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Avatar n tn I have a lump on my head, behind my right ear. It's about the size of a walnut. It's quite tender to the touch and painful at times. I've had it for 2 days. I have also been sick with cold (very sore throat and dry, consistent coughing). I have read the possible things this lump might be, but how would one go about treating it? I do not have insurance! How would a swollen lymph node behind the right ear (on the head, where ear meets the head) be treated? Many thanks!
Avatar n tn I have a hard painful lump behind my right ear. When i touch it, its like a bone! its also painful when i touch but doesnt hurt otherwise.. is it an enlarged lymph node? should i be worried? .. its actually right behind my ear so if i press my ear against my head it doesnt show (within the ear span).. if you knwo what i mean.. any help appreciatred.
1341861 tn?1276201692 hi my name is linzi i am 24yrs old i hav discovered a very painful lump behind my left ear and i hav a migrain for the last 12hrs and am finding it very difficult to turn my head to look to my left side i am very worried abou this as i never experienced tis before, if you could take the time to reply to this i would be very greatful thanks guys :))
4514211 tn?1355734738 i woke up this morning with a big lump behind my right ear its very sensitive and painful its more of a pressure type pain.i think its a swollen lymph node but im not sure.
524172 tn?1212301166 my sister, whos 8, showed me this lump behind the ear a couple weeks ago, little couldnt see it, could only feel it to know it was there. i said it was nothing, but to just watch it to see if it does anything. 3 weeks later its gotten so big its popping out of her head not by inches but a 1/8 of a cm. im thinking cancer but i don't no exactly. i have been looking online and then i found this web site and thought i would try it. can you please help.
Avatar n tn feels like filled with hard waxy material. not painful to touch. not different color. this is behind ear on the bone skull. if you look at the back of my head you can notice it a little. any answers to what this may be?
Avatar n tn 3 days and i have very swollen glads and lumps behind my ears and at the back of my head which are sore to touch. Any ideas what it could be??
Avatar n tn Last week, I noticed a painful to the touch lump on the back of my ear exactly where it connects to my head. I applied a hot towel to it thinking it might be a boil. This did not help, it only made it more inflamed. I forgot about it until yesterday when I was showering washing behind the ears with soap when I felt two more lumps (that are not painful) behind the ear on the neck area. I am Hypothyroid and last year I was experiencing throbbing in the ear.
Avatar f tn I developed a small hard lump behind my left ear almost 12 years ago. At the time we went to the doctors and they told me it was just a cyst and to come back if it got larger and or painful. Fast forward to now and the lump is now quarter size and is so large it makes my glasses crooked on my face.
Avatar f tn Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Lump behind the ear could be an abscess, folliculitis (hair follicle infection), an infected cyst, an inflamed lymph node or a neurofibroma (localized harmless swelling in of nerve and connective tissue) or a lipoma. However swollen lymphnodes behind your ears could be due to chest infection, tonsillitis or pharyngitis, dandruff, or infection of ear. Watch the lump. Do not touch everyday but once in 10-15 days.
Avatar n tn Two days ago she experienced a sharp pain in her neck and felt another lump near the jugular area . They are not painful but they're worrying her. Could someone tell me if it may be something serious like cancer??
Avatar n tn I have a lump on the lower part of my head kinda behind my left war but down more it hurts into my neck and makes my head hurt I take Motrin but it don't really help.any ideas what this could be?
795097 tn?1237220795 I have had this lump behind my right ear for the last 2-3 weeks. It doesn't seem like it is really hard nor soft. But my worry is that...ever since I had this lump,I also have been getting a striking pain in the right side of my head. It last up to about 3 secs...just long enough to go through that side of my head. This worries me cause I have never had this problems before. Can someone help me...please?!?!?
Avatar n tn Hi, 32 year old married male here. Non-smoking, social drinker. I have a lump behind my right ear in the postauricular area around 1 cm across, more flat than raised, and most prounounced when I turn my head to the left. It's not painful, not moveable, and when I hold my finger to it I can feel my pulse. I first noticed it around 11 months ago when I had a very itchy, red rash covering my ears, and there has been no discernable change in size or shape since then.
Avatar n tn I also wore sun glasses on my head a couple days ago for most of the day and the lump is wear my glasses would have rubbed my skin. Thanks for your advice and for reading this post.
2133874 tn?1335815939 I just thought it was from my glasses but Friday morning I had a big lump behind my ear. it was about 2 inches long and kind of bean shaped. At the base of it, it was softer but sore if i rubbed it and the top of it was harder but didn't hurt at all. It also was a little itchy. We had a big function at our church this weekend that we were very involved in so i couldn't get it checked out. Saturday it was maybe slightly worse and Sunday I thought the swelling was less.
Avatar n tn He was hospitalized last week for tests due to a lump behind his ear that is extrememly painful. His vision is blurry, his right arm is tingley and he has severe headaches. The tests ranged from blood work, MRI to a spinal tap. All tests came back fine. Does anyone know what he could have?
Avatar n tn I now have a small pea sized lump behind the ear. It has really been painful for me the last couple days. My sinuses are bugging me as well. It is a continuous pain that only goes away when I lie on it or push near the area. It really hurts to touch it. It causes sever headaches all around. I also have felt sick and dizzy. I went to the clinic again. The doctor there asked me if I had bumped my head on something. Of course I think I would know.
Avatar m tn Hi. I found a small, hard,immobile, dime sized lump behind me left ear about a month ago. I recently found another of the same thing on the back of my head. Do you know what this is, and how can I prevent more? Thanks!
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Avatar n tn Hello, I have a quarter sized soft lump on my head, behind my right ear. It is the same color as the rest of my skin, round and smooth, and the mass moves when I put pressure on it. I saw a dermatologist last year and was told that it was a mass of fat tissue and not to worry; however, it has grown since then. It doesn't hurt so I've left it alone but it's definitely gotten bigger. I just graduated and don't have medical insurance yet... Can anyone help?
964695 tn?1247289633 Ive had a lump about an inch under my right ear behind my jaw for 5 years,at first it didnt hurt but as time went on it hurts pretty bad.i ha ve a high pain levle and will stop me in my tracks.2 years ago I noticed the right side of my throat stopped working.i now have min. Saliva and front teeth are rotting out.been to countless dr mri ct... I pop ibprofin like a junky abd have no appitie hard time sleeping...
Avatar m tn A couple of weeks ago i noticed a hard lump behind my right ear about halfway down. Ive recently started training in MMA, could this have something to do with it in terms of trauma to the head? Im used to a few bruises etc but this lump's worrying, it doesnt hurt and its hard. Any idea what it could be?
Avatar n tn 5 days ago, 2 of them started flaring up, getting larger and painful. Yesterday I woke up and have a painful lump under my left armpit. I know I have a raging infection, but have to wait till Monday to get an appointment with the breast surgeon. Because I've had these so frequently, I'm not freaking out, just wanted to add my story. I hope everyone who has been suffering from this miserable condition is getting good medical care and taking care of themselves at home as well.
Avatar n tn It is located about a 1/3 inch behind the penis head when flacid. It is not painful, but certainly unsettling. Recently when I get an erection, I become pretty much fully erect up to within an inch of the penis head, but from that point to the penis head there appears to be much less blood flow so I am not fully erect and that part of which I am erect is painful. I suspect the knot/lump I feel is restricting blood flow to the penis head when I become erect.
Avatar n tn I would be anything from schoolwork, to internet browsing, to watching tv, to eating, to even just laying down in the dark and I would get these intense sharp pains on the back of my head behind my right ear. This pain only occurs in this location and it comes and goes. At first the pains were simply a nuesance as they would come and go and weren't that bad, but lately they're getting worse causing me to stop what I'm doing until they go away.