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Avatar f tn I have had the problem of swallowing my food part, and I have had pain in my chest when I do. I also have problems with choking on my food. I have even had problem just swallowing my own saliva, but now that I think about it I have never told my neuro about it. Guess that is something I should write down to mention to him. There are so many symptoms to keep track of and I can't even remember what I had for breakfast much less what has happened to me in the month since my visit to him.
Avatar n tn I have had a constant pain in the mid chest for sometime. It is worse at night and lying on my left side makes it worse. I have a "flutter" heart feeling, but pulse is fine. I have a general swallowing discomfort but not realted to food. To describe it better... it is like the congestion and sick chest feeling with bronchitis, but without coughing. Sometimes there is pain under left arm. Over a year ago, I had a systemic rash that was thought to be a drug reaction.
Avatar f tn I have been burping constantly and although i do not have any 'acid-reflux' back into my throat, i do feel a slight chest pain when i swallow food. I can feel the lump of food moving slowly down my throat and then experience pain in the middle of my chest as the food is moving further down. I feel very uncomfortable and have a heaviness in the chest at that time. Please advise.
Avatar n tn What is happening to me presently is that when I try to eat, there will be excruciating pain in my chest area, it will be as if the food has lodged, it will be there and shifting down so slowly and painfully, that even when water is taken, it does change the situation, it keeps moving very slowly until it drops. Sometimes when it drops and I take water, it could bring relief, this is not always.
Avatar m tn The weird thing is when this started, it would come and go in about 3 month intervals. I would only feel the pain while swallowing down my food. It seems the bigger and more solid the food, the more i would feel the pain. It's been now been 6 months and it's been getting worse. I'm starting to feel it hurt randomly throughout the day. I've also started to feel the same pain on the left side around the same spot as the right. Drinking coffee seems to aggravate the pain.
Avatar m tn mid chest hurt when swallowing happen yesterday night maybe its cause by eating so fast
Avatar f tn My Hital hernia has been untreated for a while so the acid started to attack my esphogaus and giving me the pain in my chest feels like my food is stuck .. I am on a medicine called Protonix right now but it 's not helping as much as I thought it would. I was told by my mom that the doctors will play around with the medicine until they find the one that works for you . I was also informed that changing my diet will help as well.
Avatar n tn Everytime I eat something, I have this pain in my right side of my chest. It's like I can feel the food going down.
Avatar m tn I have had severe pain swallowing my food. I have even stopped eating foods high in fat & spices and there is no change. I have stomache pain so bad sometimes that I cannot sleep. Nothing seems to help. I also have pain to the touch in my chest area between my brests and under my brests in my rib area and on the sides under my underarms.. I have had ct scans in the past and ultra sounds to check my organs but nothing found. No stones or anything.
Avatar m tn They started her on pepcid and also antibiotic for teeth and gums, but now after the vaccine, she hasn't had the antibiotic because she will not eat, will nibble with encouragement, but will not swallow the food. Any suggestions. Xray of chest and abdomen negative for mass. Labs are normal, will take in Monday for ultrasound of liver and enzymes if she doesn't improve. Had Cerenia injectable today. Any suggestions to stimulate the eating.
Avatar n tn Dear mark, Eating rapidly and swallowing large pieces of food will not damage the GI tract. However, sometimes, the food sticks because thetre already is a structural change in the esophagus. Narrowing of the esophagus by inflammatory or congenital strictures can cause the sensation of food sticking, cough and gag. We suggest that patients with these symptoms undergo evakuation of the esophagus by upper endoscopy and barium study. This information is presented for educational purposes.
Avatar n tn He has been having trouble for quite some time, like belching, stomach ache, heart burn, acidity, chest pain sometimes, general body aches, he even fainted kind of got disoriented last year( tripped cud not walk straight for some time, giddy , dizziness) and the doctors said it is something called vertigo, he has high blood pressure and last year he had black vomit, then things were fine but still complained of acidity, belching....
Avatar n tn What I wonder is, #1 could the Chest pain symptoms and the acid/ swallowing problems be related? #2 What are the possibilities for the root of the chest pain - could it be something serious such as a tumor? Are there tests that I should have done to determine this? I had a chest x-ray, which the doctor has not given me the results of yet, but assuming there is nothing wrong with that, are there other things I should have done?
Avatar n tn I have the same kind of symptoms that you have. Feels like something stuck in my throat, and have trouble swallowing food unless I chew for a long time and drink lot's of fluid. Went to specialist and had a scope done, says narrowing of the esophogus and some scaring on the walls. I've been taking Pantaprazole 40mg since and find it gets rid of any acid reflux,which could cause more scaring and they also said that you could get a style of cancer if that isn't kept under control.
400099 tn?1282958464 for lots of reasons but especially to get his take on the swallowing and chest pains that I just keep thinking have to be related to the MS. I hope your swallowing issues are identified in a more straight forward way.
Avatar n tn I have difficulty swallowing. I've been to many, many specialists. We have come to find out that it is "in my head". No one has helped me - hypnotist, psychiatrist, accupunturist, etc. I cannot go on like this much longer. It has been two and one-half years. Today is Easter, and I'm home while my family is gathered together enjoying a big feast.
Avatar f tn Pins and needles - mainly in bed. Breathlessness - I have been getting chest pain as well. Dizziness when standing from sitting - doctor says that because I'm young and slim this is common. Sensitivity to the sun - my eyes water when I go outside in the sun. Insomnia. Tenderness in backs of legs - probably nothing thyroid related. Cold intolerance. Cravings for sweet and salty foods. Puffy eyes. Dry eyes. Heavy, light, painful, late, early, long, short, irregular periods.
Avatar f tn I am 46 years old female. I have been experiencing fear of swallowing food for the last 10 years now. I have talked to three different doctors and they are of no help. I decided to serf the net to see if I can find people with similar problem. Yes, there are a lot of people suffering like me. The problem is now affecting my daily life and my social life with my own families and friends. I hope there is someone to help me out. This year my goad is to find a cure for my problem at any cost.
Avatar n tn It's a few days that whenver I swallow liquid (especially cold) and food when the food goes through the esophagus it hurts, like if it was going through a "narrow" section (this is the feeling, at least...). It is located more to the right side of my chest, not exactly in the middle. It is not something unbereable and I don't have ANY other symptom (no acid reflux, no pain of any kind without eating etc ), but definitely it's something new to me! Anything I should be worried about?..
Avatar f tn This time i am feeling extreme chest pain early morning. Pain increases with movement. Did anyone had such pain, if yes is it related to the reflux? Also please advise me what should i do. Who is a better person to consult about this and what treatment did you all found helpfull?? Also the very painfull question i have is, " weather this problem goes away for good or not"?
Avatar m tn The last week or so i've noticed that when i swallow liquids, as the liquid goes down I feel a slight irritation or quick pain in my the liquid passes through....the pain goes away immediately after the liquid passes....sometimes there isn't any pain, depends on what position i'm in.....doesn't seem to occur when I swallow food....only liquid.....any thoughts?
Avatar m tn Hi guys, Quick question I've got about a slight swallowing pain in my chest. It doesn't occur all the time - just randomly sometimes, i.e. when eating or when burping etc. It first happened in October of 2010 (2 years 2 months ago!) I'm 19, (17 when it started) and I just can't think what it could be? I've not got any other symptoms, but because it's still here, I'm getting a bit annoyed now. It's not getting worse. I will go to my GP when they re-open after the Christmas holidays.
Avatar n tn Strep usually hurts continuously; then often worse with swallowing food or liquid. This is probably heartburn, with or without spasm of your esophagus. Failure of relief with the use of medication isn't helpful diagnostically. Any pain that last 3 days should be evaluated by your doctor.
Avatar f tn And also, of course, give us more information. Starting last summer I've had quite a few episodes of agonizing pain immediately after swallowing. It feels as if I've eaten something huge, and that my throat muscles are being wildly stretched and contorted. Taking a sip of water doesn't help---it just sits there along with what I've swallowed. It has taken as long as 10 minutes for this to pass and for the food to get into my stomach. No choking and nothing blocking the airway.
Avatar n tn But later in the evening I will feel like something is stuck in my throat and I have a hard time fully swallowing. I've also had some pain into my ears and neck, rarely ringing in my ears and I usually wake up with neck discomfort, and upon waking a very dry mouth. My family doctor treated me with 2 rounds of antibiotics because of a low grade fever. I no longer have a fever and my doctor says I show very minimal swelling in my lymph glands of the neck, probably allergies.
Avatar m tn Sometimes got so worse that also infected my breath when I ate rice or bread or other dry food which stuck on my chest for one or 2 days. I had to rush to the ER for 3 times,but they could not help me also. And sometimes(just a few days)the symptom just disappeared with no reasons so I could eat anything like normal person. This swallowing difficulty symptom actually has been on and off for nearly 6 months because of over worried.
Avatar f tn I get food and pills stuc k in my throat and while my modified barium swallow in the past only showed some dysmoobility, i wasn't having the actual spasms right then. Whne this happens i have hard pain, and the food gets stuck in my esophagus, almost backs sup, and feels like I will about to aspirate because i can not swallow again, then thick phlegm collects in the back of my throat . I try to take ttiny sips of water to help it down, but that makes it thurt more.