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Avatar n tn The condition is inflammation that can be on both sides of the sternum (junction in the middle of the chest), but usually on one side only. The pain may be greater when in sitting or reclining and moving positions. That is an insight into a possible probability, but a heart condition can not be ruled out. Other possibilities is pericarditis and that is inflammation in the area of the space between the heart and the surrounding sac.
Avatar f tn I m 40 years. my chest pains when i took deep breath, moving my left harm and my neck...
Avatar n tn Thank you very much sir! I noticed today that if I was moving around, or when I am at work, I work in retail, that I feel much better. Could this by any chance be a factor in the fact that I dont get too much exercise, and am more of a couch potato? When I seem to be moving around and keeping busy it does not bother me nearly as much. Once again, thank you very much Paul. Take care.
Avatar n tn When I finished in the gym (After doing some Bicep and Abs workout) I felt a chest pain when I bent over, now when I breath in through my nose I can feel it too, it's also on the right side like mentioned here. Did you guys pain go away fairly quickly? It does seem to be cardio related. This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/253899'>Chest pain after exercise, not during</a>.
Avatar f tn I was walking down the hall and hugged her. I felt something pop in my chest and then had blinding pain. I was able to go down on my knees and lay her down. The pain is bad if I move at all it hurt to take a deep breath. I did heat and wrap last night with 2 Vicodin. Had a really hard time sleeping every time I moved it woke me up. It seems a little better with a wrap today. How do I know if I need to go in?
Avatar f tn I got supet upset earlier cried a lot but I tried to calm down because I could feel a panic attack coming. So now im trying to fall asleep, baby is moving fine but I have this weird pain by my ribs and some pressure on my chest and shoulders. I have an appointment tomorrow, but dont know if this is normal.
10565128 tn?1422607009 blood tests all clear but this was a couple months bak... Chest pain feels lyk stabbing pain whn I lie on my stomach & relax I dont feel it, dctr says its mussel strain & gave me pain killers which dont wrk... Im thinking of goin 2 see a specialist I cant handle this anymore, im abwt 2 go crazy I jst feel lyk moving in to tha ER so f somethng does hpn 2 me the dctrs will be there! Im goin crazy...
Avatar n tn ve had something like that happen once, I fell asleep with both if my arms in front of me and my top shoulder fell forward while I was asleep. When I woke up I had bad chest pain but it was from me squishing my own sternum and breast bone. It hurt pretty bad and took a few minutes before I could take a deep breath.
1637775 tn?1300841064 Hi everyone....I have a basic question for you but first let me describe my situation. I have been lightheaded/dizzy off an on for over a week now. I'm noticing that I'm normally lightheaded when I'm eating or drinking something. I've also had pain in the middle of my chest....the direct middle....sometimes moving over to the left but normally right in the middle. When i went to the doctors about this two mondays ago they had me checked for every possible heart condition.
Avatar f tn Pleuritis and Pulmonary embolism are other possibilities causing shortness of breath with chest pain. A CT scan of the chest can rule out both. Another possibility that can explain the pain is pericarditis. It causes chest pain aggravated by laughing yawning and deep breathing and also causes radiation of pain to arms. Again an EKG, heat echo and chest X-ray is required. Do consult a doctor and get this examined. Take care!
Avatar m tn You describe your pain as a sharp ache. Nerve pain tends to be a shooting, burning Pain. When ppl describe nerve pain they also use words like tingling and numbness in addition to the burning and shooting. I'm inclined to think you pulled a muscle when moving. If that's the case you should be feeling much better in 3-4 weeks. If it's more serious it may take a bit longer to heal. Resting the area, like avoiding lifting and repetitive motion may help.
Avatar m tn I just thought it was bruised. Yesterday, (the next day) the lump moved to my chest and the pain moved with it. Now the lump is on my left side along with the severe pain. A deep breath is hard to come by. I do not know if I need to be concerned or if this will resolve itself. There is no outward bruise. Any ideas? Suggestions? Thanks for the help!
Avatar n tn ve been having a sharp pain in my ribs, slightly to the left. It intensifies when I breathe deeply and when I stretch. The pain only lasts about five minutes, lessens, then goes away. This occurs at random moments, whether I'm sitting or standing, moving or standing still, and any time of day. What could it be?
Avatar f tn Is it just me or does anyone else's lower stomach hurt when they are sitting and leaning forward... It's not an intense pain just uncomfortable.. like I'm squishing myself... I'm 26 weeks + 2 days... I feel like a beached whale already! It's just going to get worse from here I know but my back is already screaming "no more" after moving around all day and bending over cleaning and what not. I get full fast already and feel like everything is squished already!
Avatar n tn t stand anymore so I went to bed. When I was laying down and not moving, the pain was still there and intense, but not as much as if I tried to move or taking deep breaths. If I tried to lay on my left or right side, then the pain would be sharp again, so sharp that I would start feeling very dizzy. It would hurt everywhere and spread in my neck, shoulders and arms. I thought the pain would go away, but it kept on going for the whole night...
Avatar f tn In addition, heart pain is not likely to intermittent or lasting 24 hours. It's the bronchitis still, I've had that symptom for weeks after recovery.
Avatar f tn back into my throat, i do feel a slight chest pain when i swallow food. I can feel the lump of food moving slowly down my throat and then experience pain in the middle of my chest as the food is moving further down. I feel very uncomfortable and have a heaviness in the chest at that time. Please advise.
Avatar f tn I'm a 31yr old woman with chest pain during activity I'm sweating, dizzy, nauseated, the pain is in the middle of my chest and have recently moved to my back. My doctor order echocardiogram, ekg, and a nuclear stress test that was all fine. I'm overweight for my height but have always been fit with blood pressure always was fine always been able to run up stairs (which now a problem) should i still be worried that its cardio or not?
Avatar f tn When I have a number of ectopics close or have an extended amount I can get chest pain. Sometimes the chest pain is short lived other times it can last all day but it is generally gone by morning. Is your chest pain persistent or is it gone in the morning only to come back later in the day? Is it all over pain or does it feel localized? Do you notice if you start to stress out a bit when you start to feel anything odd with the heart?
Avatar m tn I have had cronic bronchitis most of my life. But today I am having very sharp pain when I exhale only. It's on my left side and happens even with small shallow breaths. I had cardipericarditis 2 years ago and nearly died from it. The pain is not as severe but worrys me that I may have another infection.
Avatar f tn We can't possibly diagnose you here, honey. Any chest pain, imo, warrants a visit to the hospital or ER, so yes, I think you should go to urgent care. Good luck...
1448748 tn?1312956208 Ok I'm dumb,i should have asked dr oro this, but I forgot. I have had several bouts of chest pain over the last year and my heart has been checked out and I've had several ct scans they could never find the cause. I do have a higher risk for blood clots but never have had one. I'm experiencing chest pain ib a band like sensation. Its like pressure. The worst part is in between my shoulder blades among the right side of my spine only. It hurts to breathe deep.
Avatar f tn about 30 minutes ago I felt a sharp pain underneath my boob, like where my chest is at. I ignored it within minutes my stomach started getting rock hard and the pain started moving down towards my stomach, after that my back started hurting as well. They go and come every couple of minutes and it hurts to even walk. My stomach is still rock hard and the pain is still here. Please help!!