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Avatar n tn I had shingles across my torso, and it was the most painful feeling I have ever endured. (I had the pain in my side several days before the lesions appeared) I went to the doctor immediately after seeing lesions (only 2 or three popped up) He gave me famvir which haulted them in their tracks, and they went away a week or so later never to return Thank GOD!
Avatar f tn I was on beta seron for months.. Now starting tysabri.. No I don't carry jc virus. Anyone have input on this? My lesions are in brain and cervical spine is a mess with lesions. Arms n hands are awful. Have had the hugs as well. And the almighty "zapper", the elect current that runs through torso and hits you in the pelvic area. This disease is quite difficult to keep up with. Here then there then another area...
230262 tn?1316645934 as i was once again being eaten alive this morning with mosquitos on the dog walk my brain came up with a great idea for an invention..... BUG ZAPPER EARRINGS!!! LMAO Surely it can be done right?? I just have to figure out how to run extention cords that long, or make a super small battery that can still produce a large electrical charge....hmmm..any electricians out there that want to collaborate with me on this.
1759659 tn?1312975493 Do you have a mosquito net over your bed? Have you used a bug zapper outside your room? Mosquito coils that you burn are an oldfashioned idea but they work. Have you got one of those bug bite zapper things you can get from campoing shops. They give a little charge to the bite and makes the bite better.
Avatar f tn My 9 year old son has been complaining of feelings of electrocution while awake and then it is followed by a ringing/buzzing sounds like a bug zapper in his ears which is also followed by severe nausea. What could be causing this and should I be concerned enough to call the doctor?
Avatar n tn Everytime I eat lettuce (any type: i.e. iceburg, romaine, bib) I get an extreme urge to go to the bathroom about an hour later. Then, when I go to the bathroom (not to be gross) it's just chewed up lettuce (no poop). This happens to me with carrots too, but I eat lettuce more often. I do get stomach pain a lot; but, I think it may be just gas. Also, I couldn't say if the pain was on one side or the other, it's just beneath my rib cage.
Avatar n tn If you can afford new pillows yes buy new ones I would they will come back because of the un hatched eggs. I have had five children believe me I would know.
Avatar f tn I think the hard time breathing may be a panic attack because of all the pain your having. I think they should get a MRI or CT scan or EEG to check for migraines and the scans to check for brain problems. It may be difficult to tell them you have brain parasite rather explain your symtoms like you told us. Since you haven't travelled outside the country it is unlikey you have the parasites that would affect the brain and eyes.
Avatar m tn Using a device that creates a high frequency low voltage current to "zap" parasites dead.
Avatar f tn about 15 years ago I ate everything in sight and did not have a bowel movement for over 12 days...I wore a zapper and took the tincture and within hours started to pass little things that looked like scotch tape pieces....tape worm.
1282132 tn?1271412325 t use any soap. Use a topical zit zapper as directed to waste away the worst pimples. My son went through all the remedies etc... and when he followed this regimen the zits were gone in about 6 weeks. Once again, too hot of water, and too much scrubbing will make this worse. A little apple cider vinegar mixed with water on a cotton ball a couple of time a week can help too but wait until the irritation on your face is gone.
Avatar f tn often avoid laying down after eating to avoid intergestion. Junk food is just an energy zapper. Fruit, yoghurt, cereal, lean meats & vegies are the way to go. I've only put on 11kgs. 2. Drink lots of water, without it you'll get constipation. I learnt the hard way. It is a killer I thought I was in labour. 3. Don't start shopping until 3rd trimester, the pregnancy gets harder towards the end & any distraction is welcome. And you'll save loads of money. 4.
172023 tn?1334672284 Peekawho: We'll definitely consider adding a confirmation of private messages that have been read to our list of feature requests, but this feature may also upset other members, so we're not sure that we'll be able to add it. AR-10: As much as we'd all like to send an electric shock to people over the Internet every once in a while, we think that technology is just too powerful to share with everyone. So for now, we'll be keeping that power all to ourselves.
6015497 tn?1378356338 I have had migraines for as long as I can remember. My mom would take me out of school to take me to the doctor for MRIs and Catscans as a child. I never got any real treatment that I know of. I also had issues with "growing pains" in my legs that has never gone away. I am now 27 and for the past couple of years I have been having what feels like electrical zaps in my brain as I am falling asleep. They are very real, but not real.
539156 tn?1281818356 My EMG (both "zapper" test and "needlle" test) revealed nerve damage in my legs and feet, but no nerve damage in my arms/ the neuro wants to do a brain MRI. The cervical MRI report said my problems were not likely caused by bulging disks or stenosis. How can a brain MRI show a cause for my hand numbness if the nerve root is in the cervical area? BTW..glad to be off statin drug, but the only symptom that has improved (by about half) is the fatigue so far.
Avatar f tn For years I have had weird zapping type sensations (sort of like a bug zapper goes off in the summer) that go off in my head. Most of the time they are just annoying but occasionally it will be a strong zap and sometimes there's noise like a metal pole landing on concrete. I don't have medical insurance so I haven't had any MRIs, scans or neurologic workups done but my doctor and chiropractor both dismissed me as crazy. Any one else experiencing something like this?
1736977 tn?1310605409 From what I have found there is a Doug Coil Rife machine and a Hulda Clark Digital Zapper which both look good. I am really not sure what the difference between the two are, but the Hulda Clark one is quite a bit less expensive and appears easier to use. You can try to google both of these and see what comes up. There's also a device called the Silver Pulser by SOTA which uses gentle microcurrents of electricity to zapp bacteria. It's not a rife machine, but similar concept.
Avatar f tn I have tried topical cream, Bare Minerals Blemish Zapper, sleeping with a clean towel over my pillow nightly, etc. I have given each method adequate time to help and it has not caused any improvements. It is very inconvenient and painful and is getting to the point where I'm considering trying to see a dermatologist in hopes of having it corrected.
482726 tn?1212807135 I had the same experience setting up the test as shoshin. He placed the "zapper" contraption below my ankle and checked for minor movement of my toes before beginning the test. He had to move the zapper a couple of times on my left ankle before starting the test. I also was told to relax during the testing of both my arms and legs. I have issues with my lower back and had trouble laying prone for the time during the test.
Avatar f tn t keep up for that many hours! But pregnancy is a frustrating energy zapper between the digestive issues and muscular dilemmas. And don't get me started on carrying extra lbs! I've had to adjust and put my feet up or everything will hurt. After my first was born it also took a long time to get my size & energy back--I'm talking months! It's worth it to slow down & hang with my kid though. He can't marathon shop or clean either!
Avatar m tn Ive been reading about blood clots, and ive learned that you cant get rid of the pain that they cause with regular pain meds. Ive got a bit of anxiety, and a lot of other things on my mind, so i cant tell if the pain is actually going away, or if the medication is just making me feel good to the point where i dont notice it, or it doesnt bother me. lol i guess that means its working, but i still feel some pain occasionally while under the effects of the drugs, even though its minuscule.
Avatar n tn You may want to also look into a gadget called the zapper by Hulda Clark - again you can find her book on Amazon, "A cure for all diseases". The zapper literally zaps bacteria, viruses and parasites. I've seen it work on all 3. I rid my 5 year old of a fever caused by virus as well as myself. If you have worms when you use a zapper, you will poop them out (enough proof for me). The zapper could have been a factor in the "jungle rot".
Avatar n tn It is a quick-working zit zapper and prevents new ones from forming on your trouble zones. Just be sure to apply a very thin layer so as not to overdry the skin. Then I would take a look at your diet. At 23 your skin is more apt to respond to changes in diet and skincare routine as you have passed puberty and your body is not continuously being pumped with sebum-producing hormones.