Pain in left breast when coughing

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1682264 tn?1305027291 I had an upper respitory infection for a couple of weeks and the coughing was really bad!! Now I have this severe pain in upper left rib care area. Pain goes from right under the breast on left side over to my side. The doctor gave me IBprophen 800 but it is barely even touching the pain. Hurts to breath. HORRIBLE pain when I cough or sneeze. Even just sitting here it hurts, also seems to be worse laying down. Any suggestions??? Could I have cracked my rib/bruised it from coughing maybe?
7201693 tn?1389170591 can you tear or pull a muscle in your breast from coughing? I have asthma and COPD and I felt this searing pain in my right breast after huge cough and a bout of sneezing that followed.
Avatar n tn I have had a dull ache iin my right breast and underarm for about 2 weeks I have taken muscle relaxants and paracetamol which seem to help but the pain returns after several hours, It is painful on my right side when carrying a bag and a dullo ache in my breast when bending down. I also have a bruised feeling at the top of my shoulder by by neck. I also have some discomfort in my breast when coughing. I do not have any skin changes or discharge from my breast.
Avatar n tn I am suffering from exactly the same breast pain under my breast although it has spread to under my left breast as well. I am on anti biotics and since then i have the heart burn feeling as though somthing is stuck. I was up all night unable to sleep and am not sure whether to stop anti biotics or keep going please help!
Avatar f tn I have a major pain in left breast and surrounding area-my doctor said I might have pulled a muscle from coughing (bad smokers cough plus had bronchitis) this pain really hurts-I can not get up from bed without holding my chest and trying to stop the pain should I wait and see if it heals itself?
Avatar n tn its in chest and right under left rib cage it started in my upper left side right under my ribs thats why my doc thought it was intestional now it hurts all the way up to my left arm like someone socked me in my left breast and its sore.
Avatar m tn I have had the flu this year the first time ever I am 46 years old, during the flu I had a hard time breathing my doctor gave me a breathing machine, I then developed strep throat I am over this a long with the coughing I hadd. But now I have had this pain under my left breast it seem to be on top of the upper rib, it is a little swollen, I thought at first I bruised a rib but I have had not bruising. It hurt when I move or have my bra on, it hurts to the tough or pressing on it.
Avatar f tn I had it on for about 2 hours while we sat at the dining room table and played cards and ate dinner, and I started getting really uncomfortable in the bra, and thought I had a little pain underneath my right breast. After his friends left, when I took off the bra, I DEFINITELY was in pain! I happened to walk by the bathroom mirror and saw a large bruise (mostly purple shades) underneath my right breast. The bone underneath is sore, too.
1122883 tn?1259513959 i dont know if the fact that the phlem is hard to cough up matters but i have now had for the last week a pain under my left brest. like underneath it in the muscles by my ribs. i dont know if i srained it coughing too much or what but its unpleasent, i cant breath deep or stand straight, cough or really tweak that side of my body too much without it sending shooting pain. if it helps, i have been describing it to people as it feels like a rib is poking my lungs or something.
1531644 tn?1292099055 I've had a really bad cold for almost a month now. It got better, then it turned into tonsillitis. After taking antibiotics that has cleared but the sever coughing has continued. Here is the real mystery. I have noticed there's a bad tenderness, soreness to the skin under my left breast over the rib cage. Just on the one side. There's no redness so far, only really sore. What could be causing this?
Avatar n tn It's been about two days I am feeling some pain in my left chest when I deeply inhale air, it mildy hurts, im coughing, sometimes I spit yellow sputum when I first wake up in the morning, every time I cough it leaves a weird taste. I refused to go to hospital because of this pandemic and also because I felt this way a few months ago like this time is actually the fifth time I am feeling this and I somewhat knownthat it will be ok in a few days, so.
Avatar n tn Do you have a cough or are you coughing up mucus or anything? I had that pain when I was like 8 ish and I went to the er for it and ended up having phenomena on my left side.
Avatar f tn Im so tired aswell all i wont to do is sleep and have sore breast?? Im a proper worri wort is it natural to be so tired and sore.??
624829 tn?1240755671 however, from yesterday, i have developed a severe strain kind of a pain in the right upper rib cage just below the breast, which is constant...when i cough i have to hold my right breast so that it does not pain much...would like to know the cause of this strain like pain and whether any tests are there a problem with my breast or rib cage ? I am 55 yrs. Pl do respond. Thank you so much.
155534 tn?1275412255 I started getting this sharp localized pain in my lower right chest area. Right undermy right breast(I mean right where my breast ends).It is so painful. It started out just hurting when I coughed ..but now it hurts all the time. It is the worst when I sneeze, cough, breath deeply or move in certain positions.But it is a constant doesn't go away at all. Luckily I'm hardly coughing at all anymore.I'm also getting very light headed especially apon standing .What could this be?
Avatar n tn suddenly pain started in my left breast, from middle of the breast to uterus already removed 2 years before. I am 50 years old. There is no lump in breast. no boil or redness on skin. What is the reason?
Avatar n tn Hi there, It is common to experience pain in the breasts if you have cough which can be due to any condition like bronchitis, pneumonia.Any arthritis in your sternum can cause breast pain while coughing or taking deep breaths .Other causes are a pulled muscle in your chest wall or a rib fracture etc.It can be determined only after a complete medical history and clinical examination whether the pain is originating from the chest or breasts. Seek the opinion of a primary care physician.
Avatar n tn The area on my back that hurts is directly behind the pain I have been feeling when I breathe in which is under my left breast. Could I have strained a muscle? Should i go to a doctor or will it go away on its own? I am 35.
Avatar m tn Woke up today noticing pain in my diaphram area when I cough. Pain is limited to instant of coughing. Yes, I am overweight - I think that may have to do with it...but not sure. First time ever experiencing this; 55 y/o, quit smoking 2001. No respiratory symptoms history. Had MRI done a year ago or so - completely normal.
Avatar f tn Since last two months i have pain right below and behind my right breast, it never goes even with a gel or pain killer. It comes with coughing and sneezing or in certain lying postures or when i lift some weight. i cant figure out whether its a breast related problem or ribs? my gp has refered me to a breast clinic and chest x-ray. which one should i go for? my breasts are normal. 30 years old, married, 2 kids.
Avatar m tn Mam when my testicle are hanging low they look normal but as they come up some times I notice a painless lump above my left testicle in scotrum and its painless movable as when I press it it disappears what is it and even m feeling like vomiting,coughing,i did gym at home without supporter at home for some days so is it hernia??????
Avatar m tn Thanks for thinking about this. It's not under my breasts, It's on top of and just under the surface of the skin. I'm a 36 D, so I don't think I would confuse muscle pain under my breast with surface pain? Maybe pain from the muscle is radiating through to the surface? Although I'm not really using the pecs much when coughing, am I? It's odd. Someone posted the same question here in 2012 with no answers except references to 'chest' pain, which is not the same.
Avatar f tn I have had a pretty bad pain in my left breast, slong the outside and the bottom along my ribs for 3 months now. Prior to this, I had bronchitis for a while. My cough finally subsided about 2 weeks ago, but the pain is worse. It goes to my back at times, and my left side has now noticably larger then my right.
Avatar n tn to you but I have fibrocystic breasts, my left is worse than my right. I have pain in the left side of my chest due to that and it does not always feel like breast pain but it is. The severity depends on how much food and drink I consume that contains caffeine. It's a thought. Best of luck to you. Please keep us posted and take care.
Avatar f tn i just got hit really hard in my left breast and it is now starting to bruise and in one spot it looks like some capillaries have burst, it is really starting to hurt around my nipple now.
Avatar f tn I noticed mild breast pain yesterday but didn’t feel my breast heavy, I usually get tender breast before my period so It didn’t concern me that my left breast felt in pain. Until today when it was in more pain, I decided to go to urgent care, and dr told me I have an infection. She told me she was concerned because I’ve never been pregnant and I’m not breastfeeding. She says it concerns her that I developed an infection, she will send me to get a mammogram and an ultrasound.