Painful sex during endometriosis

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Avatar f tn They always start on a Sunday and the blood is extremely black and wet looking. It also still hurts during sex. I'm not too sure what to do as the specialist said they got rid of all the endometriosis. Is there a chance that it could of grown back? Any comments would be greatly appreciated.
Avatar n tn -Inability to conceive. -Fatigue. -Painful urination during periods. -Gastrointestinal symptoms such as diarrhea, constipation, and nausea. As far as I'm aware, I have basically all of these symptoms. I don't have painful urination during my periods, nor do I have gastrointestinal problems, except I have felt like I was going to throw up a lot lately, but I haven't. I just keep burping.
8139104 tn?1419979995 Since 16, I have had pain during sex, it has slowly gotten worse and no I can't have sex in any position without hurting. I have spotting in between periods, and slightly painful cramps between periods (feels like my period is about to start constantly). My periods are always very heavy but only last 4 days. At 16 I had an abdominal scan which didn't spot anything and my doc told me when I turned 21 she would arrange another scan.
Avatar f tn I have had from what I can remember 16 years ago periods that came every month, sometimes earlier and later than when I expected them but got them once a month unless my cycle shortened and then I would get 2 a month - 1 at the start of the month and the 2nd at the end of the month. They have, however, always been painful and heavy. Pain during period - usually occurs all the way through my period and can feel like a twisting pain in my pelvis.
Avatar f tn In the IUI process I was treated with siphene (ovarian stilmulation drug) . I t was unsuccessful. My gynaec said it is endometriosis , if I conceive my endometriosis will disappear. But to be frank everytime I do the fertility treatment my cyst becomes worst . I think due to the hyperstimulation of the cystic ovaries. Now I have decided not to go to second child. Ia planning for hysterectomy after so much suffering I have regular menstrual cycle of 28 days, bleeding normal.
Avatar n tn OK, so i've never really had any pain during sex...but lately while my husband is penetrating deeply, i get a horrible stabbing pain where i'm sure my left ovary is just really hurts and we have to stop...i've heard a dropping ovary is painful, but i have no idea what that is or if thats even the cause of this pain. before i had my daughter i had endometriosis so maybe that has something to do with it...i don't know...any ideas?
Avatar f tn I'm unsure what the cause is. I can last about 10 minutes until the sex becomes painful and it's really starting to worry me now. Afterwards my "downstairs" becomes a bit swollen, stings to go to the toilet and the entrance to it is very red and inflamed. It can take up to 2 or 3 days before I can have sex again. I didn't know whether I'd damaged myself e.g a cut or tear or if there is an underlying cause??
1974283 tn?1425612724 The first while I would have bleeding after sex and now I just can't do it. It only hurts to urinate of that spot is agitated like after sex, otherwise it's fine. Lubrication is not a problem. We have tried silicone based, water based, and all natural and it's all the same. If you have some ideas that I can throw by my doctor until I hear back from the gyno, I would greatly appreciate it.
Avatar n tn I had been suffering with endo symptoms since the age of 13 *now 30yrs old and until I switched GYNs last year, I had no idea about endo or that all of my pain and suffering when ovulating, during sex, and my especially painful periods, were all signs of endo. I switched oral contraceptives to of those monophasic meds which got rid of my symptoms completely! I had total relief from Oct 2010 until May 2011 when we decided we were getting ready to start having children.
Avatar n tn i think you should see a doc, you are describing what could be Endometriosis, which results in painful sex and can also have a constant white discharge, my wife suffers from this disorder.
Avatar f tn I am going to get a little personal here, but when you speak of painful sex is it on penetration or just period???? I to had always had painful sex and diagnosed with endo but it was a mild case so they didn't think it should be causing the pain. So I went to the a new gyno and when he was do an exam he noticed that my external genetalia was a little malformed so he took a biopsy. Let me just say OUCH even with it being numbed. That is just not someplace you want biopsied.
Avatar n tn When me and my husband have sex it is very painful for me, like the sensation of my vagina being rubbed raw. We use lots of lube and have tried different types of lube. I don't have an STD or year infection does anybody else have this problem?
Avatar f tn I am lucky that right durin and right after my period sex is not as painful but all the rest of the time sex is so painful during and mostly after. My boyfriends falls asleep and I am left by myself for almost an hour in the bath tub just crippled with pain. It's horrible to have this at such a young age.. I'm 25 but thankful I found. A man that really understands. I told him about everything when we first started datin and I told him if he couldn't handle it he could leave .
Avatar f tn Another possibility is endometriosis. Where is the pain you feel during sex?
Avatar f tn I started my period when I was 15 but never had any pain/cramps until I turned 25 Then I started getting very painful cramps where my stomach would extend, my legs would just ache like I did a million squats and they would last around 20 minutes or so These would only show during my period at first but then it got progressively worse to where now I get them weeks before my period...
Avatar f tn You my friend have hit the jackpot. There are two surgeons in California that are top Endo surgeons. Dr. Andrew Cook Vital Health (, 14830 Los Gatos Blvd, Ste 300, Los Gatos, CA 95032 T. (408) 358-2511 Specialisation: GYN only Bowl/urinary tract surgery: Does most bowel/urinary tract work himself and has a colorectal surgeon on hand to assist when needed. *Dr. Cook's practice offers a functional approach to treating endometriosis.
Avatar f tn I had sex wednesday it was sort of rough. During i started hurting almost like cramping. We had to stop it hurt so bad. I've still felt pain the past couple of days. We tried to have sex last night and it still hurt! Im not sure what's wrong with me. Could I possibly be bruised? ?
Avatar f tn There are diseases not sexual that cause pain during sex for women. I was diagnosed with Endometriosis and that was why I felt pain during after sex.
Avatar n tn Iv been having issues when i have sex and notice that it is sometimes very painful. this has been happening for about 10 months now, it started happening when i was pregnant, so i never did anything about it because i figured it was cause i was pregnant. but it still happens, and now i notice sometimes it burns when i pee. also iv noticed that i have had issues with not feeling good and also being tired alot. im not sure what these are sympoms of..
Avatar f tn My boyfriend was quiteunderstanding and dismissed it as a myth that women must bleed during sex for the first time. However, it was REALLY painful and it took us almost the whole night before he could successfully enter me. After that, everytime I've had sex, I just become dry just as he is about to enter me. We tried lubricants but it was still painful at the time of entry. After a couple of weeks, I started to have an itch on my outer and inner vagina.
Panda I have 2 cysts, one on each ovary and have endo for awhile now and let me tell sometimes can be so painful that I'm laying there all curled up and crying. If I were you I'd be seeking a 2nd opinion. Sounds like this dr is just wanting to ignore the problem instead of figuring out what's wrong and fixing it. Also, if you don't find out what's wrong..who the long run it could effect your fertility (if you ever want children/or more children). Best of luck to you!!
Avatar f tn Hello, I am young and sexually active. 20 weeks ago I was forced to have sex by a guy that wasn't "big" he was actually really small. Anyways. During the sex I felt extreme pain and when he was done I noticed I was bleeding really badly. I knew this wasn't my "cherry" being popped because it was my 3rd time having sex. When I got home I noticed about a 1/2 inch tear on my perineum. It hurt to move or pee. I just thought it would heal and I could move on.
Avatar f tn I've been Bleeding during sex. I don't have sex very often, maybe about twice a month. I"m in a monogamous relationship and we use condoms. I've been tested for STD's and all results have come back negative.
Avatar m tn brownish black blood throughout my periods with only a small amount of normal blood, cramps and lower back pain throughout my period (this pain is bearable and treatable with ibuprofen, but constant and very uncomfortable), painful bowel movements only during my period, some pain during sex (only sometimes, exacerbated by certain positions) and occasional light bleeding after sex. Additionally, I am very susceptible to utis and yeast infections and have had multiple of each per year.
242942 tn?1287020289 Also, if women have endometriosis it can cause pain during intercourse the same way. I found out March of 07' that I also had endomitriosis at the age of 23.
Avatar n tn For 1 week at the end of my cycle I experience pain during intercourse. It feels like glass shards inside of me. I have been with my husband for 1 year now and it has been only happening for the last few months. We do have sex at least once a day. We have both had a full STD testing done very recently and everthing is negative, also we almost always use a lubricant (KY with no additives). I have even had a ultra sound done- no cycts, no endometriosis - everthing seems normal.
Avatar f tn since I have been off of the pill, I have had a few small problems. One time after sex, I bleed a little bit. Another time during sex, (a little bit deep), it was kind of painful. During my last period, I had pain up my rectum(only for one day though). Well, I have been doing some research and it said how many women will take the pill to help stop the symptoms of endometriosis. So could I have had this all along, but never had known it because I was on the pill?
Avatar f tn I've also never had particularly painful af cramps, pain during sex, irritable bowel symptoms. Has anyone had endometriosis pain on one side only? Does it ever feel muscular or like a pressure rather than a stabbing pain? I'm likely going to pursue IVF in January, and I don't know if I should go for a lap before then. Thanks!
Avatar m tn It started with nausea, fatigue, headaches...then it got worse and spread to severe pelvic pain, pain during sex, lower back pain, ect. At first it pointed to pregnancy...then it pointed to endometriosis....several pregnancy tests have been done and they came back negative. Then the pain was so bad my boyfriend took me to the hospital (though i refuted), and they did an ultra sound and found, "the possibility of early gestation...