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697772 tn?1228060328 Two weeks after my sexual encouter, a terrible pain on the right side of my neck developed. My sore throat got worse one week after that neck pain. I also had this mild fever (37.3 C), nasal congestion, watery eyes and sneezing. All of my symptoms gradually disappeared in a few days, all except the nasal congestion and the neck pain. Five days later I was with a sore throat again and also productive cough, mild fever (37.3), nasal congestion and this neck pain that never disappeared.
Avatar n tn I have a small lump maybe the sizeof a dime in tbe back of my neck on the left side under my ear. I also have this pulsing pain on the same side of my neck about every minute. don't know what to do .
Avatar f tn My left lymph node is also a bit swollen compared to the right one. There is a slight pain where my neck is swollen. It is a little hard to swollow at times, but when I drink green tea it allows me to swollow a lot easier. I went to the Dr. a few days ago and was perscribed an antibiotic for an infection in the throat, which I have been taking for about 2 full days and the pain has subsided a little bit, but not the swelling.
Avatar f tn Neck pain, headaches, stress, what can it be.. I have a less then 1 cm on my neck.. I dont know of is a lymph node.. Or what but im always massaging my neck n shoulders.. N i suffer from headaches like pressure.. N ringing or clog ears.. Weird.. I had a ct scan 4 5 months ago.. N it was fine other then a bit of sinus.. Can it be anxiety cause im always stressing about something bad is going to happen.. Please help..
Avatar n tn pain in neck on rt side and base of neck has large lump, sometimes my right hand goes cold like it has no circulation
393685 tn?1425812522 Wow. You'd think the prenisone would be stopping the pain. What are you on prednisone for again? Sorry, remember brain fog. Any fever?
Avatar n tn I am a 39-year-old female, and I have been having terrible left anterior neck pain for about 1 month. The pain seems to be close to my carotid artery and runs along the trachea. My left jaw and ear also hurt. I have been to an internal medicine and ENT doctor, and I have had an MRI and CT scan of my neck, and I was told that everything appears normal. The ENT doctor said my lymph nodes are swollen, but the MRI was normal. My thyroid is not swollen and TSH and free T4 levels are fine.
971268 tn?1253200799 Newleaf, that is EXACTLY how he describes it, and he also has some neck pain behind the ears. He is going to describe these symptoms to his study team, just as you advise. It doesn't seem to be bothering him much -- just for a few moments intermittently, I think. Hope it will go away as yours did. Thanks.
Avatar f tn I'm not a doctor, but lymph node enlargement can be from many things. It could be from dental problems or a virus or bacterial infection, such as a throat infection, or from allergies. This time of year, allergies are a common culprit. If he has a sore throat or fever or mouth discomfort, or if there is a hot spot in his head or neck, he needs medical attention to check for an infection that needs treatment.
Avatar f tn Hi i hope everyone is well. I am a 24 year old female that has had some imaging biopsy and blood work done this past year. I started teaching this year and started worrying about my health and looking for lumps in my neck and I found one. My pcp checked me out and said I did have enlarged lymph nodes in my neck and under my jaw. She checked me for mono and it came back negative.
Avatar f tn I have a few swollen lymph nodes on my neck and one right above my left collarbone. I have had one swollen node on my neck for years. I had it checked out by a doctor a few years ago and he said he wasn't concerned because of the size. He didn't check my blood or run any tests. I didn't question him. For the past few weeks I have felt unwell.
Avatar m tn It is 3 years old injury when I turned my head right side forcefully to take some thing laying my back side. Suddenlly I experienced a severe pain in my lower neck for at least 20- 30 minutes. Since then I am feeling stifness in my neck muscles. Due to this a lymphnode has become enlarged (2cm) just below the right ear (in traingle area) and creating pressure and uncomfort to the sourrounding areas. Can any one help me to get rid of this?
Avatar f tn so is it possible that this can be the cause . i had neck terrible neck pains and then i palpated my neck n realised i had a swollen gland . its the 4th week my neck pain is minimal now but i an still feel the nodes .
Avatar f tn Well, things started happening pretty quickly the beginning of the week. My primary called my gastroenterologist and they scheduled and performed an endoscopy this morning. Results were as follows: Normal mucosa in the antrum (biopsied), irregular z-line in the gastroesophageal junction (biopsied), otherwise noral EGD to the third part of the duodenum. Checking for h pylori and barrett's esophagus.
Avatar m tn i slept witha girl and used her condom and the condom cover had a small tear 1mm,two weeks later i developed a swollen node on the back of the leg near my knee it was hard and visible to the eye and dissapeared after 5 days, i developed a bad throat pain on the 4thh week and it lasted till fifth week, i too an antibody test at 6 week it was negative, three days later i got a pain on the right side of the neck under the jaw area, the following day i got a painfull small lymph node at the back of
Avatar n tn Then stopped touching it, the node got smaller (still palpable, round 4mm?,) and the pain went away. Since fed days I feel a lot of tension and little pain in my neck so sensitive to to every sensation. Asking myself why why? Doctors are not concerned? I wish that could be nothing..............
Avatar n tn But could chronic HIV related lymph nodes appear 3 months after exposure? Would they cause neck pain that comes and goes? Would the symptoms caused by swollen lymph nodes be fluctuating?
Avatar n tn Never heard about lymph node pain this long. I think nodes are not swollen. The neck ultrasound a month ago was normal. I feel normal and do not have any other complaints. Just maybe the back of my right knee is itchy sometimes. I do not know if there is a connection though. I saw an MD (oncologist) for this problem and he requested some test such as CBC, liever enzym test: ALT, AST, ALP, LDH, and ESR and blood smear. He says he did not see any symptoms of Lymphoma.
Avatar n tn Then stopped touching it, the node got smaller (still palpable, round 4mm?,) and the pain went away. Since fed days I feel a lot of tension and little pain in my neck so sensitive to to every sensation. Asking myself why why? Doctors are not concerned? I wish that could be nothing..............
Avatar m tn Hi, no std shows those symptoms
Avatar n tn Hey, Im 20 years old, about 1 week n a half ago i noticed my neck on the left side was a little larger then my right i have sum pain on the left side of my neck and jaw., i searched on the net and found out its my posterior cervicsl lymph node, it hasnt increased in size its swollen, u can only tell if u look close..
Avatar m tn Sir , i m having lymph node in my left neck around supravicular region. Yesterday i did ultrasound sound and the size was 1*0.4*1cm. It is palable. It was first time felt in june 20, 2015 while i was having bath. It was after 1 week of i m in car accident. I was having pain and little wound in my head. I went to hospital and they did CAT scan and there was no blooding inside a head. Everything was fine. They say i had bad sinus and they gave me antibiotic for a week that was 875 mg.