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Avatar m tn I have pain in between the shoulder blade of my left shoulder when i put my arm up and stretch to the right i can feel the pain between increasing,also i have problems in sitting without support to my neck ,i get neck pain neat to the top part of the shoulder and the point where neck joins the spine.Also i feel that my lower left shoulder is unrelaxed when sitting,always causes kind of tied up feeling. I had gone to a doctor x rays of the neck and shoulder were fine.
Avatar n tn hi i had been suffering with constant pain like yours for over a year i googled in stretches for neck and shoulder pain and by god they really helped it all tension and doing the stretches for a few days days really worked also i used hot and cold packs hope you try this
Avatar f tn About 16 months ago i begain to have pain in my right shoulder assicated with a small knot as time went on the knot got bigger and now i suffer from from pain that starts with my right shoulder but then it goes up my neck and all the way down my right arm the major pain is in my shoulder and the top part of my arm and the rest of my arm has this tigglling num feeling that is painful and as of few months ago i have a samll knot on the left sife of my shoulder with the same begaining pain that st
Avatar f tn In february 2011 I had to have neck surgery from c-3 to c-7 fusion on each disk and a plate with 7 screws. There was pain after the surgery and nerve damage in the neck and both shoulders and arms. I have not been able to work since then nor have I been able to do any of the things that I did before the accident. I tried everything that I was asked to try, therapy, stimulator, hot pads, nothing worked. For the last 6 months my pain level has increased.
Avatar m tn In the last year or so, I have developed pain wiht typing. The pain occurs in the my shoulder, my neck and my upper back, especially in my shoulder blades and under my arms in the rib area. Also the pain seems to be worse on my right side from the side of my neck down to my right shoudler and shoulder blade. I also get a knot in the middle of my back. I have tried PT to strengthen my back, but with no help. The pain kept returning. I have tried antiinflammatories and muscle relaxers.
Avatar f tn i have had shoulder and neck pain for the past 3 years. initially it was less but became very serious that things on my right hand dropped just like that and had the neck region swollen. i was given pain killers by the doctors. i had gone for physiotherapy sessions which were very painful. they suggested accupressure and i attended the allotted sessions and had a lot of relief but the pain has returned very severely. kindly suggest me the needful steps to be taken.
Avatar n tn I would get sharp and shooting pains that went from my neck all the way down my shoulder and down my arm and through my right thumb and forefinger. The sensation is like if you put your arm on an electrified fence and held it there. If the pain gets exceedingly worse, it would be time to go see a neurologist or someone who specializes in spinal injuries or surgery.
Avatar n tn For the past one year, i have been taken to the ER a couple of times where i was treated for pinched nerve, neck pain, muscle strain, sprained neck and back and muscle spasm. The pain on my neck and shoulder is getting worse. Sometimes the pain on my shoulder shoot down my arm and my arm swells up. There will be tingling, numbness, weakness. Could someone please tell me what is going on. Before the injury, i was not having any pain but now, i cannot go a day without pain Please help.
Avatar f tn my pain level stays between 3 and 5 i have had steroid shots in my neck and shoulder which did not work at all, i have been out of work since june 2008 and there is no way i can do my job with the amount of pain i have in my neck. i am at a total loss right now i cant take the pain any longer. Is this type of thing normal. I need some advice on what to do next.
Avatar n tn Six months ago, I strained my muscle between my neck and shoulder, after running. Sometimes, the pain started at the base of the skull and at times my shoulder. I went to the doctor and took a xray that did not show a dislocated or herinated disc. I went on vacation and did not run but swim. I was free of pain. I have started back to running and thepain is back. What could be wrong?
Avatar f tn I was in a car crash last april and have a right shoulder injury and neck pain. I had 12 weeks of physio after and had my last session in dec. I have been ok since unitl two weeks ago.I have the pain back again. I was studying for my mock exams and doing a lots of writting could this have made it worse? please help! I am worried because i am doing my real exams in may. I am in alot of pain and scared to go to doctor because he might tell me I cann't do my exam.
Avatar n tn Symptoms (in general from herniated discs in the cervical region and lumbar region) suggesting the need for urgent surgery includes muscle weakness, loss of bowel or bladder control, loss of sensation, particularly in the pelvis and severe and progressive pain. This will need to be decided upon by your PCP and/or neurologist. Lastly, where is your pain? Is it associated with the bulging disc or is it caused by the actual car wreck?
Avatar f tn I keep getting knots in my neck and shoulders and both my neck and shoulders ache on an off, any reason as to why this keep s happening?
Avatar n tn You're right, inflammation of the shoulder wouldn't explain the neck pain. Shoulder pain can refer to the mid and upper back, however a more likely scenario would be that you might have a nerve that's slightly pinched in your neck. That would explain the upper back and shoulder pain, because nerves in the neck refer pain to both those places. All you probably need is some anti-inflammatory meds and sometime in Physical Therapy to stretch and strengthen those neck muscles.
Avatar f tn For two months had swollen lymphnode in my neck left side . went to Dr. And they claim blood work is all ok and that there is a pen tip spot in there but said nothing is wrong .
Avatar n tn McB is right. Goodness knows, all kinds of problems can cause neck, shoulder and back pain and the number one reason, believe it or not; as I am told by my doctor, is poor posture. That is in the absence of any structual problems in those areas, like degenerative changes caused by arthritis, disks problems, overuse of those muscles or even muscle tension.
Avatar f tn They will be able to do nerve conduction tests to find any nerve that might be under pressure from something that cant be seen on an x-ray.The extreme cold makes the nerve pain worse in my neck,head and shoulder all the way down to my fingers.The feeling is like being pricked by a thousand needles and feels like I am standing by a bon fire,with cramping and muscle spasms,numbness.If this sounds like anything that you might be going through,you ought to go see your family doctor like I said.
Avatar f tn It really hurts and at times the pain radiates down my shoulder. It is on both sides of neck. Should I be concerned about this? I am a heavy smoker.
975514 tn?1324997938 Is it possible to have a goiter you cannot detect? I am having the unfortunate situation of having to self diagnose. I have been to dozens of doctors, have Grave's and Hashi's in my family- and have lots of health problems. Last year I had a shoulder surgery that has left me in more pain. I am wondering now if I may have a thyroid problem, undetected. I have posted a few times within the past couple of days. I finally have an endo appt. scheduled.
Avatar n tn I've been having alot of neck, left shoulder and behind my left ear pain. Its not regular.if i take rest it goes away but when i lift my 10 months old baby(8 kg) for even 20 min in my left arm its comes out.if i do some light physical work(in kitchen or home) it increases it spreads in my back and goes up behind the ear.when i come to office i get rest, pain decreases.i am software engg. by profession.
Avatar n tn It starts and goes through my collar bone area and up the side of my neck. It happens 50+ times a day, and is really interfering with my life. I can find no trigger for it, or anyway to get it to stop. Although each instance only last maybe a few seconds, it feels like forever, and happens often. I dont know if the back and shoulder pain are related, but because both are on my left side, I thought they might be. Has anyone experienced these symptoms, or know of anything they might be?
Avatar m tn ve since recovered, sometimes when I do exercises that involve shoulder and neck movement, the injury comes back. There's pain in the exact same spot and my shoulder starts to sag. Other times, the injury doesn't come back, but I feel like there may be a nerve snapping about around my shoulder blade. Can any give me insights on how I can go about fixing it?
Avatar f tn I've had this problem for more than an year now. I was once studying at night and fell asleep on my study table. Woke up early in the morning and found my pain and back aching. Didn't seem much of a problem at that time. However the pain increased by afternoon. I didn't consider it any major thing and turned my head a bit sideways. It helped. Sort of. Momentarily. The pain became persistent and I again turned my head. This sort of became a habit and I've still been doing it!
Avatar m tn I wonder if it was a mis-diagnosis or half-diagnosis, and it makes me question whether the nerve pinching issues is actually at the shoulder RATHER than the neck. Regardless, the issue is no longer in my neck and shoulder, but in my neck, shoulder, and back. It's difficult to even pinpoint the pain. It's like one big, sore clump spawning from mid-back to shoulder to neck. DIFFICULTY SPEAKING: One of the red flags I'm experiencing is difficulty speaking.