Pain when sneezing in early pregnancy

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6333619 tn?1386601982 It is to early for round ligament pain.. and it's generally felt on your right side. It's likely just your body going threw chances! My first pregnancy I don't remember ever getting aches or pains.. this pregnancy I have had them from about 6w on.
906115 tn?1344204109 I too had pain from sneezing in early pregnancy.. What I did was hold my abdomen below and hunch over or curl up togive that area support before I sneezed.
Avatar f tn Cramping is completely normal in early pregnancy...
344397 tn?1235580828 I got those all the time in early pregnancy and still sometimes get them. Completely normal!
Avatar n tn I used to dread sneezing in early pregnancy just because I knew that I was going to get that feeling in my stomach. Its normal though so don't worry!
Avatar n tn Does anyone else experience pain in their lower stomach when they sneeze? Its so painful. I think this is normal but I wanted to see if anyone else experiences this too....
Avatar f tn i was just wondering if its normal to get pains low in your stomach when sneezing. i was sharp, right in the middle, and lasted about 10 seconds then was gone. I have also been getting some random pains one either side that come and go throughout the day. Do i need to worry about any of this or is it just normal growing pains?
1157541 tn?1280789474 Ya that was happening to me in early pregnancy when I would sneeze I would bring my knees close to my chest to prevent the pain...
Avatar n tn Try Allavert (or Wallvert). It is the only medication that works for me when I get the "all day" kind of sneezing. I prefer the type that disolves in the mouth over the other kind.
338830 tn?1230003078 I would like to hear about everyone's early pregnancy symptoms before they got their BFP! I love comparing! I am 6 DPO and hoping! Thanks Ladies!
Avatar f tn anyone familiar or heard, know, experienced taking subutex while pregnant? i am now on 1mg per day and there is limited studies. please help.
Avatar f tn Hi , cramping in early pregnancy is perfectly normal as long as ur not bleeding I wouldn't worry:-)
Avatar f tn All I can do is get up and walk around stretch and Hope and pray she will move cause she puts me in bad pain from being under there.
8550670 tn?1399065403 Pelvic pain that early can be scary, just be careful since its your first you will get to know your body... congrats!
Avatar f tn The Doctor said if someone is pregnant and they get in a terrible accident, they are given very strong pain medication to control pain. Usually the baby’s are born fine; some times they go through with drawl. He said the only major problem is the baby having withdrawals. (That still scares me) I am not pregnant but would like to start trying. I have pelvic endometriosis and my Ob/Gyn said I should start trying soon because the older I get the harder it will be.
Avatar f tn I forgot about the excessive drooling while sleeping which I never did before pregnancy & urinating on myself while laughing, sneezing, & vomiting...
1399033 tn?1449591379 not him. I'm having pain down low in my groin, in my back, in my belly and especially my hips. And I'm 21 weeks! This is my sixth pregnancy (two of which were early miscarriages). Is this your first? Because they say the more times you've been pregnant the more sore you can be.
377012 tn?1283969035 i coughed just now and i felt the worst pain...kinda felt like something was ripping my right ovary out! OOOUUCCHH!!! ..............when that happened i recalled having the same episode when i was around 7-8 weeks with my son....i was standing in my family room talking to DH and i coughed and the pain literally dropped me to the floor! DH scrambled to pick me up and was freaking out and thought he was gonna have to rush me to the e.r. and i told him that it was okay......
Avatar f tn It's called round ligaments pain happens every noe and then in pregnancy and cramP's just no really really painful cramps if so consult Ur Dr : )
325224 tn?1342799514 thanx for your comments i feel perfect through this pregnancy so far hope your pregnancy goes well good luck hun when are you due?
Avatar f tn This is because I would like to use contraceptive pills for birth control but it is advisable that anyone taking treatment for Hep B shouldn't use pills. My questions are therefore, in my case, when can I stop Baraclude? My second question followed, if I have to continue w the medicine, what are the options I can use for birth control (beside usage of condom everytime, which is not a prefered choice)? Thank you very much for helping with my case.
613536 tn?1294242047 I was just wondering what kind of physical symptoms you feel when you are in early pregnancy (like 4-6 weeks). Do you feel any pains or pressures?
Avatar f tn I don't know if you would still be reading this, but as no one responded, I figured I would. You might be pregnant and if you haven't yet, you should take an Early Pregnancy Test such as First Response or the generic "Early Pregnancy Test". You should take it first thing in the morning as your urine and any hormones will be more concentrated from holding it all night. If it comes up positive, see a doctor! If it's negative, see a doctor to get on BC.
231441 tn?1333896366 Lower right sided (this is constant burning sensation, made worse by coughing or sneezing if I don't brace my tummy before that, pain refers to right flank), some upper abdomen pain, and some occasional pain on left. Pain level is moderate - maybe 6/10 scale. But CBC and urinalysis was normal. Dr. suggest taking maalox (antacid), when she texted to tell me results normal. This is not hyperacidity pain - I do know what that feels like! This pain is concerning!
Avatar n tn What do you mean when you say that a positive blood test doesn't mean a successful pregnancy? My blood test came back positve on Aug. 8 with a HCG level of 302 then I had to go back on Aug. 10 and my HCG was 708. I took another one yesterday but my doc hasn't called me back with the results. So, should I still be worried???? mrsstr- Good luck to you and I hope that your bpt come back positive.
1094771 tn?1330284476 So I guess next week on Monday I need blood work and then the doctor calls me with what time's to give my PM shot's (Follistem and Menopar) followed by when I have to go in to get a sonogram/ultra sound, sounds like theres a lot of those involved lol. I also asked what their 1st attempt success rate is, they informed me that it's an 87% rate, yey! I have something to look forward to, but I wont keep my hopes up until I get a positive preg.
Avatar n tn My theory, and this is just a wild guess, is that a gland that works with or in the stomach is in close proximity to the spine in some folks, and when it goes to work the sound of it releasing acids (or doing whatever it is doing) actually travels up the spinal cord by conduction and your ears pick it up when the sound gets closer to your inner ear - ie, the neck region.