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Avatar f tn I had Pancreatitis,,,,,,, My GI doctor told me to cut back on all Carbohydrates... eat mostly lean meat,, lots of veggies and very small amounts of fruits... only about 20 grams of carbs per day, not processed.. Veggies have carbs but on a smaller level then a piece of whole wheat bread. Also be mindful of the drinks, no sugar is allowed , I drink mostly diet drinks, water, and equal in my coffee.
Avatar n tn Hi, The doctor does not know what causes me to have chronic pancreatitis and SOD. It is believed I had this before I had my gallbladder out and no one thought to check for that. Also, I went on a DRASTIC diet and exercize program. Dropped 42 pounds in 2 months. But, some of that could be the pancreatitis too. I do not drink so that was never a factor. Pancreatitis can he heriditary. And also, mine may have been made worse from the gallbladder being so bad.
Avatar f tn I just got out of the hospital, diagonosed with gallstones and pancreatitis. Doc said I will need to have gallbladder removed. I have been reserching some on the internet and I have a few concerns. Me- 39 year old Female, 214 pounds (ugh), otherwise healthy and active, Vegatarian diet- No meats, No fried foods!! First off, I am pretty sure I got the gallstones from doing too many fasting cleanses! The first few attacks I had was during a cleanse!
Avatar n tn A portion of her intestine was re-routed and attached to the psuedocyst to drain. She continued with severe pancreatitis and a month and a half later she uderwent another surgical procedure to open the pancreatic ducts to allow the fluid to flow. She had an amazing recovery and was eating and out of the hospital two weeks later. Now, one year later she is having another bout of pancreatitis and we are so scared.
Avatar f tn Game meat (rabbit or game bird) is virtually fat-free, and is best boiled. There is nothing wrong with fish sometimes, plainly steamed or boiled, and of course, all bones removed. But I wouldn't give him very oily fish right now. Although oily fish is generally good for dogs, as it contains Omega oils, it might be a bit rich for his tummy at the moment.
1645208 tn?1301075777 Fish oils and all oily fish are extremely good for dogs. Omega 3 oils, all-round healthy for dogs and people. Tuna, sardines, salmon, mackerel.....(mind the bones. They can be dangerous of course) The bones in canned fish are ok, they are softer and not only edible but an excellent source of calcium too.
793908 tn?1294708709 Or you could try boiled white fish with rice? These are really bland diets, and good convalescent diets, and dogs are usually tempted by the taste of them, Their sense of taste is much more acute than ours. What seems boring to us is fine for them. They are also low-fat so should be fine for her. Yes, don't give her 'people' food. A lot of 'people' food PEOPLE shouldn't be eating!! Never mind convalescent dogs! I know it's nice to give her treats.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with Pancreatitis 2 years ago and had 2 be hospitalized for a month beacuse of my Diabetes being too high and amylase & lipase being over 1000 (it was 1500). So I was wondering if I need 2 be re-hospitalized 2 see if it's up because I'm very scared if I don't something about this soon. This discussion is related to <a href=''>another mysterious orange oily substance with bowel movement</a>.
Avatar n tn I have gone gluten free and dairy free and did veggies and fish for 9 months and it got so much worse that I started bleeding rectally. I have tried everything. I recently had an untrasound that found a contracted thickwalled gallbladder so I'm hoping that gallstones are causing my pancreas to malfunction and removing it will restore normal function to my pancreas but I'm am afraid that this will not fix the problem.
Avatar f tn Pancreatitis at Christmas time. That is pretty classic. Is it possible that she got into some (really wrong for dogs) human Christmas food? Or even a bit of fatty meat? Anyway, that is past now. But it can take the pancreas time to heal after an acute bout of pancreatitis. Some regimes recommend fasting with only water, in order for the healing to take place. However, yes 10 days is quite a long time for a little dog to go with no nutrients at all. Is she getting any fluids?
Avatar f tn Chicken breast would be okay, boiled, and NO skin or fat. White fish (not an oily fish) steamed. Egg whites poached (if he will eat them. Good protein and no fat.) Rice (which you are already giving him) Pasta. Barley (well cooked, which can take some time.) White or sweet potato (boiled) Cabbage (in small amounts, and cooked fairly soft) Very small meals given often during the day, rather than one or two large meals.
Avatar n tn Well the pain as gone down alot and I went to the snack room and got something with low fat and ate it and was fine.So after the doctor came in to tell me they was going to keep me longer I thought about it and said no I was going home(I have 3 other kids at home)I'll be calling around Monday to find a doctor to help with this so til then what can I eat and are there any jucies I can drink for the baby that wouldn't cause me to go back to the ER.
1515161 tn?1290499606 I also eat a lot of regular fish. I would say I eat pretty clean and careful. However, since this began I have not been able to consume anything as I usually do. Mostly I'm having to live on fluids.
Avatar f tn thin strip of reactionary fluid were noted along anterior border of pancreas and lasser sac and fluid collection in left paracolic gutter.he was also referred to a diabetician and administered the following drugs: 1.taxim-O( 200 mg) 2.levoflox(750 mg) 3.supradyn(100mg) 4.pantodac(40 mg) 5.
Avatar n tn Pancreas My doctor has mentioned herbs as a possible cause of the attack of severe pancreatitis I had about a year ago. I'm a vegetarian, non-drinker and had healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels and no indication of gall bladder problems. I still have pseudocysts not completely resolved and am anxious never to experience pancreatitis again. Are there herbs known or suspected to cause pancreatitis? Drugs? Foods? What are they?
Avatar f tn She is not on any medication because it give her pancreatitis. We have tried it all except Remicade. She has developed pancreatitis again and the only fda approved drug she is on is a Rowasa enema. So we stopped the enema. She has lots of pain with the pancreatitis and currently is on a pain pill to stop the pain. Her doctor called today and wants to do an ERCP on her and I have heard nothing but bad about that procedure. I just dont know about going along with that. HELP!
Avatar f tn chicken and fish, low fat dairy and skim milk, Every kind of fruits and veggies, once a week chocolate, No fried foods, No alcohol, No Smoking I cook with Smart Balance everything. So why am I 5'4 and weigh 190lbs.??????? during flare ups of CP I can only manage a liquid diet. I am able to walk for 30 min every day, any more and I can feel the demon in my Pancreas rumbling. Thanks for your input as it is greatly appreciated.
104652 tn?1196603908 I started Tricor and Omega 3 and Zocor, and now it's down to 500. Still high, but not wildly high. It's very common.
Avatar n tn When my triglycerides were elevated, the doctor ordered me to take omega 3 fish oil supplements… I asked for how long, and his response was for life.
Avatar n tn BTW, diabetes is a risk factor in both cholecystitis and pancreatitis.
Avatar f tn So after 5 years the doctors did an ercp and found narrow ducts. The doctors cut and stretched the narrow ducts and removed the cyst and she is a brand new girl. Has anyone had this experiece and will the pain come back. Could it be that the ulcerative colitis made the narrow ducts or was she born this way? The doctor said her stomach and small bowel have no inflammation. Her pancrease was inflammed and ducts were narrow.
Avatar f tn The vet said she had arthritis and put her on Gallaprant saying her blood work indicted some a low level of pancreatitis so shouldn't get a steroid. After 2 weeks on this and behaving OK (not great but better), she again became very lethargic and didn't want to eat. Back to the vet for more IVs and blood work. This time she had an ultrasound which showed some biliary sludge.
Avatar n tn To make matters worse my HMO won't let me go to any places where there are specialized programs and groups of GI doctors. I need some direction and help on what this is and how to treat it. It is getting so hard.
Avatar f tn If the duct spasms/closes, the contents of the CBD can back-up into the pancreas causing an inflammatory process to start and result in low-level pancreatitis and an elevation in pancreatic enzymes such as amylase. Try sticking with and following a low-fat diet long-term. But this is something you should fully discuss with your doctor. You don't want to end up with acute attacks of pancreatitis that lead to long-term pancreatitis and damage to your pancreas.
Avatar n tn They took a blood test and found my amylase and lipase were high. One was around 2500 and one around 350. What would cause this? I have no other symptoms of pancreatitis and am able to eat just fine. However, they did find I am constipated pretty badly.
2026744 tn?1527710327 Experts who specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of B12 deficiency, like Sally Pacholok R.N. and Jeffery Stewart D.O., suggest treating all patients that are symptomatic and have B12 levels less than 450 pg/mL. They also recommend treating patients with normal B12, but elevated urinary methylmalonic acid (MMA), homocysteine and/or holotranscobalamin (other markers of B12 deficiency).
Avatar n tn I have been taking 1000 mg of MSM and 1000 mg Fish oil capsules with DHA 120mg, EPA 180mg at night and in the morning and that has helped much more than the Aciphex, but I am still slightly nauseous every morning. I'm hoping someday to find a cure, rather than just treating the symptoms. Goodluck. I know how miserable it can be living like this.
Avatar n tn I have just had my fourth child and my thyroid is horrible again, my endocronologist wants to do the radioactive iodine and put me on the supplements permanently. I had pancreatitis which led the Dr.s to discover gallstones and I just had my gallbladder out one month ago. I have been having bowel issues and am now going for a colonoscopy (never had one) and an upper endoscopy. They are suspecting bowel issues such as IBS or who knows what else.
Avatar f tn I give my dogs fruits and vegies..I also give them lean chicken breast and fish for snacks,I put them in the dehydrator.I make homemade dog bisciuts too.....I dont eat garbage and I dont want then to either.....My dogs eat Eagle Pack Holistic Select dog food and do fantastic on it...... It's pretty obvious that I dont have kids......
Avatar n tn Had you gone to the ER and your levels were up then I would have called the GI the next day, if indeed they would have released you. Then the hospital would have admitted you for pancreatitis and by golly your GI would have been informed then. I also hear folks say, you need to get the stress out of your life. To some extent they are right but if the SOD is the reason you are stressing, then what? Give the doctors a call and see what they are willing to do for you.