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1626225 tn?1306462718 Hi Welcome to the MedHelp forum! Neck pain can be due to wrong posture, spinal nerve compression, arthritis of spine joints, and in your case also due to the swollen lymph nodes. The other possibility is that the lumps are neurofibromas (collection of nerve and fibers) that can be painful. Removal of these lumps can relieve pain.
Avatar n tn went to the doctor with swelling in face and neck glands was told i had an allergy and sent the pain is so unbearable it hurts to turn my head or open my mouth. can the glands be surgically drained or somethhing.
Avatar m tn what is the reason and medicine to cure my neck glands pain ? My esr is high. This discussion is related to <a href="/posts/Undiagnosed-Symptoms/CAN-ANYONE-PLEASE-HELP-ME-UNDERSTAND-MY-ABNORMAL-BLOOD-RESULTS/show/1725669">CAN ANYONE PLEASE HELP ME UNDERSTAND MY ABNORMAL BLOOD RESULTS?</a>.
Avatar f tn I am experiencing alot of pain and in my body as well as sharp pain in my neck, if I move my head to sharp or on it own I experience a pain I never felt. Has anyone experienced this pain in the neck?
Avatar f tn I have had pain in my neck, seems like the glands for over 3 weeks now.... lately I've noticed my breasts are very tender and also under my arms. Lab tests were done and we are also waiting on results of a thyroid ultrasound and xrays. Labs seem normal. Any idea what could be causing these issues...
Avatar n tn HI these are my symptoms 1. Sore neck - my glands are swollen and my neck is actually sore to touch, it hurts to turn my head and when I yawn, cough or sneeze I feel pain in my neck. 2. I have pressure in my ears, my neck, and had a few headaches. 3. I have intermittent feelings of a low-grade fever. 99.6-100. I went to the doctor but she just felt around my abdomen and felt it was cold symptoms, she refilled my meds for htn. and that was it.
Avatar n tn I'm a 22 year old female and for the last 7 months i have had swollen neck glands they are sore and tender to touch, my right side is larger than the other. it also feels like i have a lump in my throat. and the area around my ear and jaw is also tender. I also have a constant sharp pain under my left shoulder blade. And ive been feeling very run down. I havent been sick at all in the last 8 months. Could u please help me out.
Avatar f tn I would make an appointment to see a chiropractor, they specialize in neck pain and after they take an x-ray, they will be able to tell you what is going on, if you have misplaced vertebrae in your neck, you will have all kinds of trouble.
Avatar f tn I have swollen neck glands no pain or fever but do have the discomfort. I have bad seasonal allergies as well as nerve damage caused by an old neck injury.. I need help figuring out if the swelling is caused by the injured nerves or the allergies? I do feel a little relief when I drink lots of hot tea.
Avatar f tn It has now been a month that my neck glands and my throat glands have been swollen steady. It is not sore, the only pain I feel is when they start to grow bigger, when ever i'm chewing and swallowing it will feel like a pinch sometimes, but not always. I went to my doctor early this week, but he's not sure whether to put my on antibotics for 2 weeks or not because he thinks it could either make it better or make me feel worse. I've also been using salt and warm water this whole month.
Avatar m tn Hello. I'm becoming increasingly worried about swollen glands in my neck. The swelling is located on either side of my neck, roughly half an inch below the mastoid process (these might be the upper cervical lymph nodes but I'm not sure). They can't be seen, but when I feel my neck they feel hard. I've had them now for about three weeks. My only other symptoms: a slight sore throat that comes and goes, and a very infrequent cough. My doc prescribed me with some antibiotics to see if they help.
Avatar n tn Over the past few days though i have developed about four or five more of these bumps on my chin and my left jaw line and my two glands under my chin are swollen and sore too. Also when i lean my neck back the front of my neck if really sore when it is stretched. All of the bumps that i have formed are just contsantly oozing out oil(so thats why i think those are just ingrown hairs).
Avatar n tn He extracted 1 tooth. About 2 1/2 weeks later, his lymph glands only in his neck became swollen and he found it difficult to eat his dry dog food . His other lymph glands are normal. We also noticed his gums were very "raw" and red looking at the point where they meet the teeth. Our vet of 30+ yearsdid a complete blood test and a CBC blood test for white & red count and all was normal and he has no abnormal temperature.
Avatar n tn 1. Sore neck - my glands are swollen and my neck is actually sore to touch, it hurts to turn my head and when I yawn, cough or sneeze I get a sharp pain in my neck. 2. I have pressure in my ears, my neck, my mouth and my face. 3. I have intermittent feelings of a low-grade fever. They told me I had a sinue infection and gave me a decongestant (can't remember the name) and amoxycillin.
Avatar n tn the glands below my ears in my neck hurt and they are bigger than usual, i do have HIV but it never hurt before. what is wrong with me?
Avatar n tn Well i have had 6 swolllen lymph glands on my neck for 2 months and they dont hurt. They havnt got any bigger or smaller. My ent says there in normal range, but iam scared. Two months before i had a cbc and everything was ok then they swelled. I had a ultrasound done,i guess they look normal. My head tends to itch then stop i dont know if thats causing it. I dont know if i should worry i dont know why there so inflammed. Iam fine other wise except i am lightheaded alot n i get vertigo.
Avatar m tn I have had sore, swollen glands in my neck for over 3 weeks. My Dr. agreed they were swollen but ruled out lymphoma as I had had some blood tests but they were done before I had these symptoms. I don't feel it would be lymphoma, but I thought maybe some kind of virus as I am running a low grade fever from 99.3 to 100.3. My "normal" is usually 97. I was taking an antibiotic (Bactrim) for an abscess I had on my buttock caused by a bee sting probably. Another Dr.
393685 tn?1425816122 I really doubt this is thyroid related - Every month 2 weeks prior to my cycle which may be during ovulation. My neck or glands swell. Sometimes on the left - sometimes on the right. This month right side. It starts out with a stiff neck (as I have described in the past) The pains in the gland area and in the back get unbelievable. Then the swelling starts. It starts to radiate heat (I guess inflammation) where my neck actually turns red.
Avatar n tn The prednisone helped my swollen tonsils, but the glands in my neck keep getting worse. No ibuprofen helps the pain of it, which is causing me a lack of sleep. Is there anything else I have possibly overlooked? I'm not exhausted all the time at all. my entire neck is killing me and behind my ears and head, occasionaly my jaw and armpits too. The headaches are barely managable and I am not sure what else it could be.
Avatar n tn for the last 2 months i have being suffering from swollen and painful lymph nodes in my neck, headaches, ear pain left side, throat pain, eye pain, pain around my cheek bone. ct of the head and neck normal. all blood work normal for viral nfection. a lumbar punture was negative for meningitis. i am soooo depressed because nobody finds anything. tomorrow i am going to see an md for a biopsy in my lymph nodes of my neck, i am so scared. i need helppppppppp.
Avatar n tn Recently, over the last two months, I have had problems sleeping on the left side of my neck. The pain feels like a crook in the neck and sometimes it pulsates heavily. I cannot really tell if my neck glands are swollen but I have been having serious problems with my sinus'. I am a little afraid that this could be something as serious . I have been on sinus medication for a few months and because of the medication, these symptoms come and go.
Avatar n tn I do not know how long I had it because I went to my doc 2 years ago and he said I had a disc problem in my neck so I just learned to live with the pain. Lately, my neck seemed swollen so I got a 2nd opinon from my old family dr. He is sending me for a cat scan and referring me to a surgeon. The only symptoms I have other than the swelling is when I walk, I get pain like a knife cutting my neck. Anyone ever hear of this because I have yet to find anyone who has this symptom.
Avatar n tn Hello and hope you are doing well. If the swelling moves while swallowing it is most probably from the thyroid gland. Enlargement of the thyroid gland is called goitre. It could be due to infections, inflammations, deficiencies of iodine/thyroxine or nodules. Please consult your primary care physician who will do an initial assessment and may ask for a thyroid hormone profile, ultrasonography of the thyroid, and sometimes a CT scan to detect the cause for goitre.
Avatar n tn I was told i have a swollen salivary gland. i am in alot of pain. everytime i swallow its like needles in my ear and throat. what can i do to reduce the swelling and get rid of the pain. i m currently taking antibiotics. but its been 5 days and the pain does not subside.
Avatar n tn The child's symptoms begin with sore throat (which can be mild), fever, headache, abdominal pain, and swollen glands in the neck. After 1-2 days of these symptoms, the child develops a rash on the body that is red and has a sandpaper texture. After 7-14 days, the rash sloughs off. Oral antibiotics are needed in this case to prevent the complication of rheumatic fever.
Avatar n tn Unfourtnalty a swollen gland appeared under my neck 2 days ago. There is no pain when I touch it what so ever, I told my father about this and he said I had them as a child swollen glands appearing out of no where with no pain, could this be history repeating its self? Or could this be the first sign of a HIV infection? Please reply back Doc.