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1694901 tn?1317005964 31 year old female and I think I have pancreatic cancer For the last 2 weeks having upper right abdominal pain back pain and diarrhea I have had to do cat scans And I have came back normal Also blood work came back normal I'm just so scared have the symptoms of pancreatic cancer what do I do
Avatar m tn H Pylori thrives in low stomach acid and lowers stomach acid further. Low levels of stomach acid (stomach acid stimulates the pancreas to release enzymes to help with digestion just to add) can also cause malabsorption and floating stools. There are many possible symptoms from not enough stomach acid. My mother takes betaine HCL with pepsin supplements to increase stomach acid and digestive enzyme supplements to help with digestion. I'll send you a few article with more info.
Avatar f tn ve probably already found out, in pancreatic cancer, pancreatic enzymes levels in the blood would be obviously changed. Regarding to acid reflux. Acid itself does not cause burping. Burping is probably from the gas yielded from H.pylori bacteria. Ask your doctor to have a test for H. pylori infection, since this is the major cause of increased acid secretion.
Avatar m tn What do you think is the cause for my stomach noise and a tad bloating for the past 2 weeks ?
Avatar m tn My husband is an 8 year pancreatic cancer survivor. He had a small lesion on the tail of his pancreas which should up in a ct scan. It took 8 months to diagnose though. Dr after Dr. I don't understand why they would look only at the liver. The only way to truly diagnose pancreatic cancer is to go in and biopsy the pancreas. I'm not sure what sort of specialist did this but you need to find a surgeon that specializes in pancreatic cancer.
Avatar m tn with all of these tests wouldnt they have seen if something serious was causing my symptoms? I worry about pancreatic cancer , but if cancer was causing symptoms wouldnt one of these many test have seen it? Is the ct scan reliable for ruleing out pancreatic cancer I feel like I've exhaysted all my options and dont know what else to do.
1348686 tn?1310654243 I am so sick to my stomach with worry. I am freaking out over pancreatic cancer!!! I was getting concerned because I lost weight and I was really itchy and I have back and stomach pains. So of course I did the very thing that I tell everyone not to do and I looked on the internet for what the possible causes were. Well one of the things that came up is pancreatic cancer.
Avatar f tn I have been diagnosed with gastritis. I just had a colonoscopy done last week. Found 1 polyp and removed it. i haven't received the results yet. The pain in my back still persists, although it hasn't been as bad the last few days. Unlike some people's posts I have read, my pain isn't made worse by laying down. It hurts in the area where my bra strap goes and at times I can hardly stand for my strap to be touching my back.
Avatar n tn I had surgery for stomach cancer Feb 5, 2013 and it was determine that the cancer had gotten into my lip nodes. I completed chemo, chemo/radiation and more chemo. Now that my treatment is completed I still have pain on my upper left side and the doctors have not been able to determine the cause. I’ve had EGD, CT, small bowel series, and x-rays. I am taking 4-5 pain pills (Norco) daily. The pain varies from moderate to severe. Anyone have any other ideas or suggestions this is driving me crazy.
Avatar n tn 9 is NOT a realiable marker to use to diagnose cancer, in specific, pancreatic cancer; too many false positives and false negatives. The pancreatic cyst is very small. How big are the cysts on the kidneys?
Avatar f tn The results of the study at the National Cancer Institute found that women who have higher food and total intakes of folate face a significantly lower risk of developing pancreatic cancer. Protection seemed to increase with higher intake of folate.
Avatar n tn Signs and Symptoms of Cancer of the Pancreas Jaundice: At least half of all people with pancreatic cancer develop jaundice. Jaundice occurs in all cases when the cancer is at the ampulla of Vater. Jaundice is a yellowing of the eyes and skin due to staining by bilirubin (a dark green-colored substance made in the liver). Bilirubin accumulates in these tissues and in the blood. Pain: Pain in the abdomen or back is a very common sign of advanced cancer of the pancreas.
Avatar n tn There will poor absorption of the nutrients resulting in weightloss and nutritional problems. It may cause diabetes mellitus. It is also a risk factor for pancreatic cancer though the risk is not 100%. ================================================================ The information provided is for patients’ education only and is not a medical advice. Always consult your personal physician for complete evaluation of your health problem. - Ratnakar Kini M.D.
Avatar f tn possibilities of Pancreatic cancer! I also occassioanlly have back pain (which may be related to me bending to search the internet!) Can you provide any reassurance as I head into these tests? Thank you!
Avatar n tn moves a little but always on right side..noone has any answers..just think they could miss pancreatic cancer..pain is at times dealable and other times unbearable..
Avatar n tn Three years ago, I had an MRI that showed 2 small cysts (2mm) in my pancreas. Since my father had pancreatic cancer, I am particularly worried about this type of cancer. Should I insist on a repeat MRI, even though I have no discomfort? My only unusual symptoms are increased flatulence and some weight gain.
Avatar f tn It says that pancreatic cancer symptoms can include pain in the stomach and back, now I want to know what kind of pain and is it sometimes or a constant pain because I have had slight pain in my sides and to a lesser extent in my lower abdomen but its really nothing I notice unless I am thinking about it, I am very anxious and worried, its really freaking me out right now because I have 3 young kids, any answers from people who know what they are talking about would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn Proteinuria or urine that contains an abnormal amount of protein may be seen with patients with diabetes or hypertension. Pancreatic Cancer may present with upper abdominal pain that may radiate to the back, yellowing of skin and the whites of the eyes, loss of appetite, weight loss, depression and blood clots. It is good that the initial CT scan was normal. It is important that you discuss the results with your attending physician for proper evaluation.
Avatar m tn I have had stomach issues for about 2 years. Recently I have developed upper left abdomen discomfort for the past month. It feels more like a muscle issue in description. I even notice if I sit my ipad on the area when going to bed to look around websites or social media when I move it there is a discomfort. But I can push around with fingers and find no soreness. I have some itchiness but seems to not be intense and isolated it is all over.
Avatar n tn Should I be concerned for pancreatic cancer?
Avatar f tn Sever Hypochondriac, had cancer numerous times... Been experiencing abdominal pain lately, lower left side mostly, of course in convinced its either Colon Pancreatic or Bile Duct Cancer, I'm only 20 years old, male. Loose stools either dark brown or light brown depending on the day. I've never been diagnosed with IBS but I cannot eat greasy food or its bad news, but I've never actually had pain like I've been experiencing lately.
Avatar m tn Pancreatic cancer (cancer of the pancreas) mainly occurs in people aged over 60. If it is diagnosed at an early stage, then an operation to remove the cancer gives some chance of a cure.
Avatar f tn dad had stomach cancer at 38 and mum had bowel cancer at 48. Today I asked to be referred privately for an mri of my pancreas, but he thinks I should see a GI instead (again!!). The NHS takes ages to get anything done. I waited nearly 6 months for my gastroscopy and colonoscopy! Please give me your advice on what's best to do and whether my symptoms could be caused by benign things. Please help! I would wholly appreciate your advice.
Avatar m tn I went wednesday for some upper gi symptoms like pain in the abdomen,back pain,light brown stools,full feeling in worried about pancreatic cancer being a culprit but i haved heard a peep from my no news good going to call monday........surely they would ve called had there been anything obvious on my ct scan, abdomen ultrasound and exray..........