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Avatar n tn I've experienced the same thing and I'm starting to become worried. I have this pain in my left armpit right along the edge of my left breast. No problems with my right. I'm not sure what this is and if it warrants getting it checked out.
Avatar n tn As of just recently I began to notice slight pain in my left armpit down the left side of my breast and ending a few inches lower by my ribs. I had an injured wrist a year ago, dequervain tenonsynovitis in my left wrist. I had a steroid shot for that and a year later it has come back. I havent went back to get another shot but I am trying to use less of that hand/arm. Could my pain be from my old wrist problems? It is spring time in the Rockies or could it just be allergies.
Avatar m tn I have been having a pain deep in my left armpit. It seems as though I can produce this pain by putting my arms to my side and tilting my head backwards. The pain is usuall worse in the morning. I cannot feel any lumps, it doesn't hurt as a result of strenous exercise, or by movement of the arm. It feels like something is wound up too tight. I have high BP but I take my meds. Sometimes it feels a little tinglely, but I don't know if my anxiety could be playing tricks on my brain.
Avatar m tn Hi, I have been having pain in my left armpit for around 2 months. I have no pain at all until I dip my chin to my chest ot tilt my head backwards and then the pain shoots right deep into my left armpit...?
Avatar n tn I have a sore spot in my left armpit. Its just a small area sore to the touch. no swelling or lump. its like on the muscle that goes to my arm. where are the lymphs would the be closer to the chest?
Avatar f tn Anyways it just made me break into a panic attack and I got chest pain on my left side under my breast but I think that might have just been the panic attack? Right? Hopefully Anyways it's a weird sensation. Any reason why? Will sinusitis cause inflammation there?
Avatar n tn I get the same thing..Mild left chest pain that comes and goes. I've talked to my Dr. about it and was told that it was just anxiety. That was before I wore a holter monitor and they picked up that my heart rate gets up to 210 bpm! So, now I am seeing a cardiologist. just keep an eye on it and if it gets worse, then call the Dr. any shortness of breath or palpitations should be reported too.. Always take these symptoms seriously because you never know!
Avatar m tn My symptoms include constant pain in left shoulder blade like there is something stuck under the shoulderblade, numbness in left arm, cramping in left chest sometimes, pain in left armpit. it's scary It has caused me to get several tests ran including many EKGS, BP checks, stress tests, etc. All of these tests indicate that I have a healthy heart. I have had doctor after doctor after doctor tell me that it's not my heart causing this problem. What else can it be?
Avatar n tn This pain is very transient (at one point on both sides of my chest, then the next day was in the diaphram) and almost positional and reminds me of muscle cramps almost. The shoulder and armpit pain is gone, the rib pain is not. My ribs on the left side - upper chest and mid chest area - are extremely painful to the point where an underwire bra is totally out of the question. The scary part of this (and it may be absolutely unrelated), is an occasional 'racing' heartbeat.
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Avatar n tn my left side aches from my chest ribs(side and under the left chest)almost up to my armpit. i notice it hurts pretty bad when i'm standing and bend down or hunch over. Also it aches when i'm standing and take in a deep breath or laugh pretty hard. if i am sitting or laying down, i can hardly notice anything but some mild aches in that region - and deep breaths in do not hurt either while laying or sitting comforatbly. i'm under the impression that this pull or inflamed muscle(s)?
Avatar f tn Hello group, I'm 36 and I've been having some chest pain on the left side including my arm and under my armpit, sometimes on my right but very seldom. Went to the e.r and all tests were normal. My father died of an heart attack in his early 30s so this is really wworrisome...can the tests be wrong?
Avatar f tn I am only 26 years old and for the past week my left armpit has been in pain and that pain has only daily. The armpit is swollen and that has gotten worse daily as well to the point where the pain has me not eating and throwing up bio. I do already have an ulcer. My body tightens up on me... Neck, back, shoulders, and i get sharp pains like a knife trying to poke out from my stomach and chest. Just yesterday a finger on my left hand went numb.
Avatar m tn I am 51 years old male reasonable good health just had an electrocardiogram done nothing negitive showing . Ive been having severe chest pains in the left side under armpit,is something I should worry about?
Avatar f tn I have pains under my armpit, upper backache and on the right side of my chest, also pain under my sternum. I also feel like i have a sore throat, but no coughing, shortness of breadth and no pain on my left side.
Avatar f tn It started with sharp pains in my left hand, then up to the forearm/elbow, then in my upper arm (deltoid area), Recently, the pain has spread to my armpit and the top of my chest and shoulders. (It's basically a very painful tightness everywhere). Now the pain has mirrored itself on the right side of my body, hurting in the same ways in the same spots as on the left side. I'm also having a lot of tenderness on my middle and upper back, especially around the shoulder blades.
Avatar f tn And I feel it more anytime I have sometin going on my mind.Right now,the chest is more on my left chest and my left armpit and the left upper back.Pls,what could be the problem?
Avatar n tn I have developed a painful armpit rash in my left armpit which is spreading across my chest. The pharmacist had prescribed Hydrocortisone.I am also using an anti perspirant and anti fungal talc. Will my problem be cured sooon?
Avatar m tn Rolling my shoulder forward (as in holding the steering wheel while driving, trying to fit into a cramped seat, etc) seem to aggravate this issue. This pain / cramping primarily affects my upper left chest / back. It spans from the center of my rib cage to the left, under my armpit, and around my back to my left shoulder blade. This cramping sometimes seems to travel into my shoulder and into my neck.
Avatar n tn I hope you can help me...I've had an ongoing pain in my armpit for over 4 months now. It comes and goes and I haven't notices any pattern as to when it starts-up. I get a horrible sensation down my left side and sometimes my left arm has this nagging ache. I've also had other symptoms and they may be connected, I get night sweats on and off and very tired some days.
Avatar f tn I have been having chest pain on my left side. It also shoots to my left armpit, side of left breast and I have numbness and tightness down my forearm into my hand. I went to urgent care on Friday and all I got was a high WBC indicating I have an infection somewhere! So I went to the ER and that dr, didn't seem to worried at all. Now it's Sunday and I still have pain tightness and heaviness. I checked on WebMD symptom checker and results said pulmonary embolism or heart attack.
Avatar n tn At this time, I would recommend using an OTC pain killers, pain application, hot fomentation. You may also consult your primary care physician if it does not heal by these treatments. Please note if you may have any infections or sources of pain anywhere else? Hope this helps. Let me know if you may have some other questions.
Avatar f tn Have been in antibiodics for almost 10 days now, there has been no change in the swollen lymph nodes, but about 1 week ago I began having chest pain above my left breast, pretty much radiating throughout the whole left side of my chest. It is not painful.. more of a dull annoying ache that wont go away. I have been severely stressed out over the past year about my health, and it seems no matter how much I try to calm myself down and not think the worst..