Pain in left breast when coughing

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Avatar n tn I had asthmatic bronchits a few months ago and was coughing constantly very hard. Since then I have had a severe pain in my left breast and under it in the bone when I cough sneeze, breath in or blow my nose, It is so tender. I have had a breast sonogram and nothing showed. What can it be? I am in so much pain everyday.
Avatar n tn After the pneumonia was starting to get better, the coughing persisted and I was on nebulizer treatments and cough syrup with codeine. I have had for over 3 weeks now, pain in the left side, possibly intercostal area and it becomes so bad I can barely turn over in bed at night or when I cough or sneeze. I had regular x rays which show no fracture or lesions. Is there more I can do to help lessen the pain and also find out why I have this pain.
Avatar f tn My problem started three moths ago .I have had fever ,cough,sinus.i took my daughter's antibiotic,I started to feel little better ,but I was coughing with phlegm and had sinus problem.I went to the doc.he prescribed (azithromycin)but it didn't help.I still have had similar symptoms with no fever.One day I coughed and it felt like something was cracked then i started to feel pain which wasn't severe went to emergency room.
1682264 tn?1305027291 I had an upper respitory infection for a couple of weeks and the coughing was really bad!! Now I have this severe pain in upper left rib care area. Pain goes from right under the breast on left side over to my side. The doctor gave me IBprophen 800 but it is barely even touching the pain. Hurts to breath. HORRIBLE pain when I cough or sneeze. Even just sitting here it hurts, also seems to be worse laying down. Any suggestions??? Could I have cracked my rib/bruised it from coughing maybe?
7201693 tn?1389170591 can you tear or pull a muscle in your breast from coughing? I have asthma and COPD and I felt this searing pain in my right breast after huge cough and a bout of sneezing that followed.
Avatar m tn I have had chronic cough issues now for 3 months, during these coughing spells I have had a hard, painful lump appear under left rib, when in bending position only if im leaning over something, It goes away when I straighten up, it hurts like hell. I went to the doctor the firs time she felt there but said theres nothing, maybe muscle strain... great right? well it went away and came back a couple of days ago.
Avatar f tn I have not coughed in a few days. I am still hurting in my left breast. If I move a certain way it feels like there is a sharp ripping pain in my breast. Could this be a pulled muscle or something else? I have had pulled muscle before. This feels so much worse. Should I go back to the doc?
Avatar n tn I have had a dull ache iin my right breast and underarm for about 2 weeks I have taken muscle relaxants and paracetamol which seem to help but the pain returns after several hours, It is painful on my right side when carrying a bag and a dullo ache in my breast when bending down. I also have a bruised feeling at the top of my shoulder by by neck. I also have some discomfort in my breast when coughing. I do not have any skin changes or discharge from my breast.
Avatar f tn I'm 27, and have been experiencing pain in my left breast, under arm and upper rib cage. I have had implants for 6 years, and recently been lifting a lot as well. I've had a runny nose and coughing a lot but I'm not sure what's going on.
Avatar n tn I am suffering from exactly the same breast pain under my breast although it has spread to under my left breast as well. I am on anti biotics and since then i have the heart burn feeling as though somthing is stuck. I was up all night unable to sleep and am not sure whether to stop anti biotics or keep going please help!
Avatar f tn I had it on for about 2 hours while we sat at the dining room table and played cards and ate dinner, and I started getting really uncomfortable in the bra, and thought I had a little pain underneath my right breast. After his friends left, when I took off the bra, I DEFINITELY was in pain! I happened to walk by the bathroom mirror and saw a large bruise (mostly purple shades) underneath my right breast. The bone underneath is sore, too.
Avatar n tn I get a pain sometimes in my upper left quadrant triggered by vomiting, coughing or sneezing, or maybe even twisting in an unusual position. It started probably about 23 years ago when I got a sharp pain after I had vomited. It doesn't happen that often, but it has been happening more frequently. I do have a history of having very severe cough, and I did vomit a lot with all my pregnancies. Now when it happens, I can even feel a hardness or knot in the area where the pain is.
Avatar m tn I'm not sure what is causing this, but I have a cold and everytime I cough hard I get severe head pain. While I'm coughing it feels like something exploding in my head. The pain is her intense and travels up the left side of my neck, behind my left ear, up to my left temple, and behind my left eye. When I finish coughing the pain dulls, but I'm often left with a low grade headache for the rest of the day.
Avatar f tn I have a major pain in left breast and surrounding area-my doctor said I might have pulled a muscle from coughing (bad smokers cough plus had bronchitis) this pain really hurts-I can not get up from bed without holding my chest and trying to stop the pain should I wait and see if it heals itself?
Avatar m tn I have taken the normal over the counter drugs and feel better but my lungs are still coughing up clear mucus. A pain developed in my back on the right side only when I cough, then It included the left side and now seems to be including my front left abdomen. I am a 64 year old male and have COPD. I don't normally see a doctor with cold symptoms but the pain only when I cough has me concerned. Any Ideas would be appreciated.
Avatar m tn I have had the flu this year the first time ever I am 46 years old, during the flu I had a hard time breathing my doctor gave me a breathing machine, I then developed strep throat I am over this a long with the coughing I hadd. But now I have had this pain under my left breast it seem to be on top of the upper rib, it is a little swollen, I thought at first I bruised a rib but I have had not bruising. It hurt when I move or have my bra on, it hurts to the tough or pressing on it.
1531644 tn?1292099055 I've had a really bad cold for almost a month now. It got better, then it turned into tonsillitis. After taking antibiotics that has cleared but the sever coughing has continued. Here is the real mystery. I have noticed there's a bad tenderness, soreness to the skin under my left breast over the rib cage. Just on the one side. There's no redness so far, only really sore. What could be causing this?
Avatar n tn Do you have a cough or are you coughing up mucus or anything? I had that pain when I was like 8 ish and I went to the er for it and ended up having phenomena on my left side.
Avatar n tn During the Thanksgiving holiday, while driving I was coughing and felt severe pain in my pulmonary artery section of the chest. Then I was coughing harder and felt a pop lower in my chest and deeper (near the coronary section-I believe). The pain was so severe that I needed to pull over immediately and stop the car from moving as I layed my head back to deal with the pain. The pain increased in severity so much that I cried so badly tears drained from my eyes to the top of my ears.
Avatar f tn but since this morn, i have had extreme pain in my left ovary (i think) when i cough. could i have pulled a muscle or ripped some thing, or damaged my ovary, im so sore, when i cough it kills.
Avatar n tn i have heavyness under my left breast..with a constant pain opposit in the top part of my back..can that do with the fact that my gp told me i have emphysema copd...
Avatar f tn I have been weak, have a lot of mucus and frequent coughing. Now the ridge under my left breast seems to increase in size and gives me extreme pain all around my left chest area when I move my are, take a deep breast, or cough. I read that another member was having this back in 2008 and it was suggested that it could be a type of fibrosis. Has anyone had this combination of problems? Could they be connected? FYI: I have been gradually weaned from 80mg of prednisone down to 20mg.
Avatar n tn Sometimes there can be a hematoma or muscle injury. The difficulty in breathing coughing etc could be due to pain. Do discuss this with your doctor and get yourself examined. Hope this helps. Please let me know if there is any thing else and do keep me posted. Take care!
Avatar n tn Hi there, It is common to experience pain in the breasts if you have cough which can be due to any condition like bronchitis, pneumonia.Any arthritis in your sternum can cause breast pain while coughing or taking deep breaths .Other causes are a pulled muscle in your chest wall or a rib fracture etc.It can be determined only after a complete medical history and clinical examination whether the pain is originating from the chest or breasts. Seek the opinion of a primary care physician.