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Avatar f tn OK, since I've said I'm a CA girl and no one else is stepping up, I'll start it. I grew up in Bakersfield, CA, sometimes called the Armpit of CA. That's because it sits about in the crook (if you look at the map). Or, it could be b/c it smells. Lots of dairies around that place. Bakersfield's roots are heavy in Country Western. Merle Haggard and Buck Owens are from there. Courtney music probably put it on the map. Agriculture is also heavy.
Avatar f tn lol for awhile i was i got moms in cali but they were like in bakersfield and stuff.
Avatar f tn No but l live close to Bakersfield ca (:
Avatar f tn Does anyone know where I can get a car seat? Last ke for extremely cheap?
Avatar m tn He has been in and out of rehabs throughout Southern California for the last two years. His last stint was at the Teen Challenge facility in Bakersfield, CA. He was there for two weeks and left New Years Eve, 12/31/09. No one has heard from him since. Do you think by sending him to another facility out of state could help him complete a program? He's always stated he knows everyone in California, would there be a difference? Would I be enabling him by doing this?
Avatar n tn s pavilion Lancaster, ca. it is either there or Bakersfield because I live in mountains between the two. I love cedar Sinai. My son was flown there after he was born and stayed till he was 3 months old. They have an amazing NICU and saved his life.
Avatar m tn I have done my research on the web for my particular pain issue. Usually the site will tell you but if your not sure, do the research and then call the doctor directly. That is how I have found my doctors but usually the big hospitals take Medicare. (CA) Unfortunately the big hospitals have their own politics and the waiting line is long for procedures etc. I had one hospital where I saw the doctor (had to wait a month for the appt.) then they scheduled me for the procedure a month later.
Avatar f tn As mentioned from the other post, while sodium bicarbonate is promoted by some alternative practitioners as a cancer management. treatment, this clam is not supported by clinical evidence and is contrary to widely-accepted basic facts of oncology and microbiology. It is best that you discuss the management plan with your attending physician and ask a referral also for such treatment in your area if possible. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn I am still tired and suffer many symptoms but I can get some chores done in the evening and work in my garden a bit. The Midodrine just makes me feel horrible. I live in Bakersfield, Ca and the heat here is intense so we have to be careful. We, meaning my 25 year old daughter and me. We both have Dysautonomia (my daughter has POTS). My daughter is also taking the Mestinon bid along with her Midodrine and has noticed a marked improvement as well.
Avatar f tn Insurance weirdly denied my request for a second opinion ns at UCLA but instead approved a ns at USC. Let's just say they are rivals. When I called because I thought it was requesting nl instead of ns they told me that the reason for the USC doctor was because no UCLA doctor would come to bakersfield. Yahoo I get to see my ns where I live. I'm guessing it happened because of the hospital is in Bakersfield that the insurance covers.
Avatar f tn Do you guys know any good doctors that will help with pain management in northren Ca. I would like to get off this pills however I gotta do it slowly otherwise I feel like I am killing myself. Can you help!?