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Avatar f tn I have had right shoulder pain for a year and a half. the pain now radiates down my upper arm. I can not lift my arm above my head or out to the side. Rasing my arm out front of my body is ok unless my hand faces up. Night time is hard to sleep and i wake up when i move because i jolt my shoulder. The other thing that bothers me if i cough or sneeze i get sever pain. If i reach out or to the side the pain is so bad that i gasp for breath from the pain. How bad is the shoulder?
Avatar f tn I have pain up my arm to my shoulder and sometimes it gives me a headache. I have been to a neurologist and tested for carpal tunnel which was negative and am now in physical therapy to relax my neck and shoulder muscles. This is not working either. I am getting frustrated because the symptons and pain, tingling, numbness and cold are getting worse. I also have these symptons on my left arm, but not as severe, I figured because I am right handed they are worse on my right side.
Avatar f tn I have been having really bad pain in my right arm. It feels asif someone is squeezing my arm or asif I have an elastic band on my arm (where my elbow is). I have had this for over a year. I am waiting for some nerve tests. Today the pain got worse and I feel a pulling pain in my shoulder, my hand keeps going cold and i keep getting pins and needles and numbness in my fingers. Also my arm feels very heavy. Anyone knows what can this be?
Avatar f tn I have been having pain in my right arm between the elbow and the shoulder for a few weeks now. It's an annoying dull aching pain. I'm 16 and my mom who is 44 is having the same problem. It keeps us both up at night. She got an x-ray, but they couldn't see anything. Does anyone know what this pain might be?
Avatar n tn The pain I have is mostly sharp, but dull at resting and it wraps around to my chest (imagine drawing a line from the bottom of your scapula underneath your arm and to your pectoral muscles near your armpit). Occasionally I have pain in my upper arm too. Weird thing for me is that the pain is REALLY sharp if I take a very deep breath in or if I yawn. I also experience pain when I drive, put my arm behind my back, lay on the opposite side (not sure why that is), lift anything over 2lbs.
Avatar f tn Hi, I am 22 and have lived with chronic right shoulder pain for over 3 years now. I have beed dx with brusitis, shoulder instability, snapping scapula, lax ligaments and winged scapula. I have had a surgery to shorten my right shoulder ligaments.I have seen many different ortho docs and been to pt. I was wondering if i should seek help from another kind of specialist. Just wondering your input thanks.
Avatar n tn Worried about the pain my mother is experiencing in her right arm (shoulder area coming down to elbow). She is a known hypertensive patient for many years now. Sometimes she bleeds from both her nose and mouth and the drs say its due to hypertension.
Avatar f tn Hi I am in work on tuesday 11th of october and just moved my arm and there was this very loud cracking noise and got a pain down my arm. thought not much about it because sometimes my shoulder clicks when i move. but when i woke up on wednesday my shoulder ached and I took some pain killers and went to work it don't get any better during the day and I rang the physio to have physio on thursday. On thurday I went to work in a lot of pain but had to come home again.
Avatar m tn I have shoulder and arm pain in my right arm/shoulder. It does not hurt all the time, but fairly often (several times a day). It hurts worse when I lift my arm up over my head, but my upper and lower arm hurts when I am sitting at my desk. The pain is similar to an ache, but sharper. My family physician said it could be a rotator cuff problem, but would that make my upper and lower arm hurt as well? It is getting to the point that over the counter pain relievers are no longer working.
Avatar m tn Rotator cuff signs and symptoms would consist of shoulder pain and also deltoid muscle pain in your upper arm, weakness during shoulder functions and also clicking in the shoulder with popping a prominent feature in some people. It occurs in a dominant arm and the pain may interfere with sleep and worse at night. There is problem with lifting of weights with the effected shoulder and decrease in ability to move the arm, especially out to the side.
Avatar n tn Over the past day or so I have had a tingling sensation with numness over my right forarm. Often the pain is worse when I reacch my arm out to pick something up, it's sort of like a sharp tingling sensation run up my for arm to just below the elbow. Only on the right forarm.
Avatar n tn I have no neck pain and good ROM with each shoulder. When I raise my right arm/shoulder up sideways though, I do feel the right arm pain. I'm a 4yr breast cancer survivor and we were concerned about a possible cancer spread so we MRI'd the shoulders 2 weeks ago and the scans came back negative (I don't know that they covered the arm areas though..
Avatar f tn I have had a dull/burning pain in my right shoulder for almost 3 years now. I woke one morning and felt like I had pulled a muscle. But after a few days the pain never went away. I went to the Chiropractor , he said I had a mis-alined rib, but the adjustment did not help. A week later I went to a regular MD, he said you have just pulled a muscle and put me on a bunch of medication. None of which helped.
Avatar m tn i been getting sharp left side shoulder pain and travels down my left arm , sometimes i feel my arm heavy and also numb, i also sometimes get the tingly feeling on my left side
Avatar f tn The only time I can relive the pain is if I place my right arm on top of my head - It is not affecting my breathing.. but the pain is steady - it does not go away, even with pain killers - makes for a very restless night of sleep(and extremely uncomfortable that carries throughout my day. I know I need to go to the Doctor - however, till then.. Any thoughts on what it might be?
Avatar n tn I'm not sure if I have a pinched nerve - I have pain in my right shoulder/shoulder blade and a numbness/tingling/burning sensation from my shoulder to mid between my elbow and wrist........ Your thoughts?
Avatar n tn I'm sorrry but I'm new to this. Pain has been going on since May of 09, It is in my right arm. & shoulder area,and right below my neck, if you put your hand at the base of you neck, about five fingers down from there that I also have pain. It never goes away. Here lately I can't push with it, it hurts to turn it in a round turning motion when it is extented out to the side. can't lift anything without pain.
Avatar n tn I have had this happen in the past and it would be back to normal in a couple of days. Prior to this happening I had been experiencing pain in my right arm and in my neck. The arm pain started about 3 months ago or so. The neck has for many years not be very mobile. I have for the past year been playing a lot tennis. (Approximately 8 hour a week). I have always worked out 3 days a week doing both weight training and cardio. (45 Min. Cardio/45 Min Weights).
Avatar f tn She developed severe pain in her right shoulder joint over the weekend. She has no fever, and there is no swelling or discoloration around her shoulder. She is keeping her arm bent and close to her body, and she refuses to move it. We have put her arm in a sling to try and get her to rest the shoulder, and are giving her motrin and ice packs to manage the pain. The doctor gave her xrays and a blood test, and they said they didn't see anything wrong.
Avatar n tn For the past few weeks I have been experiencing pain in my right shoulder. The pain seems to worsen when my shoulder is exposed to cold air or when I am active. The pain also radiates down my arm causing severe pain in my elbow and wrist and also my hand. I sometimes lose feeling in my arm and find it hard to move my arm. Is there anything I can do to decrease or manage this pain? And is it possible that I have a pinched nerve in my shoulder?
Avatar m tn back in June I felt minor sharp shooting pain in my left shoulder/arm. The next day while at work I was using my left arm when I couldnt move my arm what so ever..when I did it seemed most of the pain was concentrated in the shoulder. After a few days of rest and Motrin I still had limited range of motion at the shoulder area and continued buring, tingling feeling from shoulder blade down arm into hand at times.
1732414 tn?1419736738 I have upper right arm pain for the last 6 months. Always in pain. I have trouble sleeping. Do not have insurance yet. Someone said taking Vitamin D3 2000IU a day should help....any suggestions?
Avatar m tn I have severe sharp shooting pain behind my right shoulder blade and down into my right arm, so far it has just been a couple of weeks. It is nearly unbearable. First I went to my family doctor,he gave me some muscle relaxers. The pain was not unbearable at that point, then a few days later it came with a vengeance. I went them to a chiropractor,(who i have been to before ) He has adjusted me used ultrasound, and acupuncture. It was worse after. I have only had 2 treatments of adjusting.
Avatar m tn The pain is present when I have my arm fully extended foward and bring it across my chest. Well it is my right shoulder, so when I fully extend my arm foward and slowly bring it left (still fully extended) I get this pain in my shoulder area. The pain is also present when I full extend my arm above my head and bring it acorss my body ( like it i was reaching for something above my head and the item is to the left of me).
Avatar f tn I have been suffering shoulder and muscle pain in my right arm since I came out on the 1st August of Hospital after having a right knee replacement, I have tired rubs and acupuncture but am still in pain which goes down the large muscle to the elbow and then the lower muscle to my wrist and thumb & forefinger, can help please?
Avatar f tn Went to emergency with severe pain in right shoulder, up into the neck and down the right arm (woke up with it). Have been on 500 mg. Naproxen , twice daily, for 3 weeks, and 10 mg. Pms-cyclobenzaprine every 8 hours. I'm still experiencing pain plus some new tingling down the arm. Should I be going back to my doctor? It seems this is taking an unusually long time to get better.
Avatar f tn ths is my first time so i have a long question i have had pain in my shoulder and arm and chest for about 5 months on my left side had a lot of test my heart is fine they say now i have muscle weakness in my arm and shoulder went back they say it is acidreflux that's all they say when i go now i have been having numbness in my nose and throat dizzness pain in my mouth eyes and itching in my ears and eyes i am sick everyday i can not foces on any thing can't lay down to much pain in my ar
Avatar m tn Hi, I have another question. I recently obtained a copy of my ct scan report and I think my doctor blew me off and shouldn't have. Can you translate? Or maybe shed some light as to why my Dr. blew me off? Findings: Amorphous density in the anterior superior mediastinum could represent residual thymus and/or lymph nodes. Several nonpathologically enlarged mediastinal lymph nodes are seen in the aorticopulmonary window and right paratracheal region.