Pain right side under rib cage

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Avatar f tn I have been having this horrible pain on my right side slightly under my rib cage. When I breathe deep it is worse! I was diagnosed with chronic hep B a few months ago. Could that be the case of my pain?
Avatar n tn I'm feeling "movement" on my right side just under my rib cage. Doesn't hurt but literally feels like lumps or stones moving around. I would equate it to a baby moving if it were in my uterus but I'm not pregnant and it's not in the uterine area. It's under my rib cage and very worrisome. Seems to be after I eat or mostly in the evenings. I'm also really cold all the time (never had been before) and have lost weight suddenly. Does anyone have any idea?
Avatar n tn So I have some dull pain on my right side. Right below my rib cage. Not severe pain and it really doesn't hurt unless I touch it. It's a small area two inches above my navel to the right.
Avatar n tn I was just diagnosed with Crohn's and colitis. I have had a pain on my right side for 2 years now. It's right under my rib cage and sometimes it goes around to my back. I don't see any connection to the pain and anything I eat. I'm waiting to see what, if any, medication they will put me on.
Avatar n tn my partner fhas pain under his right rib cage leading to back this has reoccured again at first we thought of a pulled muscle but its now back again what can it be
1691630 tn?1329366215 Months ago (maybe 5 or more), I was working at a retirement home restaurant. I was holding a huge thin metal dray with plates of desserts in front of me, with the edge resting against my right lower abdomen, right under my rib cage. I wasn't paying attention, and ran into a refrigerator with the tray still in the same place. The tray went pretty far into under my rib cage, and then I bounced back. Ever since then I have had a slight uncomfortable feeling on that side.
Avatar f tn I’ve had chronic skin numbness on my right side just under my rib cage. Internal pain that spreads to my back. I’ve had my gallbladder removed three years ago and this part of my symptoms have continued. Any ideas?
Avatar n tn I have a pain in my right side under my rib cage but it isn't a consistent pain. It happens just from time to time and will last for 3-5min at a time most the time after I have eaten. What could this be and is there anything I should do? I have had a gall bladder test done and it came back normal so they say but the problem has not went away and most times it will make me short of breath. If you could help in anyway I would appreciate it so much thank u.
Avatar m tn Hello - I have had a mild discomfort in my upper right abdomen. I am a 29 year old male from Australia. It is a fairly constant sensation but not overly painful, just discomforting. I have had the following tests: Blood Test - Normal Abdominal Ultra Sound - Normal 10 weeks of Physio for rib subluxation - didn't fix it CT scan - nothing found Xray - Nothing found Bone Scan - Nothing aother CT at the bone scanning place found nothing.
Avatar f tn I also feel like there is a dent in my rib cage right where it hurts. Like I said, there is a large amount of pain right when I wake up from sleeping on that side. Any suggestions as to what this may be? Thank you.
2181956 tn?1337777122 Pain just under left rib cage feels like the base of the rib cage, it only hurts when I try to lay on my left side then when trying to move to the right side, sometimes I have to hold my left side to turn to the right seems to elevate the pain however the pain comes and goes does not hurt at all when I breath no back pain no shoulder pain but when I do feel the pain it feels like I am tearing something feels warm like a pulled muscle or torn muscle.
Avatar n tn Sometimes if I drink a fruit juice/wine - I instantly get a pinching pain on the ride side under my rib. After I have eaten, I may burp and it burns across the rib cage. Does this sound like acid reflux? Gallbladder?
Avatar n tn I recently had a burst appendix. The pain there is lower abdomen & right side. Under rib cage, I was told it could be gall bladder. See your doctor for any abdominal pain before it gets worse.
Avatar n tn I have been experiencing pain in my right side at the bottom of my rib cage for the past several months. The pain gets worse after I eat certain foods, and worse when I am sitting down or lying on the right side. When I am sitting it feels like something is squeezing my rib cage very tightly. The pain sometimes radiates to my back and up to my shoulder blade. When I lay on my back I sometimes feel a squeezing, contracting,sensation. The pain is almost always present it just varies in severity.
Avatar f tn The heart burn and acid reflux was back, the stomache pain was almost unbearable. After the Hida scan I had pain in left and right side under my rib cage. Miserable heart burn that nothing helped and extrem nausea to the point that I couldn't eat. I will go see this specialist. But to be honest, I have had enough. If he doesn't give me a resonable answer, I will stick to my diet and enough will be enough! I am tired of docs. and Hosp. tests ect...
Avatar f tn Hey I'm 17 and I have a burning pain under my right rib cage it's been going on for awhile now it comes and goes and it stays for about a day or so everytime. It is right under my breast and is red when it burns.
Avatar f tn I have been having mild pain under my right rib cage on right side. I was diagnosed with IBS a long time ago, pain was much more severe. I have not had that symtom for years. Was I miss diagnosed?
Avatar n tn I have had a sharp pain under my rib cage, right side. It feels like a leg cramp, but under the rib cage, and locks me up pretty good for about 5-10 minutes. On occasion, it feels like a spasm in that it twitches. It happens about 1-2 times a month, usually when I am holding my child or bending over. Any ideas?
Avatar f tn I carried lower with my son, this is my 4th pregnancy, 3rd daughter, and carrying high with her. I'm 30 weeks now and swear she sticks her elbow under my rib cage on my right side. So it could just be hoe she's positioned, have you mentioned it to your ob? I read that rib pain in the right side could be blood pressure too.
Avatar m tn Several days ago I was just laying in bed working on my laptop and all of a sudden I got a very sharp pain under my lower right side rib cage (not my rib cage itself but just behind the lower side of my right rib cage.) and at the same time a sharp pain in the upper backside of my right forearm (not my shoulder or anywhere near my upper arm) about 4 inches from my right wrist.
341551 tn?1266980730 I had that when I was pregnant, too! It was on the right side under my rib cage. My husband thought I was crazy. I think Crysi is right - it's probably gas pain. I don't think it's a kidney infection. I had a kidney infection last year, and the pain was closer to my lower back area.
1132657 tn?1260554069 t no where this pain is coming from under my left rib cage I had my hole large intestine removed back 2004 I all most died bc of my chrons and I been dealing with this left side pain for all most 5 yrs so sum one plz tell me what is causing this left side pain under my rib cage
Avatar f tn I also have rib cage pain from under my right arm pict down the right flank and toward the brest. I do not take any inhibitors.