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Avatar n tn I am 24 and have been having these vibrations above my left knee. It started on a Sunday while I was at the grocery store! I have been having knee/shin soreness in the same leg. The vibrations don't hurt, they are just weird. It is surprising that no one has any answers! Too bad there is not a DR. on this site!
Avatar n tn The pacemaker tech told me that my pacemaker picks up 2 beats late. Anyone knows what is this meant? Anyone's pacemaker has played this trick before? I really like to know but everyone said "don't know"! Pika.
Avatar n tn is it normal for a pacemaker to vibrate about every 3 to 5 minutes? It was installed about 3 months ago. I have no chest pains, tingling or any bad symptoms.
781550 tn?1236033347 Afte my pacemaker was replaced, I am unable to drive or even ride in a rough vehicle such as a light truck or van. I can only drive about in well sprung vehicles with a soft ride. After driving a HiLux Toyota utility vehicle the angina pain was so severe I had a heart attack. A neighbor drove me to church in his utility and I spent ages after with angina.
Avatar n tn I have hypertrophic cardiomyopathy and I have a vitatron c60 dr pacemaker. I have two stents also I have atrial flutter and atrial fibrillation. Last year I had an ablation and my pacemaker was adjusted, ever since I have experienced angina attacks when exerting myself and especially when travelling by car with a hard suspension on a bumpy road. The pains are so bad that we have to pull off the road until I recover. I use my nitromin spray which does help.
Avatar m tn Slash has a pacemaker. He talks about it in his book. I know that's not the same device but I think you will be ok.
Avatar n tn As for triggers of the VTs, I've been told by my EP that they cannot be induced from outside the heart; it is all chemical, and not much is known about it. Also the vibrations you experience maybe due to the settings of your ICD; your chest could be receiving some of the pulse of your pacemaker. Anyway, you may want to post your question at this board since those people there all have ICDs.
Avatar n tn I have been plagued for about two years now with an internal fasciculation (irregular, high frequency ca. 5-10 Hz, low amplitude) located in the middle of the chest, above or behind the heart (it's hard to pinpoint). This started after an odd viral ear infection, which after clearing up, resulted in a variety of sore throat-like symptoms, palpitations (PAF which was found to be PV focal and since rf ablated), and even a few weeks of odd, sporadic, writhing undulations of the abdominal muscles.
Avatar n tn Vibrations in the chest which are not actually coming from the "skips" themselves are not uncommon. Most doctors are at a loss to explain them. I encountered them when my PACs showed up some years ago, with an occassional PAF event. They are typified by a thrumming sensation deep within the chest, near the heart, and occur whether you are having skips or not.
Avatar m tn and sensations of vibrations that spread through-out the entire body. 3. Rare spontaneous anxiety/panic attacks that can occur in the absence of other symptoms but most often as a response to the stress of the condition. 4. Swollen lymph nodes. 5. Sinus and ear issues – chronic inflammation without infection, headache, vertigo; and tinnitus. 6. G.I. issues- acid reflux, excessive belching, gastritis, upper abdominal pain and intestinal inflammation. 7.
Avatar n tn I had an ECG while it was happening, but it showed nothing unusual. Eventually, the vibrations stopped. I have had a few cardiolite stress tests over the years and all show there is no evidence I ever had a heart attack. Six weeks ago I was drinking a very cold frozen beverage and felt like I froze my esophagus. I went into atrial fibrillation a few minutes later and drove to the emergency room.
Avatar n tn the circumstantial connection is that within several weeks I experienced unusual undulations of my abdomen (probably the diaphragm) which would come and go for a few more weeks...this devolved into brief periods internal vibrations in the chest (at about 200 bpm, nearly palpable at the abdomen)...which in several months time, devolved into vibrations at higher bpm, usually not palpable at all.
4865726 tn?1360215540 So does deep rumbling diesel engines, low flying helicopters, anything that causes deep vibrations, and coughing. It's very painful, like someone taking a rubber mallet to my chest with each beat. There are times where my entire chest will jump with the really painful PVCs. I spend at least one day a week glued to the couch or bed because the PVCs are so painful, I can't move. I can't take beta blockers, they give me the worst migraines of my life and make me really sick.
Avatar f tn Well I have to get a pacemaker in the morning. I am really depressed but my monitor results showed that my sinus node was not firing about 80% of the time and I was having really long pauses. The doctor said that was what caused my symptoms. Wish me luck.
Avatar m tn What changes are the conditions which allow one to notice the motor running and/or allow the electrical signalling from this motor to reach normal pacemaker systems (causing the cardiac hiccup affectionately known as a PAC or PVC). Those changing conditions are related to the state of your autonomic nervous sytem (affected by posture, eating, exercise, drugs and emotions). The motor sensation was big when I was quite anxious about my condition (autonomic systems way up).
Avatar n tn For the past 5-6 weeks I wake up several times a night with a vague sensation of rapid (my guess wold be 200+ /min , regular vibrations that I cannot pin to any specific part of my body. If I'm laying on my back I feel them there, if on my side I feel them there. Sometimes if I'm sitting I feel them in my feet (less common).
Avatar n tn I was eventually diagnosed with mitral valve prolapse and now have an artificial valve and a pacemaker [15 years later). I have also been diagnosed with GAD and must say that I've earned it. Two weeks ago I went into the doctor feeling very short of breath. He listened to my heart and told me to go and live life. There was nothing wrong. After much persistance he did do an echocardiogram and then called very apologetic saying that things were serious. Since then I've had more tests.
Avatar f tn A lot of the symptons have all subsided except constant burning in my left foot, very painful legs, and almost like internal vibrations (hard to explain) I have had a brain mri and spinal mri done all clear. I have also had a ssep test done which is normal. My clinical exam was normal except brisk reflexes but my doctor said im young only 24 and very anxious so it is quite normal. Can someone please give me insight?
Avatar n tn After that I felt weak a long time. The vibrations started shortly after that. I am 56 years of age and in the middle of menopause-problems too. Of and on very nervous, and that is my biggest problem. The shivering inside is nasty. I do not know where it starts or takes place. It feels like it is the heart, but I may be wrong. Sometimes it's gone and that feels very relaxed. It has got nothing to do with my having PVC's at the same time. I can have the vibrating but no BUMPS at all for hours.
Avatar n tn Glad to hear that you quit smoking. You mentioned noticing palpitations starting around 10 so having multi-focal triggers after over 20 years of progression is not at all surprising. Seems that the clinical EP would have wanted to address both the SVT and ROVT/pvc during your ablation. That fact that he wasn't able to map it with pacing is a concern to me - that he is not very skilled.
Avatar n tn moderate CAD, mild to moderate cardiomyopathy, EF35-40%, chronic a-fib with very low ventricular response, VVIR pacemaker installed , Synthroid75mcg, Lanoxin 0.25mg daily and 0.375 mon, Wed, Fri, Enalapril2.5 mg twice daily, Atenolol 12.5mg twice daily and Coumadin 5mg daily and 7.5 on Sundays. echocardiogram dimensions Aortic root 37mm, aortic valve opening19mm, left atrium 44mm, LV end diastolic dimention 48mm, end systolic dimension 31mm, Septal thickness 9mm, posterior wall thickness 10mm.
Avatar n tn Can you elaborate more on the blood tests before and after the LP? I am having one done and my neurologist does his own at his clinic and I want to be sure of my facts before I "stand up" for getting it right. also is there anyone on here who has had an MRI WITH a pacemaker? I am being scheduled for one of those (just of the BRAIN) and they tell me it can be done by shielding the wires and battery and with a cardiologist there. I still feel "iffy" about it.
Avatar f tn Recently, it has come on spontaneously, from road vibrations while driving, intestinal gas moving around, or just out of the blue. I've had many years to make observations about my problem, and one thing I tried to tell them was that after having a fast heart rate, for whatever reason, I would feel great. And, I would be for all practical purposes, immune from an attack for several days. (I used to run a couple of miles per day back in high school, and this seemed to prevent attacks.
Avatar m tn However, I could control my attacks once they started by controlling my breathing, lying flat and afterwards passing water! However, I had a pacemaker fitted at the end of January and that seems to have really upset things. Now my palpitations come on for any reason and aren't controlled by me (only by A&E and the wonderful drug, Adenosene).
Avatar f tn I too want mine removed. I have not had a shock (knock on wood) and I only depend on my pacemaker 1%. I have been suffering from depression since I had it implanted and I feel like I have nobody to talk to about my feelings. I try talking to my husband and he just puts a guilt trip on me. Everytime I go to the cardiologist, they say my heart looks great. I just feel like I don't need it, but am scared to tell my dr because I don't want him to offend him. Can anyone give me any advice?
579258 tn?1250652943 Count me in too i need to lose some weight lets do it, i need to have something to keep me on track.
Avatar n tn My SVT ablation was successful but during the procedure they found another 2areas, another SVT and a VT which is very close to my natural pacemaker. The SVT ablation I had done was quite near my natural pacemaker too but they managed to do it successfully just by catheter ablation alone. My VT is even closer to the natural pacemaker and I am going to have that done in a couple of weeks.
Avatar f tn My mother ended up having to have a pacemaker late in life and my aunt suffered from skips. My son too, but with his EKGs the doctors say it isn't dangerous and he's lucky because he doesn't feel it. God bless you. Maybe going to an EP is an answer. I haven't ever had a cardio tell me I need an EP and refer me to one even though I have asked. You can't just go to them. You have to be referred by a doctor. My cardio now said she may go ahead and refer me for a second opinion.