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2120085 tn?1344765910 Even when i straighten back up.
Avatar f tn I am 18 weeks pregnant and sometime when i want to catch something from the floor or to put my shoes on i bend over and i had pain in my right side and i am concerned if i did something wrong to my Baby ?
Avatar m tn Im 20 years old male 6'3 175 pounds and im a roofer for the past 6 to 8 months when im working while bending over like when im laying shingles i get really bad migraine's. The pain is behind my eyes top of my head and back of my neck. Its so bad it brings me right to my knees. I was in a car crash in august but i had a MRI and a CAT SCAN done that showed no prolbems. Most of the time if i sit up for a few minutes it goes away but as soon as i start bending over again its back.
1132175 tn?1260286106 Thanks for your reply. Is there anything an MRI would see better in that area vs a CT scan? I had a CT scan (without contrast) done about a year and half ago - I wasnt having headaches or anything - it was just done when I was first told I had a Connective Tissue disease, my doctor wanted to check things out I guess. I went to my primary doctor May 19, he admits its strange and isnt sure what is causing the headaches.
Avatar n tn Is bending over bad for baby? I'm almost 8 months along and I keep having to pick up stuff around the house.
Avatar f tn Agreed. If you're going to hurt anything bending'll be your back...try your best to sqaut when possible just to take the pressure off your back and hips, but baby is fine.
20873519 tn?1556336271 When bending head to like look at phone do you guys feel like someone's pushing you over?
Avatar m tn Do you think maybe you are guarding your lower back because it hurts therefore you are over using your upper back? Just a thought.........
712314 tn?1303098090 I have had an eating disorder for almost 9 years. I was wondering if it could cause lower back and neck pain be from? It hurts the most when i'm picking up something heavy, or bending over, and when i try to sit up or lay down in bed.
Avatar f tn Try soaking in a warm bath with a few drops of smell good essential oil. That always helped my backaches. Also I realized sometimes it was gas lodged in my back so a nice rub down often helped move it along. Good luck.
Avatar n tn is the pain only on the left side of your head? and does it move down to the jawline and eye area? is the pain constantly there? and does it get worse with doing things such as eating, talking bending over? so for all the questions but what you describe is similar to what i experienced recently along with the things i said above, my doctor said I have neuralgia which is nerve pains in the head. its cant be treated with normal painkillers. or it could simply be a migrane?
Avatar f tn After 3 days of intense physical activity moving my elderly mother and clearing out her home I developed a headache and mid back pain. Bending over, coughing, sneezing, etc causes an explosion of pain in back of head that takes a few minutes to ease, leaving dull headache. Never experienced anything like it. Saw doctor who ordered CT scan which was normal including sinuses. However the next day my ears became full, light buzzing, amplified "in a barrel" sensation.
Avatar f tn Is having lower back pain in your second trimester normal?
Avatar f tn Went to chiropractor that morning. Late that day intense pain in back of head when bending forward, coughing, clearing throat. Went online to ask a doctor where I described recent activities but was told it sounded like sinus infection. Next day saw chiropractor again who just gently did range of motion in neck and head and said he had never in 60 years of practice ever seen anything like it.
Avatar m tn Make sure your not having or have had a small stroke. Also when bending over if your head hurts can be something much more serious.
Avatar f tn Does bending over alot hurt my baby?
Avatar n tn This sounds exactly like an "icepick" headache. They are not usually dangerous or serious, and unfortunately you can't actually take anything for them since they come out of the blue and then go away on their own within seconds. BUT! Since you have a family history of medical concerns, and since this is a new type of headaches, you should go see your family doctor to get this checked out.
Avatar m tn H i guys my question is this i was diagnosed with bulging disc between c5/c6 of the neck i am getting dizzy from loading dishwasher, or bending over to pick up things i do the neck exercises daily and i also have epilepsy what can i do to cut down on dizzy spells cause it affects my daily life i dont dare walk on grass/uneven surfaces without someone with me.
Avatar f tn Hi - I have a history of migraines with the same symptoms over the last 20 years, I have in the last week had a pain on and off in the top of my head brought on by bending down, when i jumped to reach something and even on sneezing.