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Avatar f tn I had a pacemaker put in November 2010. It was the most horrifying experience I have ever gone through as the lidocaine had absolutely no effect and versed does not work on me so I had full feeling of surgery from the initial incision to the creation of the pocket into my muscle and placement of the pacemaker. My heart rate and blood pressure had been dropping to critical levels. A BP of 60/40 at night and a heart rate in the low to mid thirties was commonplace.
Avatar n tn Hi, I am a small framed woman 32 yrs. I received a pacemaker a year and a half ago. My cardiologist said because of my size my pacemaker and leads protrude more. He said that the leads may break through my skin. My question is: If it does break through, would it be an emergency that needs to be attended to right away? Would I be at a high risk for developing infection , if the leads were exposed? Or would it be something I would just make an appointment for?
Avatar n tn If the surgery is just a pacemaker, it is not that bad of a surgery. Some leads are put in and the pacemaker. The pacemaker will keep her heart rate up to the desired beats per minute and the pacemaker will also provide information when checked to find out how her heart is doing and how much the pacemaker is working. Have a talk with your grandmother about the pacemaker. A lot of people have pacemakers including young people.
5111909 tn?1363762367 This year I was told I needed emergency surgery, I had my pacemaker implanted on 3/01/13, and I have had pain and soreness that has grown very quickly (now spread from my breast bone to my shoulder bone) in a very short amount of time. My pacemaker site is swelling up and becoming hot to the touch. I don't see any red around the skin, although it is getting hard, or tight. Tonight I started running a mild fever. My incision is healed and is not infected.
17471205 tn?1456980907 This rate slowly kept declining and for the past 2 years prior to surgery 30 bpm was normal for me . On August 18th of 2015, I had a pacemaker implanted at the age of 26. Before this I had the shortness of breath, light headed, dizzy, major lack of energy, always tired, terrible chest pains. After my implant surgery I still get chest pains but not s often now. However, my dizziness and lightheadedness seems to be happening more intense now. Still get shortness of breath.
Avatar f tn I Need A Pacemaker. The Only Issue With This Is The Fact That I Don't Know What One Is. I'm 15 And Really Don't Understand This Whole Process. My Mum Is Sick With Worry And I Cannot Find A Way To Calm Her Down. So I've Been Given The Operation Date, Yet, I Only Know That It's An Operation. I Still Don't Know The Restrictions On My Lifestyle, How Long It Will Take To Get Back To School, What The Operation Encounters. I've Been Trying To Get Hold Of The BHF, But They Will Not Get Back To Me.
Avatar m tn That said, I see no reason why you can't go ahead with the heart treatment that was planned prior to your heart attack and bypass surgery. I do not know anything about AFib in the presence of a pacemaker, if that's what you've got, then it is possible.
Avatar n tn I developed acute pericarditis and fluid around my heart after I had a pacemaker put in my belly three days post question is how common is it to develop this after having a pacemaker put in?
Avatar n tn Also, I read where pacemaker patients feel their pacemaker kick in -- is that really possible? My pacer assists my heart approximately 67% of the time and honestly I don't feel it. Should I??? Thank you so much for your help. It's very much appreciated.
Avatar m tn I was having severe headaches after an ablation and found out I was having junctional rhythms and had to have a pacemaker. I had them even after the pacemaker but the doctor reprogrammed my pacemaker and that helped. Maybe some adjustments just need to be made.They told me it would take a few times before they got it right.
Avatar f tn My 1st clear memory is ICU 3 days later with a doctor saying sign a consent for a pacemaker or I could die. Obviously, I signed. A week later, I had emergency surgery for a dropped heart lead. I now have chronic shortness of breath, chest pain and can't even laugh without gasping. I truly think I don't need this thing in my chest. Is there an agreed procedure for proving it (like turning the damned thing off)? There is NO cardiac history in either my or my family's history. Thanks.
Avatar m tn However, I had to have bypass surgery, and following the surgery my heart rate and blood pressure was hard to control. The docs contacted my pacer manufacturer and together, they found the problem. I'd strongly urge you to contact St. Judes and send them the very well worded post that you sent us, and ask them for some help. St. Jude's advice will trump your Cardiologist's suggestions. Another thought... You are, I think, taking two Alpha Blocker drugs.
Avatar n tn I do have a permanent pacemaker ..was put in after surgery for sinus node dysfunction. My EP MD has wanted to do an AV nodal ablation but I have not agreed to that. That is a huge step and one I am not ready for. I have been on amiodarone but with its side effects I am looking to get off of that as soon as possible. So, I am just waiting and seeing what will develop as I go forward.
1569985 tn?1328251082 I am in afib with a rapid ventricular response and will be until October 1st because of a blood clot after lung surgery preventing a cardioversion at this time. The staff cardiologist in the hospital and now my ep's nurse, are saying if the TON of drugs I am on don't work, and I can't be cardioverted, the only option is an AV node ablation and permanent pacemaker.
Avatar n tn The American Hospital Association and the American Academy of cardiology guidelines are to not stent any coronary lesion less than 70% (no angina). If the occlusion is greater than 70% and there is angina, treat with medication. If medication does not relieve angina, then a stent. If the area of the lesion can not be stented due to location, size, or there is an emergency ie heart attack, then open heart surgery.
Avatar n tn Wife, 57 yrs old, had recent open 360 Fundoplication surgery, followed within 3 wks by constant weakness, constant syncope, orthostatic hypOtension, BP drops to 90/40, pulse rate drops to 40 Bpm. With this constant, she is listless and very tired all day. First thoughts are possible vagal nerve side effects from the surgery. Within another 2 weeks, a large kidney stone required another general anesthesia which precipitates a dangerous drop in BP, and pulse rates to 40 bpm or lower.
Avatar n tn I basically told my doc that I don't feel as well as I did before I had surgery. I have also been bleeding since surgery even though I'm on birth control pills, doc said it will probably take a few cycles to get back to normal, also the bleeding is attributed to the device they put in the uterus to move it out of the way for surgery. I've had one period since surgery and it sucked, really heavy and basically made me feel like the day I came home from the hospital.
4760166 tn?1398360913 So I've discovered that since my second decompression surgery (11-18-15) my LP shunt has stopped working. I UGLY CRIED when I figured out that's what was wrong. There are blood cells and protein in my CSF from that surgery that I guess can CLOG your shunt ... My headache is absolutely horrible and my nausea is sort of controlled by MARINOL. My NS wants me to try and wait 3 weeks to revise/replace the shunt (scheduled for Feb 17th) so it doesn't just clog again.
Avatar n tn OK, I am gettin ready to have ablation surgery for SVT. What should I expect post-op? I am seriously freaking out about this. I have never had SVT until 9 months ago when I took Sudafed. My doctor says that I was born with SVT and that the Sudafed just triggered it. Does anyone have any words of wisdom?
Avatar n tn I am a 58 year old female with history of congestive cardiomyopathy,artificial pacemaker since age 29 for complete heart block. also with aortic and mitral insuffiency.Had cardiac cath with stent placement to LAD in April.Unfortunally hemmorrhaged and thru blood clots to right leg with emergency embolectomy.Left with nerve and musle damage to leg.
Avatar n tn In removing the lead, I suffered a cardiac wound which caused a complete bleed out, thereby dying on the OR table. Emergency open heart surgery was required to save my life and to repair the wound. While open, additional procedure of heart abalation was done to remove defect back side of heart as the procedure via the groin the day before had failed.
1704915 tn?1357604854 Now given the colonic inertia, my surgeon says it's a quality of life issue, not an emergency, to have the surgery or not (remove colon). It was verified that my small intestine and rectum work. I'm just trying to figure out if the full colon removal is worth it? Like I said, the meds I take nightly have me up and down most of the night with painful bloating and distention. However, I am able to go each night (IF I take the meds).
Avatar n tn In removing the lead, I suffered a cardiac wound which caused a complete bleed out, thereby dying on the OR table. Emergency open heart surgery was required to save my life and to repair the wound. While open, additional procedure of heart abalation was done to remove defect back side of heart as the procedure via the groin the day before had failed.
Avatar n tn Since it appears that you also need valve replacement surgery, bypass surgery at the same time to the LAD may be the best option. It's unfortunate that you the complications after the stent placement, but the residual nerve and muscle damage to the right leg will not preclude surgery.
Avatar f tn I told him I was not prepared to that. My pacemaker surgery is now scheduled for Mon. July 8, 2013. He then requested that if I experience another episode to go straight to the Emergency Room, which I will have another episode because I do every single day. I suppose I have a decision to make...hmmm. Background: I'm a 47 year old female, (45 years old when dx with need for pacemaker) 125lbs, 5'6 and a 30 year - 3/4 pack cigarette smoker.
Avatar n tn She had a pace setter dual chamber pacemaker implanted four weeks ago. She complained of right sided chest pain 3 days post-op. Normal chest x-ray @ 3 weeks with continuing pain. at 3 1/2 weeks, experienced vomiting, diarrhea, then became shocky. Admitted to ICU with possible pnuemonia. Thoracentesis removed 275CC very bloody fluid with cloudy x-ray. Lobulate blood in pluera. Thoracotomy revealed atrial lead perforated through atrium into lung pluera. My question is...
Avatar m tn They decided it would be best to do the dual pacemaker. I was admitted the day before my surgery as I was very sick. During that time I was put back on the halter monitor to where there were episodes of my heart stopping for 9-12 seconds at a time. I am assuming when he says stopping this meant completely as he said I was flat lined for that period of time.
Avatar n tn She ended up with a small heart, but with a pacemaker she was able to live another 12 years. Hers was an emergency and without it she had only 2 weeks to live because her kidneys were shutting down. What are your other cardiac problems? How much of a risk? Have they given you percentages of survival rate?
Avatar f tn Hi I have had a pacemaker - duel lead for 8 months. I have bradycardia, complete heart block, and arrhythmias. Im 33 dont drink or smoke - but use to. I have had open heart surgery at age 1 for vsd and small holes in between heart chambers which grew together with mesh healing completely. No meds for it. My drs never explained why I had suddenly needed a pace maker except that it could have been scar tissue throwing off syncopation from privious heart surgery 32 years prior.
564032 tn?1216316271 She is having to undergo a stomach removal because of many years of stomach problems. The only other solution would be to have a pacemaker put in to help with her issues but this would cost her $50,000.00 and is not coverd by her medicaid or insurance. I have heard the life expectancy on this kind of surgery is not very long. She has sufferd so much in her life and I think right now in this state of mind dying is probably some sort of relief to her.