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Avatar n tn Swallowing doesnt really bother me too much, but it really hurts to yawn and sneeze. The pain is about mid neck on both sides. It doesnt really feel swollen, but it does hurt a bit when i apply pressure. anyone else ever have this?
Avatar m tn And I also have experienced the neck pain every so often. But now, after over talking/volunteering, I'm experiencing the pain non stop, And my head hurts quite a lot. Also when I lay my head down I can feel a very hard beat in my head. I feel the pain also moves to my teeth, and even down my chest. I'm very worried to what this might be. In addition, I panic when I get unfirmiliar pain, so I'm over worrying, thinking I might die.
Avatar m tn 4 months ago I woke up with a striking pain in the throat (left side of Adams apple) it was so bad I couldn't go back to sleep. The pain cleared up, but now I get this weird click in the same area after I yawn. It feels like a bone or tendon get stuck and click right back to place after I move my head around. I've had a barium swallow, thyroid ultra sound and a blood test done, and nothing showed up.
Avatar m tn 4 out of 10 times i will have a successfull deep breath, 1 out of 10 times i will have a successfull yawn. I haven't yawend in 2 days, and before that it was during class but it was very booring at the time. I can't yawn whenever i want, and even when im breathing normally i have a wierd feeling in my upperchest towards the neck as if something was stopping half the air going through and i struggle for more air and this is what causes me to take a deep breath but even then, i can't!
1556380 tn?1294666509 )..), and draw a deep breath, and most times I feel like my lungs dont feel complete with air..Can climb five floors without problems.My sister had the same problem but he passed ,but strange thing one day I asked her to take a deep breath and could not until after several attempts.My mother same problem ,I watched her and noticed that every 2-3 minutes she takes a deep breath.
Avatar m tn The neck pain is also more like a burning type of pain. The pain gets worse when I yawn. If I touch the space between the two bones at back of my head it starts hurting. When i also turn my head far to right/left i feel pain in my shoulder area. I can’t really think of any other symptoms I might have. I have done an MRI from my neck 2 years ago and a CT scan from my head (no dye was used). They both came back normal. I’m very worried about having a brain tumor.
Avatar n tn I have terrible neck pain and when I yawn my jaw gets a kink in it and I can't close my mouth and my neck hurts terrible
Avatar n tn pain in neck. For awhile i thought the pain i get in the left side (mainly) of my neck was serious too. but Dr's checked my arteries and they are fine. my Doctor says it's muscle spasms and he's probably right. i do have problems with spasms due to neck and lower back problems. so it's mostly muscles but try relaxing, heat and maybe even an aspirin. good luck.
Avatar f tn Lately, when this happens at night, I have pressure in my chest, too, along with the usual tightness in my arms, legs neck, chest and tingliness in my jaw. I also feel a deep darkness like I'm going to die. I've had problems at night for over 18 years. But they have never been this severe. I used a 30-day monitor throughout January. It showed that my heart gradually increased in rate.
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Avatar m tn The weird thing is I will get the pain immediately when I yawn, laugh, or sneeze and when I swallow after I yawn, laugh or sneeze. After I swallow once or twice the pain gets a little better but it pretty much stays all day. I think it may just be a muscle problem in my throat, but my doc says it’s not likely. He said the pain would most likely come from the back of my neck not the front. Now, for the last couple weeks it seems to hurt even more. The doctor didn’t find anything!
Avatar m tn The weird thing is I will get the pain immediately when I yawn, laugh, or sneeze and when I swallow after I yawn, laugh or sneeze. After I swallow once or twice the pain gets a little better but it pretty much stays all day. I think it may just be a muscle problem in my throat, but my doc says it’s not likely. He said the pain would most likely come from the back of my neck not the front. Now, for the last couple weeks it seems to hurt even more. The doctor didn’t find anything!
Avatar f tn I've been suffering with really bad neck pain so much so it even hurts to yawn it comes an goes day it will be bearable an the next can be excruciating and I can't even turn my head has anyone else experienced this?
Avatar n tn I have been having a hard time getting a full breath and am unable to complete a full yawn at times, however, I yawn excessively even if not complete. This inability to get a Breath results in chest pain, throat/jaw tightness, and headache, where my head feels woozy. I was diagnosed with a mild case of vocal cord dysfunction and went through speech therapy. I am continuing to have problems and I am unsure if the VCD is what is causing it or something else.
335728 tn?1331418012 Hi name is Rena705 and I have a pain in the neck! he he Seriously now, between my adam's apple and my collar bone I have a sharp pain that happens when I cough, yawn, stretch my neck to one side and it is VERY painful to the touch and my doc says that my throat is not inflammed and we can't feel any lumps or anything in my throat. Now this pain isn't anything new to me...just that the doc is taking notice of it all of a sudden...never seemed too concerned about it before.
Avatar f tn Hi there, Ive been having pain at the front right side of my neck, just on the side of the adams apple! It seems to hurt slightly when i swallow, yawn, sneeze, and also when i push on it! I can seem to feel a very heavy pulse in the place where the pain is! I can lift my head up fine, but while its up if i slightly tilt it to the left, i get a really painful pulling pain there, and also pain in my jaw! Could anyone give me any advice?
Avatar f tn A couple days ago I started having throat/neck pain. Its lower on my neck/throat. It doesn't feel like a sore throat or a pulled muscle. When I touch the area it hurts more. Also, It hurts more when I swallow, yawn or cry. I think it is where my lymph node is located. It's only on the left side. A few hours ago I started having severe, constant pain in my jaw/teeth. Also, on the left side. I don't know if it is related. Any ideas on what's going on? Should I see a doctor?
Avatar m tn A MRI of the cervical spine and nerve conduction studies may be required. If your neck MRI is clear then the pain could be referred to the neck due to spinal problems of the upper back, or it could be due to tight neck muscles, or due to stress and anxiety or due to clots in the carotid artery. Hence you can get a MRI of the upper back spine and a dopplar study of the carotids. Please consult your PCP for primary examination followed by proper referral. Take care!
1392168 tn?1280078008 Hello everyone. For the past month or so I have been having neck pain. I thought it may have been the way I was sleepnig at first but it didn't go away - I tried new pillows/different angles, etc. I have also expirienced some back pain when I walk too much. I saw my doctor for the back pain alone but he just told me to wait for a physio appointment without checking me over. The pain is mostly dull and towards the back of my neck, however sometimes I will get a more severe pain down on side.
Avatar m tn Then after start feeling uncomforting after some days suddenly, neck pain started. Regularly I has been feeling neck pain sine 12 years Problem by which I suffering: 1. Wake up too early in the morning and will not get asleep most of the time. Some time gets. 2. After getting wakeup in morning, feels more sleep after that feel heavy and tightness in the head, face. & Eyes become red. And sleep will not go away same time slowly starts neck pain .Feels more sleepy. 3.
Avatar m tn Hi Medhelp, For some reason whenever I feel an intense build up/explosion of gas inside me coming up my throat/diaphragm or when have a sudden huge burp (ofc I can't control or expect it when its so sudden) or a yawn, there is a sharp short pain in my right side of the head a bit above the ears and sometimes in the ear.
Avatar n tn Sore neck - my glands are swollen and my neck is actually sore to touch, it hurts to turn my head and when I yawn, cough or sneeze I feel pain in my neck. 2. I have pressure in my ears, my neck, and had a few headaches. 3. I have intermittent feelings of a low-grade fever. 99.6-100. I went to the doctor but she just felt around my abdomen and felt it was cold symptoms, she refilled my meds for htn. and that was it. what is this and should I go back to the doctor.
Avatar n tn Based on your description it does not sound like thyroid - classically the thyroid (located below the adam's apple and above the collar bone - in the midline of the neck) is tender to touch -- you are describing pain higher up towards the jaw bone which may be swollen lymph glands. The ear pain is nonspecific but can occur with thyroiditis. The thyroid labs usually show hyperthyroidism and the ESR (marker of inflammation) and Tg (marker of thyroid protein) are elevated.
1392168 tn?1280078008 Also, when I have done something to hurt it for hours after my neck will hurt or begin to hurt. My neck also gets cramps and stiffness recently. (Especailly when I yawn.) This may not be the most painful part but it is the scariest, because sometimes I'm too scared to turn my head. My general movement is now being effected. I can't get comfortable in bed, I can't lift my legs to even tie my laces without pain. I'm 20.
1328913 tn?1279182846 so for over a week now ive been expireiencing a pain in the very top of my neck which follows through to behind my ear and shooting pains through my skull at times, i feel pressure in my ears and head, crackling and popping in my ears when i swallow and yawn and at times my ears ring. its mainly on the left side but does happen on my right also. i feel the need to stretch my neck out but it doesnt relieve the pain. I see a chiro twice a week but it doesnt relieve the feeling very much either.
1147984 tn?1261630388 I am having all of these symptoms - started with the neck pain, then the eye pain, then severe migraine headaches, and now I have jaw pain. My husband thinks I am a hypocondriac! And the migraine pain I swear started in my thigh one night showed up in the side of my chest the next night and then the back of my head!
Avatar n tn I have a medium size lump on the right side of my neck about 1.5inches in diameter. It is just below the jaw line near the back of the jaw. It is not painful at all and it is slighty visually noticeable. It looks as if my neck is swollen. I have had this lump for nearly two months. When i touch it it feels like some sort of tissue build-up. It is below the skin and the only visible part is the "swelling".
Avatar n tn The doctor assumed it was axiety or stress and sent me home (same thing as the 2nd hospital I went to 2 days later who did their own tests) Now about 3 weeks after my ER visits my symptoms have gone away for the most part however I still have the pain in my back and sometimes I get that same frequent urge to yawn, yet can't. What could be causing this?? Its so frustrating.
Avatar n tn The pain finally diminished, but about a month later it started in my right neck. The pain now runs all the way down my neck and into my shoulder and right chest a bit. It especially hurts if I apply pressure to my pulse(Carotid artery). It feels like inflammed nerves or something. So, I went back to another doctor and he gave the same diagnosis. He said unfortunatley the cause is unknown. Now I am on a stronger anti-inflammatory. I just want to know the cause so it won't come back.