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Avatar f tn I have found a knot in my navel and when I press on it there is pain under my belly. It feels like someone is putting an electric shock thru my lower stomach. What could this be. It has grown about an inches in the last week.When I lay down you can not see it or feel it. But when I stand up it appears.
Avatar f tn My stomach and belly button itch a lot. It's just your skin stretching out and pulling. But its pretty annoying. Try putting lotion or stretch cream on it.
Avatar f tn it is either your period starting, or you have a hernia hidden inside behind the belly button.
Avatar n tn I wasn't sure where to put this, but since my belly button is near my stomach, I thought it would be good to put this here. For the last several years (I have no idea when this started, I just began noticing it), I have had yellow, crusty discharge coming from my belly button. It is not continuous, but rather comes and goes every week or so.
Avatar m tn I am having sharp pain to the left of my belly button since march 2008. Sometimes the pain disappears and then suddenly reappears. for the past week, the pain is constant. bearable but worrying. Could there be a tumour??
Avatar m tn could be an ulcer, hernia, stomach, intestine, colon, liver, gallbladder, and pancreas.
Avatar n tn I have been having this pain right where my belly button is and a little bit under ever since i had my baby which was almost 17 months ago. It hurts when i'm pressing on it just a little bit and also hurts really bad if i lay on my stomach on the floor. I had an appt with Gyno and also had a pelvic exam done and everything was normal. What could it be?
1194973 tn?1385507504 I'm getting really bad pain where my belly button is, and along my lower pelvis and back. The pain in my stomach is to where I can't walk straight, bend over and move well. I just lay on the bed curled up because it helps the most. It almost feels like it's being tugged on from the inside out. (if that makes any sense) and it's tender all over my stomach. I can't put any pressure on it.
Avatar f tn Its very painful right above my belly button and feels like a band that stretches across my stomach. It also radiates up into my boobs and the side of my ribs sometimes. I have no idea what it is. Does anyone know what this could be?
Avatar f tn My area around my belly button felt brushed on the inside. I stuck my finger in my belly button and felt deep and under the skin I could feel a hard knot that was sore.
Avatar n tn im having slight pain inside my belly button but it hurts when i push on it or stick my finger inside my belly button??never done it before?
Avatar f tn I have pain in my belly button. Not sure what is causing it but I think it's a belly button hernia. I had a small hernia b4 pregnancy like 2 years b4 but was getting smaller not with pregnancy it feels like it's getting bigger again. I just haven't mentioned it to my doc cuz I ready doc won't do anything until after delivery.
653496 tn?1238317209 So I was supposed to start last Tuesday. Today I was just sitting here and notice I have a belly button pain. Sometimes, It came with nausea, or my stomach hurt. It's really weird. I should have my hpt's tomorrow to test. And I THINK based on LMP that I would be somewhere around 5 weeks or 5 weeks 2 days. I don't know, someone can add that up if they like to tell me. Anyways, did any of you feel that around 5 weeks or so? I'm so ready to test. I HOPE my tests are here tomorrow.
Avatar n tn My belly button leaks, i get random nausia with pain all ovr my stomach im waitin on a laproscopy but hav hsd a colonoscopy blood tests ct scan and a few ultrasounds and none of the doctors can figure it out any ideas??
Avatar f tn Thought it might just be a crick in my neck. A week later pain still constant but than as suddenly pain in belly button appeared and pain in shoulder gone. Than horrible pain in middle of chest and back between both shoulder blades after drinking a margarita and eating fried chicken which I hardly ever do.
Avatar n tn I have severe continuous pain located behind my belly button. The area around the navel is firm. The button itself seems to be pushing out from the inside. I can push on the area and it seems to go back into my stomach. I think it started 7 weeks ago after a bad cough. I also think it's contributing to bowel problems I'm having. It would just be nice to have a clue as to what this pain is about while I'm waiting for the insurance to kick in. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I have scars from when they took out my appendix through my belly button and also from my belly ring. The bigger my stomach got the more it would stretch them.
Avatar f tn So, I have been having a dull/moderate pain under my belly button, right about waistline and nearly in the center. It has been 7 days now, and the pain hasn't really changed. Im 22yrs old and not pregnant, im a boy haha. This pain is mainly just uncofortable, but it gets to the point where I will have to take off my belt or undue my seatbelt. I went into an urgentcare center, and I was told it was probably gas.. I also took a urine test and it wasn't an infection of any kind.
Avatar m tn I went to the doctor when I first recognized the pain. The belly button was red and there was a discharge. The pain had started to spread down and to the right part of my stomach. A hernia was ruled out but the doctor wondered if I had an umbilical cyst. The doctor referred me to the ER. A CT scan was performed and everything was normal. I was treated for Celulitus with antibiotics. The redness and discharge went away but the pain came back. I received another round of antibiotics.
Avatar n tn A little over two years ago I began to have pain and nausea in the midddle of my stomach, intense pain, so that I was unable to sleep at night. The pain was constant. My insides felt like they were being shredded to pieces. After a few days of this, it went away until about a year later. Since that year, almost every moth or so I have had the same chronic pain in my navel region with nausea.
349463 tn?1333575176 Did any of you have belly button pain while you were pregnant and if so how long did it last? I don't remember having it with my first and I just starting having it yesterday morning. It's driving me nuts it only hurts in the one spot and it comes and goes. I checked the books and can't figure out how long it should last for.
Avatar m tn Since then I have THE MOST horrible looking stomach that sinks into a hole when I lay down and then falls outta my stomach when I stand up. With a belly button that sticks out an inch or more past my stomach. O only have minor stomach pain, but the emotional part is the worst, Ive been wearing stomach supports since. Have not been to my post-natal appt yet, Im dreading it. But I know I need to make one...just scared of what I might here. Check these pics out.
Avatar m tn the belly button pain could be a hernia a CT scan would help make that diagnosis other useful tests could include a small bowel barium x ray the high riding colon should not be the cause of any chest or belly complaints