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341190 tn?1295470725 I have an appointment soon with them again as I'm noticing I'm struggling when working out, and the pacemaker representative will be there too, it may have to be re-programmed again. I absolutely love my pacemaker, it has been a very positive help to my cardiac health, but it has to be checked and often re-programmed as my heart needs change. Keep us informed.
329165 tn?1515475590 I don't know much about these things and if I have a choice I would want the PM you described in no. 2 I have to see EP 15 Feb, then I'll ask all my questions. any suggestion what I should ask him when I see him again?
754751 tn?1241307807 My mother-in-law will be 90 in April. Her doctor wants to put in a pacemaker to stabilize her heart. She has lung cancer, quite a large mass but apparently not very fast-growing. She has diabetes, which might mean amputation in her future, and she has Alzheimers that is no long mild but not very advanced. She often recognizes my husband. Some days she seems to really enjoy life. I cannot understand the doctor's recommendation.
Avatar n tn 1. Are all her syptoms the indication to get pacemaker? 2. What is the general steps to implant a pacemaker? 3. What is the estimated cost for implanting a pacemake overallr? 4. My understanding is that there are various pacemakers on the markert. Can you recommend one to me? Very appreciate all your help!!
Avatar n tn But the rate is back to 60bpm as soon as the motion stops. He went to the doctor and said they did something to the pacemaker. The doctor told him to try it for a day and call if he had a problem. He left the doctors office and had the same same. 60bpm when not in motion. So the doctor is recomending he wear a monitor for a day to see what is going on. It sound stange to me. The doctor had to know he is stuck on the 60bpm without motion.
967168 tn?1477588089 thank you for the info =) I have to make an appt with my pcp but I wanted to make sure I get all my facts straight before going in so I can ask questions. Yes, I had an RFA for frequent pvc's (50,000) and they found I have malignant heart arrhythmia's (polymorphic VT) they thought were caused by a genetic disease but testing was inconclusive. I'll make sure I ask for a full panel and get my results from the dr in 1998 if they still have the records.
Avatar n tn I also had 2 pacemakers removed, and am awaiting a 3rd in a week or 2. The plan is to use a coated pacemaker, and to implant it more deeply. They will use the operating room rather than a cath lab. Using the operating room supposedly reduces the likelihood of introduced infection. Deeper implantation is supposed to reduce the likelihood of bacteria from hair follicles and sebaceous glands migrating to the pacemaker located only a mm or 2 below the skin.
Avatar f tn I have new insurance starting Jan 1st so I'm anxious to ask a new dr questions and see if the leads moved - there was no reason for the leads moving and the dr's were stumped why they did.
Avatar n tn (3)What testing should be done in my case, before a PM is implanted to confirm that a PM will help? (4) I would consider a PM to help me to do more exercise, but what are the chances that it won't or I will need to make meds also ? Thanks.
Avatar n tn Some people don't feel better with a pacemaker, they feel worse. The only pacemaker tricks that I can think of are to maximize the AV delay to encourage intrinsic conduction if possible. I don't know of any magic bullet to fix your problems though. If you truly have second degree AV block and need a pacemaker, there is no good way to minimize pacing. I hope this answers your questions. thanks for posting.
Avatar n tn Maggiemag, I totally forgot about treating the apnea, in addition to the Pacemaker, he needs to firmly address that issue. The better diet and weight loss are excellent ways to begin to address the apnea (though he should pursue a CPAP until he is sure that any loss of weight was capable of adequately resolving the apnea). Donna-lee, thanks ever so much for the posts about your Husband's experience.
Avatar n tn If you know what kind of ICD you have, could you get in touch with a company representative to ask the question of device compatibilty? I have known reps who are great in getting back to people with questions and you are afterall a client they represent. Let me know if you are able find anything out, Ill be curious. Best wishes.
Avatar m tn I am being treated with antibiotics for a pacemaker infection and will more than likely have to have it removed. What are the dangers and important questions to ask my doctor.
Avatar m tn The cardiologist there said that he needed to replace his 8 year old pacemaker. Obviously, the operation would require transportation to a hospital. Does this make sense? Is the risk of an adverse outcome outweight the risk of not having the operation performed? Thanks for your thoughts on this.
Avatar n tn Could you tell me what best to expect, what most important questions to ask my doctor? I know he will prepare me but I want to know so I can prepare my mom! Thanks, S.
Avatar n tn I just didn't know enough to ask questions for which today I am still beating myself up over. I allowed him to implant pacemaker--he says it will make me feel better. His letter to my primary says I wanted pacemaker--right. . .after listening to him. Difficult implant. . .collapsed lung. Fast forward. . . Am now under care of EP. Great doc (I hope). Pacemaker set on 60 used 85% of time. BUT I'm having short bursts of afib/svt daily that is very disconcerting.
Avatar n tn Could you tell me what best to expect, what most important questions to ask my doctor? I know he will prepare me but I want to know so I can prepare my mom! Thanks, S.
Avatar f tn No one explained this to me before getting one and I was hoping to learn a bit more about it. Could the pacemaker itself be causing the dependency or is my heart getting worse? Is it still just the electrical part, or does becoming dependent on a pacemaker mean the physical heart is affected as well. Any info and guidance would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks so much!!
Avatar f tn Dear LuLu, You've seen my posts in the thyroid section b/c I just had a 3cm nodule removed from the right thyroid and a smaller one in the left lymph node. This was discovered following a year-long effort to find out what's wrong with me neurologically. I'm sorry that I asked a question that has been answered through so many responses in the MS section.
Avatar n tn If I were you, I would ask your cardio for a referral to the best EP (electrophysiologist) he/she knows, in order to be evaluated for this type of treatment. My first experience with a cardio was after my first AF episode, and his suggestion was to consider the course of action you described in your note. Needless to say I went into immediate anxiety mode. Please get a second (or third) opinion from a specialist in these matters (an EP).
Avatar n tn It depends on the degree of leakage and whether or not the atrium has started to dilate. I think you should be direct with your doctor and ask him these same questions. If he does not or cannot answer them to your satisfaction, seek a second opinion. I hope this helps. Thanks for posting.
Avatar n tn I have requested that she try to get me in sooner to see the Doc (appt 1-3-08) as well as consider that I may need to attend Card Rehab if this is gonna be my life from now on...I need help! Husband is even getting a little tired of my worrying over "non-life-threatening" events. Questions- 1)Any thoughts on why all of a sudden this increase in symptoms at week 11? -before only occ. 2) Could a lead be loose/perforating or would this be picked up on interrogation?
1331422 tn?1326570197 Hello to everyone. First, I am a nurse and agree that NO lvn, RN, or NP should ever give that type of medical diagnosis to any patient. We are trained to educate, assist and evaluate ( within the scope of practice). With that said, the nurse may have not had bad intention. We are trained to evaluate what we see and ask patient questions. It is normal for a patient to ask us, "whats wrong?' or what do you think?
Avatar m tn 1-What is the statistics of die cases in this kind of operation? 2-Could it be a mistke of the doctor that cause to it?
351404 tn?1299492730 As you say, I would have to live with the consequences of deciding to have the pacemaker - so I have lots of questions to ask before I would agree to have this done, especially since I read the experiences of others who don't tolerate it too well. Thank you for your good wishes and I will update from time to time. Happy Christmas!
21064 tn?1309312333 As mmfd noted, the Bi-V pacemakers are some remarkable devices. That said, I would encourage him to ask more questions of the EP about benefits and drawbacks of symptoms versus making any changes.
Avatar n tn 5) What are the findings on the Holter test (24 hour ECG recording)? Kindly get back to me with the answers to these questions so that I can give you a better reply as to the need for a pacemaker. Hope that this information helps and hope that you will get better soon. Thank you for using MedHelp's "Ask an Expert" Service, where we feature some of world's renowned medical experts in their fields.