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Avatar f tn I have had pain under my left breast for a few days. I have MVP and a PFOI have also had swelling in my left leg/foot. It seems to get worse as i am more tired. Should I contact a doctor? could it just be anxiety?
1485535 tn?1287966453 Hello I have a question....when I drink hot fluids I get a pain under my left breast inside. I am a 39 years old female 270lbs active lifestyle. Have you any suggestions as to what it may be?
Avatar n tn I have pain from sternum, into ribs just under left breast. Feels bruised to touch but haven't done anything to cause it. Hurts to wear bra and hurts to lay on left side. What could be causing this?
Avatar n tn i have a tender area under my left breast which is sore to touch and appears swollen, i have been examined and had a mamogram all seems fine, but, my breasts are very heavy and i cannot go without a bra at anytime except when i am in bed. I had pneumonia 10 years ago caused by pleuracy and haven't been the same since. could it be lung cancer?
Avatar n tn I have a pain under my left armpit and shoulder when used , i also have slight breast pain in the left breast and my nipple is somewhat tender, i have had a hysterrectomy .
Avatar f tn Im 20 weeks pregnant. From today morning onwards im feeling pain under my left breast. Im disturbed and a bit worried about it. Could anyone tell me why it happens so..
Avatar f tn I hope you get an answer from her,but please note that your condition might not be the same as hers....Many disorders could cause pain under the left breast,so the best thing to do, is to see your Doctor for an evaluation okay?. Take care..
Avatar m tn i hav a lump under my left was there from the last few years,i am lil bit over weight and thought it was nothing but fat and felt dat by doing exercises it can be redused.but after going through dis website i was wrong and came to know about axillary breast tissue.m not soo sure dat it is axillary breast tissue which is under my armpit and also it is a bit painfull when i press it hard.
Avatar f tn hello i kep getting this weird pain.
Avatar f tn Im 28 w pregnant and lately I've had a sharp pain under my left breast almost everyday and when i lay on my left side is this bad? I don't think it's my baby kicking..... Is anyone having the same problem?
Avatar f tn hi, for about 2 or 3 months, i have had this sharp stabbing pain under my left breast. It only occurs when i bend over too far or bend over too fast. i dont know if its a bone or what. but the best way to explain it is when i bend over it feels like something cracks or moves and then i get a sharp pain for about 15-20 seconds. i have also had constant numbness and tingling in my back ever since i got a job at a factory about 3 weeks ago.
Avatar n tn My friend is a female and she is in a situation of having pain under her left breast. She says that it's a type of stabbing pain. She is not experiencing any short of breath symptoms nor sweating. The pain comes and goes at random times. What could be causing it?
Avatar f tn i have been having a sharp pain under my left breast for some time now and i really don't know what it could be do you have any information on that or should i just go and see the doctor.
Avatar m tn For the last week or so I've been having an occasional stabbing pain near the bottom of my left rib and other times right under my left breast. It was stabbing pain randomly, but now it's just a dull pain whenever I bend over or lean over. It's gotten so bad that I practically have to be laying down to keep it from hurting. It almost feels like there's a bubble underneath my ribs.
1549941 tn?1297851745 my doctor says that left under rib pain that i am experiencing "sounds skeletal ".
1184655 tn?1264251615 about 2 wks ago i noticed my left breast was ithching madly on my nipple. nothing new. both have done so for years.(never reported to doc. didnt know it was unusal). but this time i had a lot of pain. and noticed a large mass under my areola. i dont know what moveable, riged and all that really means. i mean, i cant describe how it feels. in the past three or four days i have noticed an enlargment to that breast as well. two days ago it felt as if a pressure was building under my nipple.
Avatar f tn First a felt a little pain under my arm a think a day after I shaved it, I just felt that maybe I just nicked my self like I do cause the pain was normal, but then the next day I would left my arm and the pain was a bit wores, and then I notice a lump or something. The pain lasted for a couple of days or so, and the lump began to get smaller and smaller. When I left my arm up I can notice it, but it's not causing any pain now, and it's been about 2 months.
Avatar n tn When I touch it, the pain is like a bruise type of pain. Also my left nipple is like slightly bigger then my right one. I'm scared it is breast cancer. I am a male, but males DO get breast cancer right?
Avatar f tn Hello I'm 24 years old and I've been having pain in mainly my left breast but sometimes in both And it can go to my arm or neck I have really bad anxiety and going thru a lot right now was wondering if that could be in any ideas on wht it could be some people are saying it could be a pulled muscle I do have a job where I lift a very heavy boy please comment thank you
Avatar n tn Chest tightning pain under my left breast. i get this sudden sharp pain like there's an air bubble under left breast and it lasts for a couple minutes and it hurts if i breathe or move a certain direction or it can last a fue hours at low pain, then, suddenly it feels like it pops, which hurts even more, but then the pain is gone and i feel fine (kinda like pain desolving..weird). i get it maybe a couple times a week, sometimes i'd get it a couple times a day.
Avatar m tn Three days ago I began having pain under my right breast. As nurses we all have tried to diagnose the pain. Some suggesting lung or gallbladdar however the pain is not internal it is external (above the rib). When I am standing the pain is worse when I sit back the pain subsides. If I raise my right arm over my head and lean to the left this also feels better. What could this be?
Avatar n tn I have a swollen left breast and swelling under my arm. I also have radiating pain from my breast all the way down my left arm. Could this be breast cancer?