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Avatar n tn I'm curious. I've seen alot of people using celexa complain of fatigue and weight gain which can be typical of some SSRIs. I've noticed that several people have had a drop in T4 while on celexa (TSH/T4 checked prior to initiating antidepressant therapy). Is there any literature out there on this? Can you offer some enlightenment? Thank you.
Avatar n tn However, there is validity to the premise that pain will actually keep you alive longer, and it's always an ongoing challenge to find the balance of pain and/or anxiety control. Remember, too, that acute co-morbid events, ie: coronary, pulmonary or spontaneous bleeding and clotting can occur at any time and hasten death Additionally, it is not uncommon for liver failure patients to wax and wane in terms of their mentation, confusion and overall state.
Avatar n tn It can cause some pretty nasty gastric upsets but not pancreatitis, and certainly not a severe case of it. If (and again, I am not trying to scare you, I am merely speaking frankly) she recovers from this episode I would feed her a diet that is practically 100% fat free for the rest of her life. In fact, I would plan on home cooking for her from here on in so that you can control every bit of fat that she gets. Boiling is the best way to cook meats to rid them of fat.
Avatar n tn I don't understand any of this. Just looking for info on pancreatitis. I'm new to this and don't get it. Psychotic? ru talking about me? why cant I see my last post?
18663 tn?1198175415 Anything new on connection between pancreatic cancer, pancreatitis or liver cancer incidence in Viet Vets and Agent Orange, esp. on part of VA recognition? Husband facing exploratory surgery tomorrow, dreading diagnosis.
Avatar f tn I'm sorry for your lost and am feeling the same way because I just lost a dog two days ago because she choked on her own vomit while in the ICU after she had an abcess drained from her abdomen. And she was also suffering from pancreatitis and was lethargic. A few hours later, I was told they were doing CPR because she had turned blue and had choked on her vomit.
Avatar f tn Was off of them for over 100 days and decided I could no longer take the pain, I have a dic that is protrude.g into my cervical cord,and 0ne more disc that is herniated and 2 more bulging in my neck. I have a bunch in my low back, the same way. I also have TMJ, it is nerve pain badly in my mouth, face, nose,and ears. So, I went to Pain Mgmt, and the doc put me back on the Norco at 30mgs a day./So some of us have that threshold of pain that we cannot cross.
Avatar n tn Stress and anxiety seems to be affecting me more and more each day, especially since the semester is coming to an end (I'm a college student). Basically, I'm not sure how much anxiety is too much and if I should seek help to control it or not. Also, what are the physical symptoms that can arise when someone is experiencing too much anxiety/stress? I usually feel like I have no energy whatsoever, even after getting a good nights sleep.
Avatar n tn htm#Prozac%20Backlash There's tons of info on the net (and I mean professional experts' information - the internet harbours both good and bad sites). There are support boards and info sites specifically with regard to SSRIs generally, some to Prozac, some to Paxil etc.