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Avatar f tn Hi, I am 27 years and over the last year and a half I have been experiencing this sharp pain in what feels like the left hand side of my heart. It is approximately half way up my rib cage on the left hand side and about an hour and a half to two hours later I started to get a really heavy slow heart beat. Is anyone able to tell me what this could be??
Avatar m tn Your doctor called I have right sided chest pain in one spot right next to my sternum and in between the ribs on the right side and it happens if I eat something sweet sometimes if I waited far too long in between meals it bothers me sometimes it doesn't bother me at all for days and days days but I've had this for 2 to 4 years and then sometimes it happens when I sing and it starts to bother me
Avatar n tn Right side pain can sometimes indicate appendicitis. When the doc released the pressure, did you have pain then, called "rebound pain". Are you nauseous? Running a fever? If it continues, I would see another doctor and ask for more tests, one being a white blood count, it is better to be safe than sorry.
Avatar f tn I have severe but sporadic left-side pain. A year ago, I felt numbness and tingling/burning pain in my left hand. I felt it first when I was playing World of Warcraft, and I'm on the computer a lot for school and work besides. It didn't surprise me at all when my general physician referred me to Duke's orthopedic clinic. I had an EMG conducted, but the weird thing was, it came up entirely clean. My nerves in my wrists, hands, and elbows, in both right and left side.
Avatar m tn I have an extremely sharp pain on the right side of my chest when getting out of bed. It starts to hurt when I lay on my sides. When I try to roll over, the pain shoots through my right side. And when I try to get up and out of bed, I can only move an inch or two at a time getting up. Once I get on my feet, it goes away after a minute or so. The pain is so bad it feels like being electrocuted.
Avatar f tn i have a dull chest pain on right side comes and goes within few seconds.. i also have a lil pain in my breast, and a lil bit breathing problem, and a slide back pain too and have gained 2 kgs in last 1 and half months..i'am a 21 years old...
Avatar f tn I need some help as I am not getting anywhere with my doctors. For the past 7 weeks I have been experiencing only what I can describe as muscle weakness on my right hand side. It doesn't effect my whole right hand side all the time and sometimes I don't have it for a number of days. Today I have had heaviness/weakness in my right arm and a numbness feeling around my right shoulder blade on my back. I had an MRI scan and results were normal.
4536442 tn?1358820448 Hi everyone, ive had chest discomfort for the last couple of weeks, feels like ive strained a muscle, it hurts when i lie on my left hand side and when i try to roll over and when i stretch my left arm toi reach something... eg: reaching for a cup of tea on the coffee table. I sent my midwife a txt asking her if this is normal but no reply yet im not sure whether or not i should go to doctors though or just leave it. anyone else experience this?
Avatar m tn my brother age of 12 is having a pain on stomach yesterday & also pain in chest .today pain transferred to left side of the chest & pain in hand & feet fingers too. zintac 150mg & riflux gel is taken as a medicin from yesterday. what could be this issue.
Avatar m tn i found a lump on my right side i am scare to death i can only feel it when i stand the lump is below the rib i can rub my hand cross my side and feel it but when i lay down i cant feel it i also have pain sometimes can someone please tell me what might be wrong This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/199591'>feel something on my right side...</a>.
1348086 tn?1370783185 I have tingling and numbness in the morning in my right hand and was told that was carpel tunnel syndrome. When you say pressure, is it in the center of your chest? In any case, you may want to follow up with your doctor to be sure you are not ignoring something. I thought maybe you would like to read through some of these posts also: Take care and keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I am experiencing throbbing pain which come in waves from left arm right down to my left leg and I can sort of feel this pain across the left side of my heart. previously I have experiencing some chest tightness which l sort of ignored as a passing ailment. But this pain is worse when I am resting and when I am trying to sleep at night. I cannot sleep actually as it is irritating and it keeps me awake at night.
Avatar m tn Well, I get a dull kind of a pain in the right hand side of my chest. The same pain occurs when I turn my neck too. It is kind-of on and off. 5 years back I had a stent inserted in my right coronary artery. I'm a smoker even now and smoke quite heavily - say 40-50 cigs a day. What could it be?
Avatar n tn went to doc today for right side and right back area hurting.. I have hep c 1A and they did urine sample and liver panel with ast and alt... just one was slightly elevated.. Iam really scared.. they think I may have strained my back... in which I didn't tell them I been moving a whole house... but it radiates to the front area.. just worried I guess.. sorry to bother anyone..
Avatar m tn Within the last week or so, I've been getting sharp pains within my left arm. This usually happens when I bend it a certain way or put pressure on it. In addition I've also been getting a "heavy" feeling on my left side of my chest where the heart is located. It's not painful, and it's not hard to breathe but I know this can't be good right? I recently had this "heavy" feeling about a few minutes ago, and is why I am creating this question.
Avatar f tn Well, it's not really in the chest area as you would think about it. Its on my left side, right under my breast. It goes along the left side and to my back as well. There's pain and then there is also pressure. It hurts when I sing, like after I haven't breathed in enough. Also it hurts when I lay on that side. If I'm sitting up, it's more so like there's pressure in the back.
Avatar f tn Hi Huma, Welcome to the Pain Management Forum of MedHelp. I am glad you found us. Mollyrae is correct. This pain should be addressed immediately. Left shoulder pain and chest can be cardiac related. Heart or "Cardiac" pain does not have to come in the commonly know "crushing left-sided chest pain." Cardiac pain can be shoulder, neck, jaw, arm, hand (EITHER RIGHT OR LEFT) or just show itself as extreme fatigue. You need to be evaluated asap.
Avatar m tn I have been having a sharp pain that goes from the back of the right side of my neck down to my chest. Mostly in my chest area. I cant sleep the pain is to bad..also my heart beat is strong and painfull. I dont have medical insurance so i am just wondering if this is serious?
Avatar f tn Ive had this niggling pain in my right side half way up the ribs for a few weeks on and off then 9 days ago it was quite severe. I was admitted to hospital where they said it was gallstones, an ultrasound showed nothing. I came home after one night. My chest xray was clear. The camera into my stomach showed gastritis, ( inflammation of the lining of my stomach). Gp thinks its inflammation of the intercostal muscles but it doesn't hurt when i move, when i eat i get severe pain.
Avatar n tn I have middle back pain on right side which extends to right shoulder and right hand and even sometimes in sides of the chest. i have consistent cough even though in a small amount but for a long time. what could be the possible cause.i have not yet gone to a doctor a s i thought it might be due to wrong sleeping habits.
Avatar f tn I have had a pain in my right chest for 3 days now. When it first happened I went to the hospital. They ran an ekg and took blood. The ekg came back fine but the blood test came back elevated showing that something was going on with my heart. I was admitted to the hospital. While in the hospital they ran 3 more ekg's and took 3 more blood test..all coming back normal. The pain radiates to my back in the same spot, it also moves to the left side once in while.
Avatar m tn did u ever get an answer, i have the same syptoms sound like were very similar, robsroom169 at hotm ai l ******* , im thinking reflux, cause i ate tomatoes, threw them all up after my stomach enlarged to twice its size, then after i threw it all up stomach size went down, i started to heal, now i have the aches in my chest, right hand side, Probably sore from throwing up, but might be from the acid from the reflux that i might also have, could also be something like a tear in teh stomach, Do u
Avatar n tn I have been having on and off squeezing chest pain on my right side. This has been going on now for about the last 21 hours or so. Its very sharp, lasts for about 5 to 7 seconds and goes away. Any idea what could be causing this? I am 34, overweight, I do smoke, and I do have hypertension.