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545391 tn?1214498386 I have pain in the middle of the right side of my back and also across my entire lower back. I have pain in my right knee that I can't actually pin point the pain. I also have pain in my right arm, especially my right elbow. I'm having trouble staying asleep at night because the pain wakes me up. My doctor has prescibed muscle relaxers, pain killers, the works. They work for a few days and then the problem comes back with a vengeance.
Avatar n tn I have 9/10 back pain in Aug 2009 then same pain in Dec 2009. Now I have 6/10 back pain. Some time I don't have any pain. Some time I have feeling head lice or aunt crawling in my head. I am going for Physiotherapist on Wednesday. My family doctor said that I am not ready for the operation. Do I have to see a neurologist ? Please advice me. My neurologist examine me before the MRI RESULT came.
Avatar f tn Especially a Burning/ cold/ pain going down UNDER my arms. Besides the obvious lower part of my back My neck especially a spot on the left of my neck that hurts/ has a strong ***** and a place in the middle/lower part of my back that zaps me with pain if I lean my torso out or in and at times it's hard to breathe. My hands have spazzed out on me, it starts with my thumb and my whole hand gets numbish & tingly and my hand jerks in like I've stuck my finger in a light socket.
696755 tn?1236016312 , silver dots, black dots and black clouds, sometimes they are still there when i close my eyes), ringing in ears, hear weird sounds (music, muttering ect), inability to stand from sitting position without using my hands, loss of concentration, memory loss, slurred speech or stuttering, sensitivity to light, intermittent headaches, tilted head (recent onset), continued right hip pain, occasional right shoulder pain, difficulty doing daily activities with right arm especially, burning sensations
Avatar m tn I've been having right shoulder/upper back pain that sometimes radiates to the neck. This started about a few years ago. I have lots of stress and have anxiety/depression but nothing that I didn't have prior to the pain. I'm a 26 y/o male RN and work on an intermediate cardio/thoracic unit an in innercity hospital in OH- so I unavoidably have to life patients often- but I have been in healthcare for over six years. I'm taking ibuprofen 800mg every eight hours.
Avatar n tn I had neck pain and shorter blade pain as well. I found going to a chiropractor helped quite a bit, through chiropractic adjustment, and adjustments to posture. I also found out later on that since my car accident I had a cervical disk pressing on my spine. Since the surgery the neck pain and shoulder blade pain has been considerably better.
212161 tn?1599427282 am a 54 year old who had rods put in my back at age 35, been doing well but last 10 years lots headackes, shoulder ackes top of back pain right behind my chest. where my rods are at. now when I walk sometimes my left arm hurts and my chest feels strange, not really hurt but strange . I see a cardio dr but she don't seem to worry about it . I have lots nerve problems in top part of my back.
Avatar n tn Hi.. I'm in my 20's and i am having right pain on my lower abdomen and lower back. I have visited a gastrologist and i was diagnosed with internal hemorrhoids the only thing issued to me were suppository. i was told that it was not a serious problem it could be cured easily..but once my prescription stopped problems persist..i got three refills and all of them are up it seems as if i don't function right without them.therefore rectal bleeding and hemorrhoids still exist.
237053 tn?1258828426 Yes, I have chronic back pain and it is on my neck thorcic and lumbar spine all over. Nothing has ever really helped it. I am currently getting tested for co-infections so you probably should as well. By the way I read that you got your diagnosis. Good luck to you and I hope your treatment goes well.
Avatar m tn The pain in the right side of my neck has moved up the carotid artery to just under my chin
Avatar n tn this pain is also accompianed by throbbing pain in both sides of my lower back, and tingling down my right arm. what is the cause of this?
Avatar n tn i have been feeling discomfort on my whole right side of my body. from my right side of the neck to my right foot. including my right shoulder my mother in law was driving me to the hospital to see my husband. when she was driving she had stepped on the brakes fast a couple of times and also swerved a few times. when she had stepped on the brakes my upper body jerk forward. and when she had swerved my body went from side to side. this happen on a saturday and today is wednesday.
Avatar n tn Hello, sorry to hear about your back pain. I had upper back pain that ended up radiating down my arm and back and forth. I thought everyone would think I had gone crazy stating that the pain traveled. Also I had burning sensations and tingling. Turned out to be a pinched nerve in my neck C6&C7. When this happens there are tiny nerves that go down your back and down your arms. depending on which nerver produces the different locations of pain.
Avatar n tn ve been having a lot of headaches, neck and shoulder pain, muscle weakness and tingling in my right arm and hand and even sometimes in my left hand. I've seen a Neurosurgeon and Neurologist. I'm currently taking Lyrica and Cymbalta for the nerve pain. I've also had physical therapy twice, passed and EMG and a Myleogram. Any suggestions on what else I can try.
Avatar f tn i am more tired then not, have shooting pain from my shoulders down threw my back and into the siatic nerve threw my right leg. most of the pain is on the right side of my spine. some times it pressure other times its pins and needles. theres times i can barely walk other times it could be as bad as it hurts to breathe. i need suggestions on what to do. on a scale of 1-10 (10 being worst) my average day is a 9. i tried Physical Therapy and that just hurt more.
Avatar n tn I have neck and back pain specially right side i done my mri report and it conclusion says There is loss of cervial lordosis. C3/4, C4/5 and C5/6 levels-diffuse bulges,indenting the thecal sac without significant nerve root compression or canal stenosis.
Avatar f tn I'm female, 32yrs old, I've been experiencing neck and back pain for more than a year now. it comes and goes away. At first i thought it was a stiff neck but the pain would last for months and the doctor gave me some meds which wasnt really helpful. Usually it starts out like a stiff neck and pain on my shouders then after a few days the stiffness goes away but everytime i turn my head to the left or raise my head upward i would feel pain along the right side of my spine.
Avatar n tn C4 C5 is the fourth and fifth of seven cervical vertebrae in the neck, located in the back of neck. Cheers and take care.
Avatar n tn I have pain in the left arm and hand and the right arm to the elbow , left side of the neck. Also pain on the middle of my back between the shoulder blades. I do have " sever" nerve compression in the lower back, "some scoliosis". What to do? Sounds like the Cervical spine is a minor deal...the lower spine does seem to need attention. I'm just trying to find out what needs to be done.
Avatar f tn hello on my back upper right quadrant ( or behind my shoulder) i have a burning/throbbing/dull pain, and sometimes it feels like im putting pressure and it travels to the side of my neck. i don't know what to do i tried medications like ibuprofen etc and it doesn't help i also try icy hot ointment and it doesn't work either. What could it be? please and Thank you.
1501419 tn?1289308044 also I have two minor budlging discs in neck. the pain in my neck never goes away! Also the pain in my mid back and under my shoulder blades is horrible. i had steroid and botox injections done about two weeks ago with no help to me. also i get a prickly sensaition in my mid back? i am going back to my doctor next week, but thought maybe I gcould get some adice and help. the muscle spasms are very bad and sometimes i cant get of the couch or move.
Avatar f tn I have been experiencing pain and swelling in my right side for several years and have been unable to lay on that side . Sometimes the pain is more intense than others and when i mistakenly lie on that side the next day my side , back are in great amount of pain and swellingand. I will feel light headed . I also experience a great amount of swelling in my left leg and neck pain on my left side I do not know if any of these syymptoms are related but I need advice.