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Avatar n tn My brother in law started having heel pain about five days ago, now the pain is starting to go up his leg, what do you think this sounds like? and what can he do for this as far as treatment? Thanks for taking the time to answer!!
Avatar n tn I have plantar fasciitis and it came on all of a sudden in pretty much the same area you described, left side of heel of right foot. It is now on my left heel, in right side of heel. Have you been on your feet more recently? Increased your exercise? Mine came on after increasing exercise. Currently, I am stretching it at least once per day, doing some strengthening exercises 2-3 times per week. I also apply ice 1 time per day for about 15 minutes when I need to.
Avatar f tn I have a pain in my heel that only happens if I bend over with my knees straight. I also feel it if I flex my foot up. It feels like somthing is being torn and that I am being stabbed with something sharp. It doesn't hurt if I bend my knee before I bend over.
Avatar m tn The heel pain could mean you have heel spurs or you could have a condition as I do that you have worn away the fat pads that protect the heel bone from taking the pressure when standing for long periods or when walking. I know my heels feel bruised a lot of times if I have to stand for very long or have to walk very much.
10817881 tn?1422287520 anyone get sharp heel pain when they stretch their calf muscle? It hurts and I'm not sure what it is.
Avatar n tn The pain is a hot pain that goes from the side of my heel up about 3 inches toward my achilies tendon.
484160 tn?1343397921 The heel pain sounds like what I had a few years ago. I attributed it to weight gain and bad shoes and age. I went out and spent a couple hundred bucks on some awesome shoes and the pain went away for a while. Later, I noticed it was coming back, mostly while in bed at night, and it didn't matter if anything touched my feet or not. I could lie on my tummy and put my feet in the air and still have pain. I eventually attributed it to the Lupus or Sjogrens.
973741 tn?1342342773 So, work out friends, I have a problem. One heel has a lot of pain. It's been ongoing since early July. I had gone to my son's boy scout camp and wore tennis shoes. I think I walked about 10 miles through gravel, wood trails, up and down hills and steps. My little piggies were swollen and tired after that! But worse, my left heel hurt like crazy. And . . .it still hurts. I've had plantar faciaitis before.
Avatar f tn About a month and a half ago, I got up in the morning with a sharp pain in my right heel. Somedays it is tolerable and other days I am unable to stand and walk. I am 54 and in good health. I had a bone density test done several months ago and no signs of arthritis or osteoporous. Have had no injuries to the foot. What could be causing this pain?
Avatar f tn Over the past few weeks I've been experiencing a lot of pain in my left heel. I have back issues due to which I've had to spend a lot of time on my feet and that's probably triggered something. Are there special shoes I can wear to prevent further foot fatigue or use special inserts to make it better? Thanks for your help!
Avatar m tn A month after the fall the thigh had healed perfectly but I had some bad heel pain that prevented me from training because of the pain. I went to the doctor that took x-rays of it and nothing showed so he injected me with anti-inflammatory steroids, which did not help. after that did not show any improvements I had 2 MRI's taken of it and nether of then showed anything abnormal. now 9 months later Im still feeling this pain in my heel and the last 1 month it has been worse and worse.
Avatar m tn i have a burning, shooting pain that feels almost electrical in my left heel. when it happens, it is really intense but then it goes away after a few minutes. it comes and goes like that, particularly after a long walk or after tennis. i am very active and try to get exercise every day of the week. i went to a podiatrist and he said it was achille's tendonitis and to rest it for a few weeks. i did and it continues to happen. is there any other possible reason for why? thanks.
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Avatar f tn either directly caused by MS or if your gate is abnormal your MS could of indirectly caused a heel injury and on the other hand, heel pain is a common problem within the general population, so it could feasibly have absolutely nothing at all to do with your MS. This lists common causes of heel pain, it isn't the best but it is very easy to understand and worth reading to give you some idea of what it might be....
Avatar n tn The heel's on both feet have been so painful it is hard to walk. They feel bruised. Most mornings they don't hurt until I have been walking around a little while. What would cause heel pain? Would neuropathy cause this? Thanks!
Avatar m tn I fell from a height a few weeks ago, I landed on my feet but crumpled after experiencing what felt like a sprained right ankle and acute right heel pain. After 2 weeks my ankle had made significant progress and was recovering but my heel is still so painful I have to walk on tip toes to avoid putting weight on it. I got an xray but apparently there was no sign of fractures.
459853 tn?1283140514 For the last week I have noticed this pain in my left heel. It started after mowing the lawn and twisting my foot and almost falling over, mower and all, when my foot tell into a rut in the grass. The next day it was quite painful, enough to wake me from a dead sleep. When at rest it feels like I'm stepping on a small metal ball dead center in the middle of my heel. There is also some pain on the inside of my foot between the ankle and Achilles tendon.
Avatar f tn I feel a sharp, stabbing pain, as if someone takes a needle and jabs it into my heel. It only lasts for a couple of seconds, then it's gone and I feel no pain at all.
Avatar n tn The pain is on the bottom of my foot at the heel just near the arch in the daytime and at night at the back of the heel when I am laying on my back. I bought some walking shoes for plantars fasciitis and they have running shoes at You need to stretch your achilles tendon basically too. It could potentially be a heel spur but they have to Xray it to confirm that. hope this helps. Also, putting gel heels from Dr. scholes (spelling?
Avatar m tn Many patients with plantar fasciitis have a heel spur on the front and bottom of their heel, but heel spurs do not cause pain. Top of the foot can cause pain if you have 1) inflammation of the foot as a whole or 2) tight fitting footwear and other that these causes the pain at the top of the foot and the plantar pain are not related. Take pain killers, apply ice packs and follow up with a foot specialist for a proper diagnosis if the pain does not decrease. Take care!
Avatar m tn I have no medical background but I had terrible heel pain and found those heel inserts stopped my pain in a few days. I wouldn't have thought you could use more than one at a time and I'd imagine that, if you tried, they'd overlap.