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Avatar f tn I got some pretty heavy duty pain meds whilst at the hospital, which worked, but I mainly asked for state of mind. Other then that, not really, no. Did you ever have an ultrasound? Cause bubby could be ectopic.. I'm sorry for your loss.
Avatar m tn I stopped going to WalMart because they where rude and treated me like a drug addict I didn't choice this chronic pain I pray every night that,my pain levels will go down and I didn't have to depend on pain meds to have a quality of life I,now goto a private owned pharmacy and they treat me with respect and don't make me feel,horrible for having to take my pain medication
Avatar f tn Did your Dr make the switch because the Norco was no longer helping your pain? I'm asking because it's not that uncommon for a pain medication to quit being as effective as it once was. Our bodies get used the medications and that's usually why we're switched to a different one. Or, some Pain specialists will do this about every year to keep us from building up a tolerance. I also went from Norco to Percocet recently because the Norco was no longer helping my pain.
Avatar f tn Im a ftm and wondering about other pain meds during labor. Im so scared to get an epidural cause i hate being numb. Im in Canada so the drugs they give us here might be different in other countries.
Avatar f tn if i dont go into labor ill be induced in the morning... what i want to know is what pain meds do they give you besides the epi?? im kind of scared to get the epi and want to know what other pain meds are good and help really well ...
Avatar f tn Is there any other pain meds beside the epidural that you can get while in labor?.
Avatar n tn I am trying to get a grip on this and questions just keep popping up!! I take pain meds (vicodin) for my back pain and a sleeping pill. Will the docs still prescribe these in treating hep c?
Avatar f tn ve had 3 back surgeries and take mostly ibuprofen now and ultram every now n then, but its like baby aspirin, lol. Also was prescibed Clonidine to help with withdrawl. Why ru on pain meds and what are your plans?
Avatar f tn Yes there are drugs stronger than oxycodone. He has most likely built up a tolerance to his medication. The dosage can be changed, a different medication altogether can be used, or a combination of medications can be tried. I have been on narcotic therapy for over 15 years and have been on almost every opiate available in this country. I have a great pain specialist that "rotates" my opiates as needed.
Avatar m tn Approx three weeks ago I went back on my normal pain meds take 2 per every 8 hrs for pain. Prior to the oper. I also was prescribed 800 mg ibupro for work but can't take these or any aspirin ever again. My pain management doctor discontinued these and put me on tylenol apap 350 mg twice a day while at work and these don't help at all for the pain (pain level always 7-8).
Avatar f tn t get comfortable, cant sleep, and just plain feel like tearing your skin off. Just get off the pain meds period I know its hard but do it. I also suffer from depression but I am wondering if taking the pills caused it. Tramadol grabbed ahold of me in no time before I even realized it untill one day I ran out and got terribly sick and then I knew I was in trouble. If you are taking anything for depression you SHOULD NOT take tramadol!!
1316708 tn?1310916182 m Kind of in a bad way ...How do I control pain from here on out? Been on the Pain Meds for pain that I have but After all these years of Methadone I wanted off. I also think that maybe if I'm off , Maybe there is no Pain..It feels allot like this feels..hurts to my bone...You see I had cancer not just once but 2 times and I Just got off Chemo about 2 months ago and I was finally feeling good and thought I got to kick this habit.....
Avatar f tn Please look in to a 2nd opinion, a physiatrist, try not to get in to stronger pain meds until you know exactly what is going on. I think something is, we know our bodies. Take care.