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Avatar f tn Its very painful right above my belly button and feels like a band that stretches across my stomach. It also radiates up into my boobs and the side of my ribs sometimes. I have no idea what it is. Does anyone know what this could be?
Avatar m tn hello, as i said the pain (if the word pain is correct) is not at the belly button, but it's ABOVE it, about an inch or more, on an area that measures 4 inches width and 2 inches height. why do you suggest a small bowel x-ray?
Avatar n tn I have recently developed tenderness about 3 inches above the belly button, both to the left and to the right. No pain, just tenderness to the touch. Deep, not surface. I am a 51 yr. old female. My instincts have told me something isn't quite right with my health. In the mornings on the most part, I feel a serious weakness in roughly the same area. Sometimes worse than other times. I feel like something is terribly wrong. Sometimes I have to hold myself up the weakness is so strong.
Avatar n tn I have a pain just above and to the right of my belly button. This has happened once before and I didn't really thing anything of it, (happened maybe a year ago or so) Earlier this week there was a smelly puss coming from my bellybutton. And today it's a pink liquid. (I'm assuming blood) No odor at all. It just leaks and leaks. The area around my belly button hurts to touch. Not sure if I should make an appointment to see the doctor or not. Just curiouse as to what this might be?
Avatar m tn My husband said that for about two weeks he has been having a stabbing pain in the middle of his stomach, about 4 inches above his belly button. No bulging areas or tender areas. Could it be a hernia?
Avatar f tn I found a lump above my belly button last year which is long and hard. I went to my doctor and he sent me for a cat scan with contrast which showed nothing. I can feel it more when I'm standing. Now I'm starting to have these symptoms, loose stools, pain and loss of appetite. My mother had ovarian cancer and I'm scared to death this is what I have, I made an appointment with the doctor for next week. I'm 46 and very anxious about this, I haven't been sleeping or eating much.
Avatar m tn Every few months I wake in the night with extremely sharp periumbilical pain - it feels like a stabbing pain just above my belly button (from inside). Last night it happened again, I took pain killers (Panadeine, Panadeine Forte, and an NSAID) and after about 15 minutes the pain had subsided enough to get some sleep, then a couple of hours later it all happened again.
Avatar n tn The pain increases with touch three inches on either side of her belly button and above. We are on a waiting list for a scope and insurance clearence for a ct scan. This has been on going scince she had a cold three and a half weeks ago. Does anyone have an idea what this might be?
Avatar n tn I have had an umbilical hernia, I had surgery about 3yrs ago & now I'm afraid its starting to come back. My belly area is swelling up a bit & above belly button is getting a little hard when I lay down you can feel something moving around in my belly button. Is it possible for this to come back? oh & I'm starting to get constipated alot again. What should I do??
Avatar f tn Also, right above my belly button, the top part of my stomach kills me when I touch it, sit down, bend over or apply any pressure. I have been cleaning it out with peroxide and some kind of cream for yeast infections but I can't seem to get rid of it for good. I can't exactly go to the doctor at the moment because of insurance complications. What do I do?
Avatar f tn Also you may get a darkline up the centre of your abdomen, your linea nigra, some womens go all the way up above the belly button, some just from the pubic bone to the belly button, and the darker your skin the more noticeable this line will be. The area around your nipples get darker, this does fade once your body settles down after chldbirth or when breastfeeding has ceased.
10507517 tn?1413293194 I'm having this sharp stabbing pain to the right of my belly button and above my belly button. Its not unbearable or even hurts that bad but I've never had it before. It feels like a needle going into my stomach. It hurts worse when my bladder is full and usually quits hurting after I go pee. Has anyone had this before? Could it be another uti?
Avatar n tn right now i am 31 weeks and it is above my belly button and it is really bad
Avatar f tn Hi, the symptoms you described could be due to appendicitis, that’s when you have pain on the right side just above the pelvis and you may also have referred pain around the umbilicus (belly button). The other symptoms for Appendicitis are fever, nausea, vomiting and malaise. The other causes for pain could be urinary tract infection, pelvic infections, renal colic and sometimes bowel infections.
Avatar f tn Do you get this pain every month? Early last year for a few months I was experiencing belly button pain during my period for a few months but it was mild. Then in Oct. it was painful I spent almost 2 days in bed and now in March the same pain again but for the months in between no pain at all, normal period some months cramps others no cramps.
Avatar n tn Oh yeah, I had terrible bellybutton pain. I use to put duct tape over a cotton ball over my belly button to hold it down! I remember the steering wheel rubbing against it while I was driving and that HURT! Best of luck with your bellybutton!
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Avatar m tn Abdominal Pain in the right side of the belly-button, right above the belt line (right under the appendix, though my appendix was taken out years ago). It's been lasting for the last 5-7 months. I took blood-tests, after 12 hours of fast, and had high uric-acid value. I tried again without a fast and it was normal this time. the next tests were: abdominal ultrasound, faeces sample, sensitivity to lactose celiac (blood test) all were normal and OK. but the pain lasts.
Avatar m tn I have a pain directly above my belly button, I can feel a sharp pain when I softly touch above my belly button towards the right. I felt pretty sick in my stomach yesterday and I took an ant-acids so the feeling went away then today I woke up with this pain. Any help?
Avatar n tn stinky belly button can result from an imbalance in body chemistry. try cleansing your belly button with a q-tip dipped in tea tree oil twice a day for a week... it's great for clearing up bacteria and fungus and will likely resolve it. good luck!
Avatar f tn Could I have an ulcer? I have stomach pain around my belly button and above - pain goes through to my back. Pain severe when I waken in the morning until I get up (strange) Pain is worse when I am lying down. When I eat, the pain goes away for a couple of hours, then comes back.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies, have you ever had stomach pain in very early pregnancy that it felt like you did 500 situps in your sleep? The pain goes from like an inch above my belly button all the way to my lower stomach. For the past 2 days ive had this pain and i havent done any kind of work out or work at all. Ive sat on the couch lol. And swimming but i kinda just laid in the pool the whole time.
Avatar n tn Hi there, could you elaborate on where exactly your pain is occurring? Your stomach is located above your uterus, so the area of pain should be clearly distinct. It's not uncommon for women to experience indigestion and heartburn more often when pregnant, so you make be having an episode of this. If you feel nauseated, that is also a very common symptom of pregnancy.
Avatar n tn Most people complain of stomach pain but they associate any pain in the midsection as stomach pain but the stomach is actually located starting from about the sternum curves off to the left and comes back around to about a few inches above the belly button. If the pain is below this line and located more left it could be the pancreas causing the pain lower then that and you have to start in with the intestines so it is very important to know the exact location of the pain.
1769279 tn?1315018920 Above my belly button, about circumference of a saucer, when push n I have very sharp pains. No where else but n that particular area. N e clue as to what is could be? I do have IBS... Thx! Worried...again! HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL!!!
Avatar n tn Hi, about a week ago I noticed my stomach was hurting, not stabbing pain, but general ache, kind of like being hit in the stomach or diaphragm (but I have no trouble breathing). It has not gotten any better. The pain is almost constant, but seems to be worse with moving. It's better when I'm sitting or lying down, although when I turn over in bed, I feel it. It's like my organs are sore inside when I roll over or when I stand or bend down and the organs get twisted or squished.