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Avatar f tn Im a 15 year old female and found a lump in my armpit. I had a cold at the time and so I was stuck in bed for the day. I was led down relaxing watching tv and i suddenly felt a tender spot in my armpit when stretching. i looked in the mirror there wasnt anything there. i thought maybe it was a bruise coming. an few hours later it was still sore and i had another look at my armpit. i noticed that a lump had come up and the skin was red. the lump is about the size of .....
Avatar f tn Im a 24 yr old female, normally healthy and active. I have a lump in my armpit the size of a large marble. I noticed it 4 days ago and thought it was just an ingrown hair. I can't find a hair and its been getting larger and more painful every day. I tried to pop it, but it wouldn't pop, only made it more sensitive. It's underneath the skin, is hot and throbbing, and the surrounding skin has become sensitive.
Avatar n tn It's about the size of a pea and painful. I also have a lump in the top of my arm which has been there for many months. That lump is a bit small and feels like it's lodged deeper into the skin. It does not hurt. Do I have reason for concern?
925243 tn?1251483645 The other day, after my shirt had been digging in to my armpit in that same spot myself, the area began to feel a little bit tender. Upon further inspection yesterday, I noticed that it is indeed very tender to the touch, warm, swollen (mostly after I had been fussing with the little lump and the area), and that there is a very small lump in the fatty tissue and the area of skin above it is pink and raised.
Avatar n tn Hello, Doctor-- Within the past four weeks, I have engaged in protected sex with two women who have numerous sexual partners (escorts). I'm not writing to discuss the relative risk involved, but I have been worried about a lump under my right armpit that I found today. I found it accidentally when showering. I wanted to ask about "armpit lymph node swelling.
Avatar n tn 2 days ago I felt a pea size lump in the middle of my armpit and now today I woke up with a pain in the area of the lump, felt that the pea size lump is now the size of a marble and real painful to the touch. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I am 47 year old female and noticed a small lump in my armpit was sore and decided that it was a bug bit however I now have another one in almost the exact same area under my other armpit. Should I be concerned?
Avatar f tn HI, I'm a 23 year old female. I have had a small pea-sized lump in my left armpit for... a long time. I really can't remember for how long I've had it now, it could be as much as a year, or as little as 4 months. At first I though it was just an ingrown hair from shaving/waxing and as I do for other bumps of this kind, I've been waiting for a sign of the hair to surface or a 'whitehead' so to speak, to form so that I could clear it out with a needle if it didn't go on it's own.
Avatar n tn Was off the antibiotics for approximately 10 days when low and behold, 3 more popped up (1 in the armpit, 1 in the groin and another have mercy was in my privates). Back to the Dr., he said now I have to be on the antibiotic for 30 days and that he felt it was a staph infection. In addition, I've got to put bacitracin in my nose at bedtime for 3 weeks. He advised that staph is a common bacteria that everyone has on their body. It actually lives in the nose.
Avatar n tn Got blood drawn and he said to come back in two weeks after thanksgiving.When I returned he examed the lymphnoid in the armpit and said it felt more defined and larger, I thought it felt a bit smaller and had noticed less pain.He went over blood test results and said I was neg for mono and my white blood was alittle elevated (possibly due to small area on hand or cold poss?
Avatar f tn redness only lasted a couple of days and the lump is back not causing any pain or redness? I'm thinking the swollen armpit lump could be an abscess?? Is this armpit lump something I should be concerned about?? What should I do??
Avatar f tn I am 22 year old female and recently I have had some minor pain in my right armpit. However tonight upon falling alseep the pain was quite unbearable. I felt around to see if it was a bruise or ingrown hair but i can feel a lump about the size of a pea. It is very painful to the touch, and hurts when i raise my arm.
Avatar n tn I am 41 years old with 3 children. For my past 4-5 cycles, I have had a painful spot in my left armpit. It seems to start at about the time that I ovulate, and it gets progressively more painful until the day I get my period. At that point it seems to go away until I ovulate again. It seems to coincide with when I have tender breasts. I was able to see an OB/GYN this morning while it was still inflamed but starting to go down (period started last night).
Avatar f tn It is now June and I still have tenderness in my armpit - no worse, no better. I cannot feel a lump, but the contour of my right armpit is different than the left (swollen). Should I go ahead with diagnostic or would a screening momogram be okay?
Avatar n tn Pain in the armpit could occur in the presence of breast cancer, but it is not a common sign. In most cases, breast cancer is painless. If you are concerned, you should be examined by your doctor.
Avatar f tn Hello, i am 45 year old female, otherwise in good health, 2 months ago i noticed a lump in my armpit about 1 inch in diameter, no pain just rather large, it cannot be seen by lifting my arm ( area is not raised ) , it seems to be very deep. no redness either and wasn't, (or the area around it) , tender at all.
Avatar f tn About a month 1/2 - 2 months ago, I had a large, painful lump in my armpit, I assumed it was an ingrown hair, and it eventually popped after a weeks or so with much pressure applied, as it was getting very sore (it ended up about the size of a small marble) and some thicker/dryer looking pus came out. I now have a large lump on my genitals, in the area above you vagina where hair grows. I do shave, if that matters.
Avatar f tn I'm not sure what this is, I've read somewhere that cancer can cause lymph nodes in the armpits to swell in a painful way, but the lump in my breast moves around and hurts a bit. But I'm still worried about what this is, am I right to worry? I cannot get it checked for a couple of months, that's why I'm posting it here for some advice.
Avatar f tn I am female and 25. A month ago I felt a painful bump in my armpit. I have moderate acne and often get razor bump acne in my armpit so I did not think much of the bump at first. Since then I have had 5 more and it seems like the bump is moving! Maybe I am just paranoid and it is different ones coming up, but it really seems like as soon as one goes down another one is there 3mm away. Always the same pea sized bump just traveling in my armpit.
400417 tn?1201403749 Other than the size change, it does not bother me and really isn't painful. Aside from changes in lump size, I've been experiencing consecutive and severe headaches and neck pain, as well as feeling tired all the time. Any idea as to what may be the cause of the continously growing lump as well as the headaches and other symptoms?
Avatar f tn About a month 1/2 - 2 months ago, I had a large, painful lump in my armpit, I assumed it was an ingrown hair, and it eventually popped after a weeks or so with much pressure applied, as it was getting very sore (it ended up about the size of a small marble) and some thicker/dryer looking pus came out. I now have a large lump on my genitals, in the area above you vagina where hair grows. I do shave, if that matters.
Avatar n tn We have a stong HX of breast cancser in the family, and I was diagnosed with a breast lump approx. 2 years ago thatwas never biopsyed. Please advise at your earliest convenience. Marcia M LangbenR.N.
Avatar f tn I also had a lumpectomy performed back in 2007. Last year in 2010, I had this terrible pain in left breast (opposite breast where I had the lumpectomy). There was green discharge with blood and my armpit was swollen. They gave me antibiotics and it took two rotations, but it went away. Strep, staph and other common infections were ruled out after cultures were done. Soon after I had a sonogram done on armpit and breast and everything seemed fine.
Avatar f tn So I started researching and researching, I came across symptoms of breast cancer (lump in armpit, painful joint if it has spread...etc. ). I started getting health anxiety, checking my breast all the time and lo and behold my breast are lumpy, the left one seemed a little bit lumpier than the right, however, most lumps were still bilateral. My mind raced, lumps in the breast, thickened armpit, shoulder soreness...yup, I bet I have cancer.
Avatar f tn (Well advanced breast cancer can be painful though.) In about 1 in 20 cases of breast cancer the first symptom is pain. Since you have undergone 2 ultrasounds and nothing was detected I do not think you have reason to worry.Usually the first sign of cancer is the detection of a painless lump in the breast. The reason why this type of pain occurs is not known. It could be due to pain coming or radiating from the chest wall under the breast rather than the breast itself.
Avatar m tn I have a large lump in my right armpit that just appeared today, It is growing at a fast rate, and is very very painful, it is noticable without even feeling it, i just noticed it 30 minutes ago. I felt a little sick to my stomach on friday, but yesterday i was just fine, then today i have a massive headache, possibly a fever, stomach hurts, and the lump apppeared. Im a 14 yr. old female, and i just reeeeeally need someone to give me advice, i feel like im about to pass out. PLEASE HELP!