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Avatar f tn I had Pancreatitis,,,,,,, My GI doctor told me to cut back on all Carbohydrates... eat mostly lean meat,, lots of veggies and very small amounts of fruits... only about 20 grams of carbs per day, not processed.. Veggies have carbs but on a smaller level then a piece of whole wheat bread. Also be mindful of the drinks, no sugar is allowed , I drink mostly diet drinks, water, and equal in my coffee.
Avatar f tn (not my insurer). From their CT scan I was told I had pancreatitis, lipids and amylase where also high. I followed up with my insurance provider's GI specialist and an ultrasound, they were unable to provide me with any diagnosis..
Avatar f tn I am now a 32 year old woman who has barely touched caffine and had zero alcohol. I want to know if a cup of coffee or a glass of wine would be impactful. I am getting married soon and would really love to participate in my own toast! Thanks!
Avatar f tn 5 mg thiazide every day, and I admit I'm too heavy handed with Advil and coffee. And I smoke. Also, I'll be relocating for work withou my family for a few months and I'm really nervous about that. I know my doc is just being thorough, but I'm really confused. Do I have something bad?
1674610 tn?1317005820 How are the eats of drinking coffee and tea affect pacreastis? Why when I eat right diet still have issues badly? Can they cure pancreas elevations? I Amin a early stages of diagnose and already in servier pain. One starting I V hospital stay? It appears dr don't really want treat my medical problem, why do they act like they are so puzzled by the illment, look like to me that they are avoiding a hospital stay, when I have flare ups of my pancreas, why?
Avatar n tn It seemed to subside and a few days later I got lower left groin pain. I go to my doctor who does some blood work and my Pancreatic enzymes come back several times normal.. Dr. sends me for a CT and they say I have divreticulitis. The pancreas looks normal, splean slightly enlarged. Dr. says I also have Pancreatitis, but can't in any way relate the 2 together. Put me on Levaqui and Flagil. Seems to make things better for a while.
Avatar n tn I have had acute pancreatitis and now have chronic pancreatitis. The lab that tests my bloodwork says that with amylase, anything over 88 is high, lipase, anything over 63 is high. Some labs allow a higher range for both, but even those adjusted levels are less than your daughter's levels. Her lipase is especially high. Her triglycerides are high. Another important indicator. Don't buy it!
Avatar m tn Now several small meals, no sodas , no coffee, nothing to eat two hours before bed and the combination of lipase, protease, and lactase before each small meals are my ticket out of the misery. This took a combination of a regular doctor, a chiropractor and a well trained sales lady at Whole Foods. But first it took prayer. God will give you wisdom freely. The miracle you are looking for may come in the package of God given wisdom. Most of us did this to ourselves.
Avatar m tn (though most of my drinks involved coffee liqueor, chocolate and rum). This only went on for a few months, really. In March of last year I got some sort of "attack". For a few days, my heartburn was nothing short of horrendous, I felt horrible indigestion, and I had a massive pain radiating... well, everywhere, but mostly in my right/front and right/back under the right shoulder blade.
Avatar n tn Now I think jut the opposite - I think I'll die when I consume them (the coffee I learned the hard way - the red sauce I didn't even try after my surgery and pancreatitis). I beginning to think that pot roast and roast beef are going to be next on my list. The last few times I've even tried them I've been severely ill. The odd thing about that is the last meal I had in the hospital before they discharged me this last time was pot roast.
Avatar f tn Get on some acid reflux meds for a month. Also, stay away from foods and drinks that fuel acid reflux. No alcohol, coffee, tea, tomato, dairy, garlic, onions, other acidic things. This should help. Your stomach needs time to heal.
4407520 tn?1363015465 Any opiate has the potential to slow down the motility of the GI tract, and cause things like constipation, and other problems. My advice would also be to have a doctor check you out. Abdminal pain is never something to blow off, you should always have a doctor assess you, to make sure nothing major is going on. Completely unrelated (to methadone, etc) ...but I had very bad abdominal pain and constipation that would come and go for months...
990091 tn?1249200314 Gallbladder disease/stones, cardiac issues, digestive problems, Hashimoto's thyroiditis, cushing's, liver disease, pancreatitis, and all of my tests and blood work come back with in normal ranges. In essence, I medically appear that nothing is wrong, other than the beginning of ulcers. Other than my PCOS, teratoma, and hypothyroidism, I was the picture of perfect health before my surgery.
Avatar f tn Xylitol, Macadamia Nuts, Coffee, Chocolate, Raisins grapes can be deadly. Salt, garlic and alcohol are only bad in excess.
Avatar n tn Breathing or lung problems Heart fluttering Shaking - jitteriness Unusual energy surges at times producing super human strength (adrenalin rushes) Memory impairment Hair loss Blurred vision or pressure behind the eyes Inability to discontinue use of drug and increasing own dose Cravings for alcohol, sweets, and other substances or drinking large sums of alcohol, coffee or other caffeinated drinks, diet pop with NutraSweet, etc.
Avatar n tn Had you gone to the ER and your levels were up then I would have called the GI the next day, if indeed they would have released you. Then the hospital would have admitted you for pancreatitis and by golly your GI would have been informed then. I also hear folks say, you need to get the stress out of your life. To some extent they are right but if the SOD is the reason you are stressing, then what? Give the doctors a call and see what they are willing to do for you.
Avatar n tn I have, over the years, found that I'd rather suffer the stress of having the palpations and enjoy my coffee and chocolate, after I figured out that the heart flutterings and poundings wasn't going to kill me on the spot.LOL But they do freak you out when they first start.. Also the Mitral Valve Prolapse can cause these symptoms.. Even then I believe the Brown Rule applies but you can ask your Doc. I doubt this was much help, but I try.
Avatar n tn I also avoid acidic food and beverages, ie coffee, tomatoes, pineapple etc. Tracey (April 23rd) also mentions raised liver function and tiredness! I have recently been tested for RICKETTSIAL DISEASE (or Q Fever) which leaves you feeling exhausted and weak with painful joints and muscles. Other symptoms are regular headaches, lack of concentration and real weakness that leaves you virtually useless.
Avatar m tn I also have pain under my rib cage, to the left and bottom where my stomach is. This is also localized and I noticed it tends to worsen with coffee or alcohol.
Avatar f tn I am on a 75mcg and Norco 10/325 and like you have lost weight during the past yr.I have lost 60lbs but think the main reason was giving up fast food,soft drinks and red meats.
Avatar n tn lol my hubby is disabled, he's had 2 surgery's on his back, he has nuts and bolts also a wire that holds his spine together, so, he and I are on this roller coaster ride together, he get's oxy and I get oxy's and we split them down the middle, pretty sad isn't it....
Avatar f tn I also have IPMN and chronic pancreatitis. I have pain all the time so I didn't associate it with coffee butt I recently read how bad coffee is with this disease. (I had to question why my gastro dr. did.nt know this)in any case, try cutting out coffee and see if you still get the pain. Do any other foods or drink bother you?
Avatar f tn Also, In 2005 everything changed and I became ill with what was then diagnosed as Pancreatitis. I do not drink any alcohol and my gallbladder ( healthy) was removed. Flare-ups have persisted and in April 2007 I became even sicker, which is why I am writing in. I have been to so many doctors and no one is able to diagnose me. The Pancreatitis is very painful. but I can live with it.
Avatar f tn First, he blamed it on not being able to breathe as well as he should because of asthma and allergies. So, I took him to the doctor and had the allergy/asthma problem taken care of and he still passes out. Now he blames it on sleep apnea. Does anyone know what may be wrong with my husband?! I am so worried about him and I'm scared that this may end up as a fatality!! If anyone has any advice.... PLEASE GIVE IT!! I'm begging you!
Avatar f tn Now it has progressed to a more sever pain and it right along the rib-line in the ULQ. It started this morning - about 25 minutes after having coffee and is still present about 4 hours later. Does this sound like some type of an ulcer or possibly related to the pancreas? I did also have some minor symptoms related to pancreatitis (hyperechoic stranding, etc) - but not enough to be diagnostically positive. I do not drink. Help??
1121211 tn?1259344516 thinks it is a definite possibility that I am in a constant state of Pancreatitis and my enzyme #'s are on the low side and could be interfering with my ability to break down my food to the point where it can be properly absorbed. However, I take Tramadol, to lower my pain level and this medicine, for me, has side effects of 'bowel-binding' and also works like coffee, so it 'controls' my diarrhea and gives me some energy - and therefore am using it (with the Dr.
572651 tn?1531002957 GUitar_grrrrrl, I would love to attend one of those small town Fourth of July celebrations. Enjoy the food and music. As for the dog, the vet is treating her for Pancreatitis - the best possible choice of problems from her symptoms. A very strict diet, digestion drugs and a healing process should allow the inflammation to quiet. We are all relieved with this news. Too much else is going on to have this too!
Avatar n tn I also ate alot of beets, and I will continue to do this and drink 1/2 of a fresh squeezed lemon in a hot coffee mug full of water every seems to be helping me. I refuse to have my gallbladder out as long as the gall bladder cleanses are working for me. Please respond....
Avatar n tn Hi Joanna, I suffered with chronic and acute pancreatitis pain for years. My pain usually started approx. 1/2-1 hour after eating and bloating was also a symptom. Try cutting down on fats - I mean really down to 30 mg. a day. I have written a story about my experiences if you care to read it you will have to type in the address: It's a start. Question your doctor to check your pancreas.