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Avatar m tn Well,just keep an eye out. 10 years is a long time so he is going to guard that,I think. Be supportive.It's difficult to be in pain when there's addiction. The line gets blurry with pain/pleasure. But,I have a feeling,as I said,that he'll guard this. Just watch the pill count if you can. He's mostly going to be in pain,get relief and need company like everyone does. You could also ask him what role he'd like you to play. Keeper of the pills? To dole out every four hours?
Avatar n tn what will help me with w/d doing pergnant dr just took me off pain killer and im 7months
Avatar f tn My fiancee was a Nigerian living in Lagos, we were just about to get married. She has been taking Fortwin for 5 years, due to a severe chronic hip joint pain. She used to take about 450 ml daily (15 ampoules of 30 ml each, IV). Eventually she died of Acute Liver Failure. My friend, I beg you, please stop doing Fortwin, it's an insidious killer, beside being a pain killer. Best regards.
Avatar m tn t until a few months later when I started to feel the effects the accident had on my body. I had back pain, neck pain, joint pain, leg pain, basically if you could list a body part it hurt. This pain seemed to get especially worse with cold weather. Long story short, I went to a number of doctors and was eventually recommended to a pain management doctor.
5945713 tn?1377138782 t put poison along with the pain killer, your liver would be fine. You should really consider switching to a opiate pain killer that doesn't have acetaminophen in it, it will spare your liver any more damage. They currently have a hydrocodone pain killer called Zohydro ER and Hysingla ® ER that are extended release hydrocodone pain killers WITHOUT acetaminophen. I highly recommend you talk to your doctors about these medications, if you are still around that is.
Avatar n tn my pain has actually been reduced.. I now take motrin 800 when bad.. while in active addiction our brain sends out signals to increase the pain the body feels in order to get more opiate..and as our tolerance grows our addiction grows out of control.. But a addict first must admit they have a addiction problem.. You can not do it for him.. but you can be a great support.. have you spoken to his Dr. Do you know how much he is using a day..
Avatar m tn If you're planning on coming off of a pain killer with another pain killer, you're only setting yourself up for allowing yourself to pick up yet another addiction. So many people out there will tell you that since Tramadol isn't a narcotic pain killer, it isn't addictive. There are hundreds of members here on the forums that will tell you differently. I'd advise you not to take the Tramadol while coming off of another pain killer.
Avatar m tn The pain want go away over night. This pain killer is very addictive. Used for 3 yrs. you may need to see a Doc. and tell him whats going on with Meds. You might need a lower mg Med. to keep you from bad withdrawals. Get in a support group NA. meeting. You will hear others stories how they was able to stay clean this will help if you go and listen .One day at a time. Let go let God or Higher power. You can do it.
Avatar f tn I was diagnosed with IC 3 years ago, and take a nerve pain killer for another condition that I've heard prescribed for IC - neurontin- it doesn't help for me, neither do the anti seizure pills I've taken for migraines. You might try a partial agonist opiate, like tramadol, partial agonists make addiction much less likely, but, of course, are no where near as potent. You can find a lot of info about partial agonists and how they work on Wikipedia, of all places ! Goog Luck!
Avatar f tn my DOC was different to yours but addiction is addiction. There is no miracle, easy, pain free way to get through it. You have to taper/c/t/w/d.... you go through a few days of **** and then you start living again, feeling again, breathing again, med free.... whatever you have to go through to get there, I and so many other people will tell you that it's alot better than taking the meds. I wish you well and lots of luck and hope you can get through the bad to get to the good xoxoxox.
Avatar f tn lisa--nubain is the "pain killer" given to a woman when she is having contractions in the hospital. it also speeds up the contractions and the dialation. it helps. nothing is like an epidual but it "takes the edge off" the contractions some. i dont know how she'd be getting nubain tho???? never heard of it on the streets. only given to preg women in labor.
10870053 tn?1416581194 Okay so I'm having some killer pain in my back. I can't sit up, lay down or anything without my back hurting BAD.