RUQ. It comes in waves, sometimes so severe I am doubled over for 2 or 3 minutes, and sometimes just chronically nagging at me.
Avatar m tn My Fiance is having sever mid adornment pain slightly central above the belly button. She is a sickle cell patient with SS disease. After several rounds of antibiotics form a septic infection. she developed a severe stomach condition. Pain she describes as 10 times worse than a SCD crisis. Her SCD seems to be unrelated to the current issue. If she tries to eat she vomits bile orange and green bile.
Avatar n tn I suffered over 2 years and made many trips to the ER, doctors, and was even hospitalized for testing. I was only given meds to help the pain. I was diagnosed with gastritis and IBS and was basically told there was nothing else to be done. BUT, upon a big attack (EXTREME pain and nausea) I went to the Urgent Care Center and the doctor there spotted it and I was sent the next day to a gastro doctor who did the ERCP. DON'T give up! KEEP PURSUING your symptoms!!
Avatar f tn I had 5 drinks of pinio grigio and was taking Ativan 0.5 mg am/pm and Mirtazapine, antidepressant 1/2 pill. I eat and then start to get burning in center of upper abdomen, burning in intestinal area by belly button. I then start belching and expelling air and I can't help myself and force the burping otherwise I don't feel good. I then feel the food starting to back up my esophagus and just swallow it back down.
Avatar m tn I'm starting to get a little worried about pancreatitis after some online research. It's been going on and off for years. I used to abuse alcohol, but have been relatively clean for over a year, with a few relapses here and there. Could this be something like pancreatitis or something else?
Avatar n tn A serum creatinine and creatinine clearance test should be done to rule out kidney involvement and a blood sugar for diabetes. However it could also be recurrent pancreatitis and pain of colitis too that has become dull aching type. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar f tn Severe bruising on my abdomin started about a year ago that go from dark color when symptoms are severe and lighter when symptoms are less severe. I have been tested with moderate gastritis,inflamtion around the plyrous valve leving the stomach. I had gastric emptying study which after two hours my stomach didnt empty at all (gastroparesis). This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/884716'>Common problems?</a>.
Avatar f tn I get so sick sometimes that I can not even get off the couch and take care of my one-year old. I stay throwing up and have strong killer pains in my upper left quadrant. I have tried taking creon because it is hard to eat because it hurts so bad. I do not drink, any advice would be extremely helpful! Thank you! This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Digestive-Disorders---Gastroenterology/Is-it-Panreatitis/show/233417">Is it Panreatitis?</a>.
Avatar n tn However, after intermittent burning in mid and upper abdomen for several weeks now, and blood work that indicates low vitamin D (27) and triglyceride levels (37), I am concerned that I could have malabsorption syndrome and pancreatitis, GERD or an ulcer. Other symptoms include gas, diarreah and stool that sometimes floats(intermittent), nausea, muscle weakness especially when working out, and pain in mid left flank (intermittent).
Avatar n tn i am 31 year ol from uk, i have had diahrrea most of my life and stomach pains. pale stools,(having a colon scopy done soon for this) i have been a smoker and a drinker too. I have posted elsewhere about this too. But since its a GI query, thought its good if i can get some advice here. few months ago, i became very weal dizzy and ill. still am, i am, i keep getting hypoglycemia symptoms, constant brainfog, i did faint once was taken to emergency hospital.
701334 tn?1262857103 It seems to start about 1-2 hours after I eat. I have had colonoscopy and scope down the throat and echo on liver, kidneys ect. Nothing. All blood tests are normal. This seems to come and go sometimes lasting a week or so. My doc has me on prilosec which does not always help. The endo doc said the same thing as you, gastritis...hmmm. Mine lasts longer than a few minutes, tho.
Avatar m tn ) 4)USG(Normal pancreas, and everything normal,but only spleen is marginally enlarged, 120) 5) Endoscopy(Erosive gastritis found without any ulcers and urease test is negative). My doctor told me to stay on a blunt diet, and avoid Richy spicy foods. My doctor gave me no other medicines. But since yesterday I am feeling heavy cramps( not pain to be specific) which is coming upto the chest !
Avatar f tn this the third episode i have. and its really painful and most of all fustrating. would you have any idea of what it is? thank you very much.
Avatar n tn I have been doing research off and on for the past 9 and 1/2 months since having an acute pancreatitis attack and having my gallbladder removed. My liver and pancreas enzymes have pretty much returned to normal. My liver enzymes ocassionally run over the high end of the scale, but not by much (a few points) and my surgeon explained that it may be that I am just one of the people who fall outside the standard scale.
1143850 tn?1413216148 It's not a horrific or constant pain but it's just there like a spasm that lasts a few seconds and occurs frequently. It sometimes radiates to my back but feels better if I push on that area and it rumbles almost like it could be trapped wind. That area is very noisy when I press on it and sometimes I can hear things slushing around if I push my tummy in and out in that spot!
Avatar n tn they found in-active gastritis, lots of inactive inflamation and redness around the hiatal hernia area. Esopagus is ok. I am sooo tired of this. I have tried lots of natural things. DGL, slippery elm, various gentle digestive enzymes, L- glutamine and some stomcah formulas geared to heal the lining of the stomach. Sometimes I think they work,, but now nothing is releiving this pain. It is even very tender to the touch.
Avatar n tn Please help me, my son is 12 yrs old and 1 month ago had a viral infection which then turned into a gastritis which presented as very painful epigastric pain on arising and when going to bed. He was prescribed Omeprazole 20mg once daily, and Gaviscon 10ml tds after meals. Bloods were normal except urea was raised slightly, Amylase normal so no pancreatitis. This continued for 1 month without any relief.
Avatar n tn just a fairly strong pain, especially when I EXPAND MY STOMACH (as if im trying to make my belly fill with air/inhailing air to fill stomach)... I wouldlike to know what the difference is between inflammation and gastritis...or are they esentially the same? I also have excessive flatulence, almost always during the week, regardless of what i consume.(was diagnosed with IBS 5 yrs ago) Is there any medication to take prior to consuming alcohol to protect the stomach?
Avatar f tn Ridiculous amounts of deep belching after eating, difficulty getting a good deep breath, and lightheadedness. Diagnosed with gastritis and my primary doctor had some blood work drawn to check thyroid and stomach bacteria. Anybody else ever deal with this? Any word back would be very much appreciated and comforting.
Avatar n tn Have they presribed anything for the H Pylori and the gastritis? You do need to be checked for chronic pancreatitis. You do have a lot of the symptoms such as pale stools, raised amylase. CP usually causes pain in the upper abdomen and the back shoulders. What were your amylase levels and the range? Just wondering if they were out of range. You actually can have CP without levels being raised at all Try to keep lowering your cholesterol since this can contribute to CP.
559187 tn?1330786456 If I sit up I feel better, but as soon as I lay down, the pain is excruciating. I feel like throwing up and am weak and terribly fatigued. Feels like the flu but I don't have a fever, chills or diarreah. Thankfully I still have some antinausea medicine that they gave me last year after my blood patch and it is helping a lot. Only problem is that it makes me sleepy.
Avatar f tn Also my middle/left upper abdominal area is tender to touch and that specific burning feeling is too when i press it, so yet again i went back to the doctors (last wednesday) and she put it down to my Gastritis still and muscle spasms from my bowels cos i suffer from bouts of constipation, but i can't help wonder if it's really what she's told me it is.
Avatar n tn Since you had pain in the middle of the stomach, and then on sides and have reactive hypoglycemia and drink alcohol, you could be suffering from pancreatitis or gastric reflux or gastritis or acidity. Of this gastritis caused by H pylori infection can cause reactive hypoglycemia. Also if you have hypothyroidism or have certain enzyme deficiencies then also you can get reactive hypoglycemia.
Avatar m tn They did an ultrasound of my gullbladder various blood test and a urainalysis and diagnosed me with Gastritis and prescribed me Prilisac. and some nausea medication and told me to also use OTC Maalox. My question is are these symptoms normal for gastritis and how long can i expect this to go on?
Avatar f tn fevers with frequent visits to the docs (glandular fever diagnosed) he got worse and in hospital his lipase levels were initially 1200 and rose to 3000 he was on tube feeding (didn't stop the pain) and later tpn which helped. His lipase are around 170 last check he has been sent home with low fat diet (he lost 12.5 kilo's in hospital) . He is still having severe stomach pains.
Avatar n tn Lipase levels drop back to normal within a couple days of an attack, and sometimes with advanced chronic pancreatitis, amylase and lipase levels do not elevate at all, even during an attack. This often makes bloodtests not always accurate in diagnosing chronic pancreatitis. Triglyceride levels should be checked and or a trypsinogen study done. There are also the diagnostic tools of ultrasound, CT-scan, or MRI's. And, of course, the ERCP.