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Avatar m tn it freaks me out when my 9 yr old grandson has full conversations' with his Xbox games, should this be a concern? For example: he said= This is a multilevel game. No its not. Yes it is. It goes on every time he plays the XBox.
Avatar f tn Sorry i need to vent,, ok so I'm already UN comfortable because my sister in laws are here so i have to sleep in my bra..and on the couch..I'm in alot of pain because i was cleaning all day long do my back hurts..all i wasn't to do is go to sleep but I'm in the dang living room so its noisy and people over here are really inconsiderate and dint try to keep it down..on top if that my hubby is playing that stupid xbox i should not have gotten him..
Avatar f tn He doesnt work cos he is lazy he spends all day in bed and all night on his xbox. He hasnt provided anything for our daughter since she was born and will be same for our son to. Its got me outraged how one man can be so lazy anf disrespectful to me.
Avatar f tn I just want him get off the Xbox and help clean the house Idk why but ifiI bend over and over my stomach gets sharp pain and I have to rest but he don't understand now I feel like he keeps disrespecting me and I just cry because it hurts and I don't wanna leave with a baby on the way .  Any advice ?
Avatar f tn Another tough call. I currently play games on a PSP, PS2, Xbox, and the computer. I wouldn't give any one of 'em up either. I love my PSP...great graphics, portable, great when someone's watchin' the t.v. and I want to play a game that's not on the computer. I have always been a Sony-person, so I love my PS2 and the majority of my games are PS2s.
Avatar f tn I'm hoping for a natural birth, but I'm being induced Monday, which I've heard makes labor a little more intense, so we'll see what happens! I'm bringing my Xbox to the hospital with me as my distraction. I figure if you can keep your mind busy enough, it won't be quite as bad. I sure hope I'm right!
4898758 tn?1373910879 m in the hospital and he was supposed to be here 2 hours ago instead his azz glued to his Xbox I know how your feeling I feel the same way
10206952 tn?1408930334 Eating cereal and watching the hubby play football on his xbox lol
Avatar f tn That's what me and Steven did last night ahha (xbox). I wish I wasnt at work! Thats for sure. I need to get a new digi cam and take some more pictures! I'm just really bored. How are the kidos? Whens Abby's birthday again?
Avatar f tn Lol xoxo not Xbox my phone is passed i swear!
Avatar f tn Is this because ive been straining my eyes by looking only at the big lcd screen tv?? How do i avoid this next time im playing xbox or watching television for a long period of time?
Avatar f tn Any gamer mommas that have an xbox 360 account? Just somethin to pass the time when physical activity isn't possible atm.
Avatar n tn My son is going to be a senior this year, but he did really bad last year I don't think he is going to graduate from High School. He stopped working a few month ago, all that he wants to do is play with his XBOX. I have told him he can not play and he tells me I can't take his game away from him because he bought it. I don't know what to do. He doesn't want to listen. Please give some advice.
Avatar f tn Make him get some 2 player games. Maybe if you feel included you won't be so upset by the xbox. I love videogames, it helps me relax, and keeps me from being bored.
Avatar f tn My boyfriend works probably 11-13 hours a day, right when he comes home he goes to the tv and turns on Xbox. EVERYDAY he plays this from the time he wakes up or gets home from work till an hour before he goes to bed to 'spend' some time with me. I'm really hurt by this and Everytime I bring it up to him. He always questions our relationship and asks if I'm truly happy and if I want to leave. So the topic then gets dropped.
Avatar m tn yeah man, it sounds like adreniline. which is always fun! if you do get the funny beats, lie on the ground and put your hands above your head.. give your heart a bit of room. Xbox rules though i dont blame you for wanting to play!
Avatar f tn s a toss up because the graphics on the Xbox 360 are better.
1346146 tn?1299360497 We recently took my boys xbox and wii and put it in our family/living room. I bought dance central 1 & 2. Both have a fitness mode. I get bored on all exercise videos etc. I did the dance central 20 minute workout(8) songs and I was ready to do another workout after that!(they had a 10 minute 4 song one) it was FUN!!!!
Avatar m tn I was playing xbox and I have anger issues so I got mad at my xbox walked into my kitchen and repeatedly punched my fridge at the most 10 times what should I do This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/possible-broken-knuckle/show/203406">possible broken knuckle</a>.
Avatar f tn I have recently been suffering with a sharp constant pain in my little finger on my LEFT hand and in my elbow and wrist on my RIGHT arm. The pain lasts between 30 seconds to a minute and occurs approx 5 times a day. I have been suffering from this for the last week and often causes me to wake up during the night. I have tried rubbing the area and moving my arms but nothing soothes the pain. It comes and goes suddenly.
328799 tn?1276565732 A few days ago i went to united states and went to a mall. I went to the electonics store and was playing xbox. Afterwards while i was walking, i had this sharp stabbing pain in the right top side of my head were the jaw muscles are located. It hurt for a while so i went to a store and bought some juice thinking that i was dehydrated. It soothed it a bit but it still hurt. The muscle is pretty tight and i am hoping that it isnt serious.
7281235 tn?1390751402 Okay mommies or mommies to be I'm 36+ & Here lately I've been stressing trying not to but i am. I'm 18 been married for almost a year, my husband doesn't have a job whch he has been trying but he doesn't have a diaploma so its hard. I'm a stay at home i cook, clean etc. but all he wants to do is play the xbox its like we don't have no hubby and wife time its like the xbox is his priority. do you think when the baby comes he will be worse, will he ever find a job??
Avatar f tn I feel like such a horrible girlfriend. Last night I just got to my boyfriends house, it was already late and I was beyond tired and aggravated. We go to lay down and I go to do my normal thing, grab his xbox controller and turn on Netflix, but there's no controller. So I asked him where it was and he told me he got rid of his xbox and that I'd have to watch regular tv. Okay so, 1. He has basic cable so there's nothing good to watch and 2. Commercials are so stupid and annoying. Lol.