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596605 tn?1369946627 Hi Just got back from Stanford. I was seen at the pain clinic and felt that they did a very good assessment. They have some theories that makes sense and now on to more testing! Right now the #1 theory is that I may have a small CSF leak that is a culprit in this. So I am to have an indium scan. They are looking at the Trigeminal nerve and other pain syndromes. SO-things seems to be progressing.
5520965 tn?1506009040 ve taught myself how to read as best as a layman can (having done considerable research with various sites like Cleveland Clinic, Stanford etc) that discuss how to read these things, it would seem looking at it from the spine forward that the ascending portion is more than 1.5X larger and narrows through the arch to a more normal looking diameter on the descending portion. I wish I could attach the image I have, but from the scale on the image it looks to be between 4.6 and 4.
1559533 tn?1308948561 Back to Stanford I go, since all I could get out of Fresno is that its just anxiety. They can sort through the mess and maybe they will do a lip biopsy to rule in or out sjogrens. I have most recent MRI's to take with. I will keep you all updated since this is the one place I found intelligent people that seem to care. Thanks everyone for all your input, its what has kept me going.
Avatar n tn I believe Stanford has a top notch liver transplant clinic. Otherwise, you can always come up north to Oregon and go to OHSU in Portland. Both are very good. Check out their web pages and you can find out who the top docs are. Good luck. If you need a name at OHSU, I can certainly give you that, too.
5753227 tn?1375186643 I've been seen for many years at the Stanford University Hospital Liver Clinic. They provide very good care and I do hope you will get in there very soon. They do provide financial assistance to many who can't afford care, although I can't provide any details about that because I'm fortunate enough to have excellent insurance.
Avatar n tn I underwent a sleep study (polysomnography) at Stanford Sleep Disorders Clinic which diagnosed me as having UARS (Upper Airway Resistance syndrome) which is a sleep breathing disorder. Read Dr. Park's article on UARS at
Avatar n tn Hi, I would definitely try to find a doctor who takes your disease seriously ASAP. Do get in touch with the Stanford Clinic... perhaps you will be seen sooner than you think. Your symptoms sound debilitating and it sounds like you need treatment. You would definitely be able to provide supporting documents to your employer and/or insurer as HCV is not an imaginary disease. Any compassionate doctor would provide you with the necessary documents to help you out where your job is concerned.
1309256 tn?1273509406 I seen a docter at Stanford, felt ok about the consulation, but didn't get alot of info, and was told Surgery would be the only help for me. I am looking for anyone who has had surgery at Stanford with Dr. Dodd. I am trying to decide if I am ready for surgery and see how it went for someone at stanford and how there results are. I am diag with the Chiari Malformation type 1 with slight Sygromyelia. But The Sygromyelia is to small to operate on.
738075 tn?1330575844 my Neuro diagnosed me on history, neurologic exam, and a brain MRI with a bunch of lesions that didn't light up with Gd. T-Spine and C-Spine MRIs were negative, despite my symptoms and neuro exam pointing specifically at spinal cord injury problems. I'm worried the Stanford guys will take my diagnosis away. Would the fact that the Stanford guys are MS specialists take away my ability to get any kind of DMD? Maybe I'm just worrying needlessly.
Avatar f tn There is a POTS specialist at Stanford which is about 2 hours away. Her name is Dr. Karen Friday. I think she's a pretty good doctor however she is very hard to get into see as she only works at Stanford 1 morning a week.
Avatar m tn Hello. I am 53 and live in Northern California.I have been monitoring this website since being told that I had a 7 cm mass on my right ovary. It was found on a CT scan. My symptoms were all gastrointestinal, vomiting, diarrhea, bloating, loss of appetite, fullness, not even wanting to eat, etc.
974371 tn?1424653129 Reported this to the doctor (specialist at a university clinic) abpndcwas told to get an EKG done but stay on the med and give it time to work. It's been a month and I am absolutely no better!! Read on other boards this drip ugh has worked for many but not for me!!
5520965 tn?1506009040 I looked at your profile and saw that you are in northern CA, and I know there is a thoracic aortic surgery center at Stanford. In fact, the center at Stanford is reputed to be one of the best anywhere. Dr. Craig Miller there is extremely experienced at repairing thoracic aortic aneurysms. He publishes studies and teaches other doctors. With your aneurysms and with a symptom of chest pain, I would not be comfortable simply waiting two years in a holding pattern.
Avatar f tn My neurologist referred me just yesterday to the Autonomic Disorders Clinic, Stanford Neuroscience Health Center, 213 Quarry Road, Palo Alto CA 94304, (650) 723-6469.
Avatar n tn She has seen numerous qualified doctors from the likes of Stanford Hospital, Stanford University, etc, but still no one can figure out what is wrong with her eye. Any input would greatly help (aside from advising her to see an eye doctor since she has seen so many already). Thank you very much...
Avatar m tn I was hospitalized with so much pain and was released from Stanford hospital saying I had Chiari Malformation 8! Saw another NS and said it was really only a 3 or 4 and that I was not bad enough to need surgery. Two years later I'm still suffering with neck pain, headaches, dizziness every time I stand from sitting, body weakness, pressure in my head, and fullness and pressure in my ears, I'm not myself anymore. Some days are worse than others, but every morning starts the same way.
Avatar f tn if a person has a contract with pain clinic , and gets pain medicine from them, and this person goes to a doctor for something else and that doctor gives a script of pain meds and this person gets it filled will the pain mangement find out this person got it filled ?
Avatar m tn No real advice but this is becoming a chronic problem with doctors not wanting to mange chronic pain. My pain clinic said that when they have no more procedures for you they want your primary to manage it ... but the primary doesn't want to oversee narcotics long-term either. Try to find a reputable clinic that's been around a long time. I'm choosing to come off and live with the pain, at least for now, rather than risk no one writing my scripts.
Avatar f tn A pain clinic manages ur pain. Ur going to unfortunately be in pain for rest of ur life weather change will make it worse. I have some and more problems. I go to a pain clinic it helps because theres days i cant get out of bed and im 31.
1117533 tn?1258985486 Anyone recommend a good pain management clinic/MD in the Palm Coast/Flagler/Augustine area of Florida?
Avatar f tn Oh , sorry about ^ that last post. I had a myelogram and then I had 2 of those injections at the same time in my lower back.
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