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Avatar f tn Back pain starts between shoulder blades then up to head, causing headache. The feeling in my head feels like sinus problems. The back pain takes my breath away. This happens when I am up moving around, will stop when I sit and rest.
7831604 tn?1399711007 You might be going into labor, how far along are you? A lot of the times when your baby is facing up, with head towards the abdomen (I don't mean breach) you get what's called back labor. Instead of all the pain to the front you feel it in your back. Start timing them and go to a hospital when needed.
Avatar n tn I had neck pain and shorter blade pain as well. I found going to a chiropractor helped quite a bit, through chiropractic adjustment, and adjustments to posture. I also found out later on that since my car accident I had a cervical disk pressing on my spine. Since the surgery the neck pain and shoulder blade pain has been considerably better.
Avatar n tn I did not bump my head or anything, so I do not know what could be causing this unusual pain. I have been putting a ice pak on the back of my head and it doesnt seem to be helping. Could you give me an Idea of what this could possibly be?
Avatar n tn My neck is the worst, Real tight sensation, that radiates up into the back of my head. It is uncomfortable to turn my head from side to side. My lower back and shoulders have been achy, which comes and goes. New symptoms are cramps in lower legs and achy calves. I do read alot and have my head down but this has never happened before and I have been reading all my life. I do spend several hours a day on the computer but don't feel that is it. I take something for anxiety, so that is not it.
Avatar f tn It will hold your pelvis in place and relieve some of the pain. Unfortunately back pain is gonna happen you just have to learn how to deal with it.
Avatar f tn Hey ladies is it normal to hv back pain I'm ftm n im 31+3 n wen I lay down it feels like my back is about to break!
Avatar f tn Hi I have back pain for a few years now which I put down to bad posture and incorrect lifting in my job not to mention stress thing is now I noticed a small lump on my back and I'm getting myself all worked up because I'm worried it could be some sort of sarcoma my head is in a spin
Avatar f tn Our nurse from childbirth class said that incredible pressure on the tailbone could mean that the baby is backwards-coming out back of head up instead of chin up. Different positions can help baby flip if needed.
Avatar f tn Heating pads are my best friend for back pain and a pulsing shower head
Avatar n tn Muscular strain and structural problems, including bulging or ruptured disks, sciatica, arthritis, osteoporosis and skeletal irregularities like scoliosis, may cause back pain. Flat feet has been said to contribute to low back pain. While third degree burns usually cause scarring, contractures, and even pain in the site. For proper evaluation of your back pain, it is best that you check with your doctor for proper diagnosis. Take care and do keep us posted.
Avatar f tn I lay with one leg strait and one leg bent and the pillow under the bent one. As soon as my back started hurting i did that and havent had any back pain what so ever since and i am 38 weeks now. My back hurt so bad through my whole first preg, i wish i knew about the pillow then! At first i just used a reg pillow bc the body pillow was too big and made my back hurt but when i got bigger i switched to the body pillow.
Avatar f tn My back is really hurting me today. It's my first time with any true back pain. Any advice?
Avatar f tn Im 36 weeks pregnant and oh my i woke up with my back killing me not the whole thing just my upper back i can't even bend over or move my head because it hurts my back. I went to shower and i think it made it worse it hurts more then before now. Is anyone having this?
Avatar f tn I have had head pain for over a year now - it's at back of head and right on top of head. My doctor said they were anxiety headaches as I had just lost my dad. I was prescribed anti-depressents which calmed me but the headaches continued. I was then sent for a MRI head and neck scan without dye which came back clear. I have also had a ct scan of bowel and several other tests which again have been ok. I am now feeling sick but my GP will not send me for any more tests.
Avatar m tn i'm somewhat dealing with the same back pain issue. my pain started about 1.5 yrs ago in my lumbar region of my back and then radiated up into my thoracic. oddly, i have stomach pain that seems to correlate with my back pain flare ups. I was diagnosed with IBS about 7 months ago but I seriously doubt that's the cause for my back pain, albeit it might be. I'm calling my Dr tomorrow to request he issue an MRI on my spine.
Avatar n tn In the back of my neck where the top of my neck meets the back of my head, I have a lingering pain. I also feel pain in he top of my pac and around my shoulderblades. I get tingling pains in my fingers and tensing feelings in my arms. I also feel pain in my forearms of tingling and tightening. The final place there is pain I worry about is above my ears on each side. The tingling pains in my hands are mostly at the tips or index finger. I can also feel it in my legs. What could this be?
Avatar n tn I'm having pain at the top/back of scalp on the right side of head. It's not constant.....but random.....maybe a few times in a hour. Not sure if I should be concerned.......this all started yesterday.
Avatar n tn I have had shooting pain on the right side of my head for the past three days. Prior to that I had a headache that moved around my head that lasted for four days. This pain that I have now feels like electrifying pain which shoots on my right side and does not last but a second or two. I have no other symptoms. Sometimes it happens frequently like maybe twice in a minute, but can also go away for several minutes to even hours and then comes back. It has even woke me up during sleep.