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1917408 tn?1421955640 Well guess what, right after the surgery the surgeon told me that the thing was wedged under her ribs far more than it showed on the Xrays, which really made me think of what mokanalove had mentioned about her MRI looking normal and then the doctors spending 3 hours fixing all the problems that they couldn't see from the pictures and would never have acknowledged w/o the surgery.
1704915 tn?1357604854 I was being told that total colectomy surgery was my answer by various doctors but some wanted to give me a temporary colostomy bag to test motility before doing the surgery. This made me weary as I was always under the impression that surgery was to fix things not diagnose things. Another colon surgeon told me that was not necessary based on my test results (I soon learned later that he was correct).
620923 tn?1452919248 thanks guys. It was a rough surgery. My insurance only approved ONE DAY IN THE HOSPITAL -- and it's normal to stay 2-7 days. So I was back in the ER the next day with horrible abdominal pain. Another complaint aimed towards the hospital ... or my neurosurgeons fellow, is that I was sent to an "unmonitored" room. And after my last surgery they had HUGE issues keeping my pain under control.
Avatar m tn He has already gone over the risks high chance of ending up with a pacemaker. I will have to stay in the hospital over night to have my heart continuously monitored. I wanted to hear some other stories from people who have had this procedure, how long was the hospital stay? when did you go back to work? any complications?
176495 tn?1301284012 we get it about half way up, i slip, it comes rolling back down, I fall on my back and the machine lands on my chest..about 2 inches from my pacemaker..I also ripped open my pinkie and it obviously will need stitches and hurt like h e double wife takes me to the ER..bad day for the ER..we were there for 7+ hours..wound up with 2 broken pinkies, 6 stiches and no major damage to my chest, other than bruising around my sternum, and both fingers splinted...chest still hurts...
329165 tn?1515475590 I have 3 of those sinus nerves, and he was able to ablate 1. If he went any further, I would have needed a Pacemaker and I didn't want that. Went to see Electro-guy yesterday and I still get miss beats every now and then and palpitations (at rest: 120). There is an approvement, but he could not fix the entire problem. I'll just have to live with it. Problem is: I have an ASA (atrial septum aneurysm) and have a 50% chance of developing bloodclots... I think I am coping well.
Avatar n tn the nature of the surgery and repair done; the risks; the limitations following surgery would be welcome. My cardiologist does not want to discuss such before the other tests. The pacemaker was rushed 17 years ago; but if this is not a rush I would probably like a second examination at a facility with more experience and advanced options than my cardiologist in Fort Wayne, Indiana has available.
Avatar m tn We were told that her heart was just fine and did not need a pacemaker. Her old pacemaker was removed due to infection and she was given antibiotics for a month or so. Mom's Cardiologist moved to another hospital. At first her 'New' Cardiologist said a new pacemaker will be put in a month or so. Instead, he took her off heart medication and said she was fine and did not need a pacemaker. To the very end, she was very active and had a sharp mind.
406584 tn?1399591666 it seems lately the only time I write is when things become overwhelming to me.. I can only hope that my pictures show the love and reverence for life that I do.. On drugs it was not always so. on drugs we can not see outside our own prison.. now free I see and sometimes it hurts and I do not know what to do with the pain.. MY oldest sister Ida Kathy has stage 3 breast cancer I had just found this out 2 days ago after a wonderful trip to china town S.F. it floored me..
Avatar f tn Take it from me, LOOKS aren't everyting(when they say oh she looks good) my 4 year old looks perfectly healthy no one would ever suspect that he had open heart surgery or that he is headed, most likely for a pacemaker, until he has these episodes then he looks dreadful. it has taken me 4 years now and PICTURES from my cell phone to prive that he is having issues. they used to say it was asthma but now they are wondering if in the past few weeks he even had a mild heart attaack.
Avatar m tn I had open heart surgery and a pacemaker a little over a year ago all because of Endocarditis. In the last couple of months my two big toenails and my two thumbnails look like a mild case of Terry's Nails that I found on-line. I have showed them to both the cardiologist and the dermatologist. I can't seem to get an answer as to why or what the condition is. I am taking the several medications. Since my recuperation I have been exercising tremendously.
506791 tn?1439846583 She also signed off on me being okay to undergo getting my pacemaker replaced this coming Monday. Next appointment is in 4 months, instead of 3. For those of you new to me, I am a pancreatic cancer patient, had surgery and chemo last year.
Avatar m tn His sister has afib and his brother nearly died on the basketball court at 52, they put in a defibulator/pacemaker, he went through open heart surgery last year, he has the electrical conductor problem and afib. Naturally, I am quite concerned. I can't sleep worrying that my husband will collapse again. He is 7' tall... a big Dane. We go in next week to have another ekg to see if it has gotten better. Any information is of a great help for me... thank you so much.
Avatar n tn I saw my doctor in December because of a new onset of arrhythmia symptoms (heart pounding and my heart would beat rapidly then have long drawn out pauses then repeat) The problem showed up on the EKG and he said that he could hear it with the stethoscope. He said this was a new issue then from what I had before the surgery and for the first time I have been put on a "no cardio" restriction and I have a follow up in a year.
Avatar f tn I have Chiari Malformation, some of my MRI pictures are here: I have a neurosurgeon who thinks it is totally feasible that my chiari is causing my heart issues, and I've known that surgery for this is in the near future, but he wants me to rule out my heart totally before seeing him again. I really think my heart is okay, but the measly 4 pauses are worrying me a little.
Avatar f tn No doubt it's fine. A rep was at the surgery center to do pre-op and post-op checks when I had the knee surgery ten days ago. Thursday I have a follow up appointment with the surgeon and get to hear what he found with my own ears. I hope he brings pictures to share. I don't remember much from our journey that day. Friday it's the pain management doc. Seems I'm gearing up to make a full round of the specialists over the next few weeks.
4760166 tn?1398360913 I had my second decompression surgery November 18th ... and since my balance has been much worse. And my headaches have gotten a little worse ... with added neck pain, and pupil dilation /blurry vision. My head pounds with my heart beat when I am up and moving. I've been throwing up, but not particularly nauseous. I've mostly been in bed with ice on my head. I see a regular neurologist in the morning and my neurosurgeon in the afternoon.
479957 tn?1270414705 I do know the stomach has something like a pacemaker, which makes the stomach contract 1 time every 20 sec. When the pacemaker is too slow, the stomach doesn't contract properly and often enough, so the food stays in your stomach. This can cause the nausea. It is called bradygastria.
3123787 tn?1384184287 Hi Doctor. It has been now 3-4 days, & i think i got rid of the swelling. I did not realize i had nasal arrithmia, until i was looking at the results from the Mayo clinic! I did not know what arrithmia was, so i looked it up, & it has to do with my heart. I had thought all along it was a heart condition/vasculitis. (guilian barre disease) Anyway, to no help from my PC, I was passing out, when i was having hard times breathing through my nose, plus using fairly high doses of oxygen.
967168 tn?1477588089 Had surgery and found out even though I didn't have anything wrong with my arteries, my heart muscle is damaged and I have malignant heart arrhythmia's and NSVT runs about every other day - had pacemaker/icd implanted but my HR goes crazy when I exert myself so they still have me on a no exertion order. I can't stand it, I've gained SO much weight, I refuse to buy any more clothes bigger sizes and started slimfast shakes and bars this morning.
Avatar n tn However, when someone has severe mitral regurgitation and a weakened heart, sometimes surgery to repair/replace the valve is the best option. Ideally, if we need a valve "fixed" a repair is better than a replaced. But, there is a window of opportunity for repair. All that said, you may not be a surgical candidate at all. Your MR may not require any intervention, with the exception of keeping an eye on it (for changes).
Avatar n tn I did have a heart murmur when I was born and had some heart surgery when I was little. I have always thought it had to be something wrong in my digestive tract but maybe it could be heart disease. I'm desperate. Thank you for your help.
Avatar m tn I've had several very intrusive surgeries, including surgery for a bowel obstruction, have had eight heart stents inserted, a pacemaker, plus finally heart bypass surgery. Heart bypass surgery trumps everything I've experienced, but the Nissen Fundoplication wasn't a walk in the park, it comes in second in terms of immediate discomfort after surgery. However, it was the most gratifying surgery I've had, I can eat whatever I want whenever I want now, just in smaller portions.
967168 tn?1477588089 I feel like when I hit 40 my whole body fell apart and has been getting progressively worse over the past 3 years, like my body went off track and a huge wreck :P In 2009 I found out I have malignant heart arrhythmia's, heart electrical problems and structural problems, my ANS (autonomic nervous system) went whacko and I couldn't get out of bed or off the couch for almost a year, nerve damage and a ton of other things wrong.
Avatar f tn At one point, I was going to be part of a case study, but my pictures (echocardiograms) were not clear enough to be included and pics were an important part of the study. I'm told it's a rare complication of frequent PVCs. It was a very interesting time while the doctors were trying to figure out what was going on. Thank goodness, I was in good hands. Thirty-four is really young to be sitting in a cardio's waiting room.
Avatar m tn I have, it seems, spent enormous time in dentist chairs in my lifetime. I have had numerous root canals, and crown lengthing surgery, apicals (ouch), bone grafts and dental implants and crowns - you name it. Did you consider discussing a dental implant at a future date? Or at the very least having a bone graft just in case you want one in the future.. A periodontist would probably need to put some human or cadaver bone in the cavity and let that heal first.
Avatar f tn He had to go through a few pscyh evaluation sessions before the doctors would install it. Apparently it's not uncommon for SCS, pain pump and pacemaker patients to completely freak out after surgery because they have this "thing" controlling their bodies. Ultimately the device has to be removed in these cases, hence the psych evaluation first. This same friend had a great deal of trouble with the leads migrating to places they shouldn't be.
1297015 tn?1298254073 had my 4D US which was ok, fun but mostly blurry pictures. She's up to 3 lbs 14 oz and everything is perfect. midwife said my 1h glucose came back at 81 (they want it under 150) so that's good, and no anemia, etc. they cleared me for another 4 weeks instead of every 2 unless something comes up. starting to have abdominal pain from my muscles stretching and i still have to pee constantly...sleeping is a challenge as well, but overall things are good.
740224 tn?1232356485 In the end we decided to go with a catheter ablation to get rid of the issue. About 4 days after the surgery I was feeling weird and knew something wasn't right. Went back to wearing a monitor and found Mobitz type 1 (Wenchebach). Apparently this was a side effect to the surgery (which we were not informed about). Anyways, I have been told over and over that it is a benign issue and I should not be able to feel it....but I DO!!