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Avatar n tn The only thing I have come up with is that estrogen can cause gallbladder problems (which can lead to pancreatitis) and estrogen may have some effect on the thyroid.
1036535 tn?1278506199 What I thought was a sudden failure of Neurontin, and another sign it was actually fibro not MS due to rapid return of a few sx (following a week of high activity and high temps), turned out to be something else entirely. I called my GP and told them I was feeling terrible, and I thought I had a kidney stone that got stuck. This has happened to me before. My GP was booked and wanted me to go to the ER in case I needed a CT/surgery/etc.
Avatar n tn I have had acute pancreatitis and now have chronic pancreatitis. The lab that tests my bloodwork says that with amylase, anything over 88 is high, lipase, anything over 63 is high. Some labs allow a higher range for both, but even those adjusted levels are less than your daughter's levels. Her lipase is especially high. Her triglycerides are high. Another important indicator. Don't buy it!
Avatar f tn In women with inherited defects of lipid metabolism, there have been reports of significant elevations of plasma triglycerides during estrogen therapy. This has led to pancreatitis in some cases. I stopped using the Nuvaring immediately. Never during that whole time I was in the hospital or months afterwards did any doctor link the pancreatitis to the NuvaRing. I remember having bleeding in the hospital a week early even though the ring was still in.
Avatar f tn A gynecologist can measure the important hormone levels in your body to see where the foul-up is. These at a minimum would be an estrogen level, a LH and and FSH. I hope this helped.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing a problem with a recurrent itchy, stingy rash on my arms, legs and chest. I have also had acute pancreatitis with recurring problems with my pancreas. To top it all off, I believe my estrogen is very low, as I had a complete hysterectomy years ago. Could this recurring rash problem be due to my pancreas or my low estrogen?
Avatar n tn (During that time, there is less estrogen so the endo implants tend to shrink, and in some cases, they resolve nearly completely.) It seems more likely to me, in view of the scant fluid in the cul-de-sac, that you have suffered hemorrhagic cysts. As for ovca, well, I guess it could be...someone has to be responsible for those odd cases that do not fit into the normal statistical means! :) Seriously, though, statistically speaking, it is not likely to be ovca.
Avatar n tn Other diseases that may cause increased levels of CA-125 include pelvic inflammatory disease (PID), endometriosis, liver disease (hepatitis or cirrhosis), pancreatitis, and lupus. Pregnancy and menstruation can cause elevated blood levels of CA-125. Here is some more information about Ovarian Cancer. You haven't mentioned any of these: There are no obvious symptoms until the disease has advanced.
Avatar n tn I will write more another time. I am wiped. My cat is sick with diabetes and pancreatitis and diabetes. This is almost more than I can bear. I am trying to hang in there though and give the meds time to work.
251222 tn?1270939717 I was in a Dka (went into a diabetic coma), my blood sugar was close to 1000. I had pancreatitis and gall bladder disease. I delivered the baby premature and slipped into the dka and woke at a later time in the Icu. My baby survived with 73 days in Nicu and is doing well now. After I was moved down out of icu to risk maternity, I began having severe vision problems. They had stabilized my blood sugar.
357965 tn?1197306864 I keep getting major, major numbness in my hands and feet/ toes and fingers. Diabetes is HHUUGGEEE in my family and I am wondering if that is what's going on with me in that respect? For years now, I have had major, major abdominal pains. Nausea and vomiting usually comes with that chronic abdominal pain.
793908 tn?1294708709 Hi...I am so sorry for all your losses. It's so awful to lose your beloved pet. My heart goes out to you all. Next week. I am starting my beloved 9 yr. old mini Poodle Julie on Trilostane for confirmed Cushings Disease. She is 14 & never stops drinking water & has to go outside way too much. Her appetite is immense. All of this is so abnormal with her, along with her "pot belly" & she is very non energetic.
931217 tn?1283484935 Neutering involves removing the source of the hormones that control reproduction and that determine the typical physical and behavioral characteristics that distinguish males and females. In dogs and cats, this is usually done by surgically removing the testicles in males (castration) and the ovaries in females (spaying). In the United States, the uterus is typically removed along with the ovaries in females, and virtually all dogs and cats are spayed or castrated.
233616 tn?1312790796 In light of the fact that I am currently UND and have no virus, the reversal of fatty liver and less necrosis and less HCC all sounds very appealing, not to mention any reduction in IR would mean ones own Interferon response would be better post tx. and this alone may increase ones chances of an SVR even if begun at the end of an SOC regime. Perhaps now, more than any other time it could help insure one will recognize any lingering HCV and seek and destroy as designed.
Avatar f tn Hi Sorry to hear that you're suffering so badly....but it really sounds like you need medical help! Get yourself to the ED if needed for some pain relief.....they can organise blood tests/ultrasounds/scans etc to try and find out what is happening! Upper abdomen pain can be anything from pancreatitis to gallstones.......
Avatar n tn I think everything is over and I clean up. I walk out of the toilet and in about 2 minutes time the stomach cramp and the fainting sensation comes back (I've fainted only once to date from this and was out for about 15-20 minutes). 6. When I get back to the toilet I have a really violent Diarrhoea episode in pure liquid state.
Avatar f tn Hi Leigh, yeah a high 1,25D can start to dysregulate the glucocorticoid, thyroid, parathyroid, thyroid, estrogen, and androgen receptors also, and it's worse in women, except androgen obviously. I know the MP says if your on thyroid hormone, that you have to really watch the level in the first few weeks of the Protocol because when the 1,25D drops the TSH will shot way up again, and replacement isn't needed anymore.
Avatar n tn Chad, Hi! I am a 25 y/o other of one and an armywife. I was recently hospitalized for a severe case of pancreatitis and was told if I did not get to hospital when I did I would have died by the next day bc my levels were dangerously high. It all came about on friday afternoon of sept.24th. I got an attack that was 10x more severe than my gall bladder attacks. Which I had my gall bladder removed in July99 by AF doctors . I had to have an immediate ERCP done and it did well for me.
1702615 tn?1421815848 Thanking the LORD today for revealing this to me and the docs and praying for guidance to the right surgeon for the job. And thanking God that I have qualified for health coverage as well in the mean time! Will update again after a plan of action is put together, good LORD willing and the creek don't rise (as my Ma used to say). Hope whomever reads this has a very blessed day/night, which ever the case may be. Keep your head up, and ask the LORD for guidance with a humble heart.
Avatar f tn On father’s day of 2009, I went to the ER with all kinds of stomach and back pain and was diagnosed with pancreatitis. After several weeks of tests, they found a calcification that formed IN THE PANCREAS-not the gallbladder. It was removed during ERCP and that was it. Never had any further problems. The dr could not find a reason for this at all. I do not drink AT ALL. On Tuesday of this week, I started developing the same pain etc.. went to my PCP who thought it was my gallbladder.
Avatar f tn I'm a 41 year old female. In Jan 2009 I had acute pancreatitis,gallstones and jaundice. At the hospital, they did an ERCP and lap choley. Everything fine until Dec of 2009 when the RUQ pain returned. CT scan showed stents still in, had another ERCP to remove stents in Jan 2010. Pain returned 2 months later. I had labs (normal) and u/s showed slight dilation of CBD, so that was the dx. Still in continuous mild pain, no other symptoms. Had another u/s done, and it showed a fatty liver.
Avatar f tn Then in May I started having stomach problems and was put in the hospital for pancreatitis by the ER doctor. An endocrinologist saw me in the hospital and after one day said he really didn't think I had pancreatitis so released me. Then I saw a gastro doctor and had tests which included a CT scan, colognoscopy, endoscopy, and MRI. They never found anything but diverticulosis and a small hiatal hernia.
Avatar f tn but i also had horirble hormones causing pancreatitis... and HPT are saying negative... i dont know what to do? or what to think? please help...
Avatar f tn They did find that my clotting factors in my blood were abnormal-so I am on rat poison (coumadin) for life. I never understood how I made it 55 years without clots and I smoked AND took estrogen. The docs say it happens that way. I am a little bitter because it took away my career and put me on disability. That income is FAR from what I was making as an RN. I thank you for your comments.
Avatar n tn bj - are you talking about lupron injections? Yes, they will throw you into medical menopause, and it's the estrogen suppression that is supposed to keep the endo from growing back. It's best done immediately after surgery. I got horrific hot flashes before even arriving home after my first injection, and boy did that stuff mess with my head! Only managed to do 2 months of injections before calling it quits, and it took several more months to get back to normal.
357965 tn?1197306864 If that is the cause, there is a higher chance of other conditions such as hypothyroid disease, and others. Pancreatitis is not necessarily due to POF. It is important to see a GI specialist if you have that problem because the condition can become serious and it needs to be treated in the best way possible so it doesn't cause you any more problems than necessary. Numbness in hands and feet could be due to a number of things and really require seeing a doctor and having a work up.
Avatar f tn My specialist this morning suggested that the collapses are linked to my hormones (estrogen highs and lows which bloat out my body and then suddenly shrink after my period). Numbness still in hands and arms if they are still for too long a time. My resting BP in 80/60 usually but it varies. Thanks so much for all the advice and support, I don't want to winge to friends and family as hate being so ill, this is really helpful.
1353650 tn?1429466974 I am going to have her do blood work to check the levels of my DHEA, Testosterone, progesterone and estrogen. I had them done 3 yrs ago and my testosterone was low. Pretty odd for someone with PCOS and insulin resistance. I had saliva testing done in 2009 and my progesterone was low, testosterone, DHEA, and estrogen were on the low side. I have taken progesterone cream for about 10 months now. It really helps with my pms symptoms, vaginal dryness and painful cramping.
518798 tn?1295215879 I don't guess it could be any worse than what I am feeling now. Me and hubby will go tomorrow and find our when they can schedule the surgery. Prayers will be appreciated.
Avatar m tn • Appendicitis • Cancer • Diverticulitis • Liver disease with cirrhosis • Pancreatitis Patients who have disorders that make the blood more likely to stick together (clot) have a higher risk for mesenteric venous thrombosis. Birth control pills and estrogen medicines increase your risk of this condition.