Pain under left breast

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1510919 tn?1298828667 i constantly have this agonizing pain under my left breast. like sharp stabbing no matter how i sit stand or lay it doesn't help. I can stretch it lift my arms over my head, massage it. doesn't matter it wont even ease up. I just want it to dull out a little bit so i can work and sleep!
Avatar f tn I have had pain under my left breast for a few days. I have MVP and a PFOI have also had swelling in my left leg/foot. It seems to get worse as i am more tired. Should I contact a doctor? could it just be anxiety?
Avatar f tn I am only 21 and I have a really bad pain under my left breast. It comes and goes, and the strength of the pain varies. I've been to the doctor last year and they did a heart ekg(i think thats what its called) and they didnt find anything.. It is really random when it comes. I've had this pain for about a week now. I am not sure what the cause would be from. Any IDEAS?
Avatar n tn I have had pain under my left breast that extends around under the left shoulder blade. This has been off and on in severity for three weeks. It hurts more when I cough, sneeze, lay down, bend over and raise my left arm.
1485535 tn?1287970053 Hello I have a question....when I drink hot fluids I get a pain under my left breast inside. I am a 39 years old female 270lbs active lifestyle. Have you any suggestions as to what it may be?
Avatar n tn I have pain from sternum, into ribs just under left breast. Feels bruised to touch but haven't done anything to cause it. Hurts to wear bra and hurts to lay on left side. What could be causing this?
Avatar m tn I sometimes experience sharp pain under my left breast, leaving me gasping for air and burping a lot. What could be the cause of that, if its gas what causes it? Im a 34 year old woman and have no children.
Avatar n tn I have been getting sharp pains under my breast. Mostly under my left side. Sometimes it feels like a shooting pain across them. I think maybe I might have pulled the muscles while I was reaching up trying to lift something could that be possible or should I see a Doctor.
Avatar n tn I have been having pain under my left breast, it feels like its on my breast bone, right under breast. Can anybody tell me what this could be? I paick so fast where I go into a attack. can it just be a strain? I just had done a Echo, a week ago, and a EKG. all came back good, I did have a siilient heart attack, Is this a symptom? Plz help.
Avatar n tn If I am having some minor pain under my left breast (I am a male) does it mean that I have lung cancer. Or could it be something simple like gastro related?
Avatar n tn i have a constant pain under my left breast behind my rib cage it hurts more wen i take a deep breathe
Avatar n tn Sometimes after I eat I get a sharp pain under my left breast sometimes this also happens when I breathe in what could it be?
Avatar n tn What causes pain under breast implant after 3 years of having them? its under only one and hurts only when I hug someone, shave my legs, put on shoes (bring thigh up to chest to tie shoe) or lay on my stomach. so when you push flat against it. the pain is under the actual implant...i can feel it.
Avatar f tn For a number of years now i've had a weird sensation going from below my left breast radiating into my left shoulder...the pain is dull and constant...its accentuated when i breathe in...what do these symptoms point to? I also have mild IBS.
Avatar f tn hi, for about 2 or 3 months, i have had this sharp stabbing pain under my left breast. It only occurs when i bend over too far or bend over too fast. i dont know if its a bone or what. but the best way to explain it is when i bend over it feels like something cracks or moves and then i get a sharp pain for about 15-20 seconds. i have also had constant numbness and tingling in my back ever since i got a job at a factory about 3 weeks ago.
Avatar f tn Im 20 weeks pregnant. From today morning onwards im feeling pain under my left breast. Im disturbed and a bit worried about it. Could anyone tell me why it happens so..