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Avatar n tn In August this year I had a pacemaker implanted (3 lead MEDTRONIC C2TRO1) The rate was set at 90 and although relieved that I would not go out of sinus I did not feel well,suffering insomnia, short of breath with almost any sort of exercise. I went last week for my 6 weeks check up and the rate was set at 75. This has improved my awareness of the heart beating but I do not sleep much better, am very tired and a small flight of stairs means that I an beating around 87. Can the rate be lowered?
Avatar f tn I have a medtronic pacemaker,battery change next year,but can low blood pressure be due to low battery, also had stent put in august, 90% lad clogged. I have the pacer that's not defublator, pressure drops to low kicks in. I have been feeling dizzy tired no appetite, nauseated, but have to eat because of meds have to take. I am having pain in my chest and kind of short of breath.
Avatar m tn Had pacemaker implanted nov.2015 and have had breathing problems after walking a short distance of about 100 feet & burning in center of chest.
199677 tn?1231093134 he had 1 artery 50% blocked and one 80% blocked one was too thin to detect anything. Because of his age 82 yrs. old and a very weak heart (he has used a pacemaker since 1996 and battery changed in 2002) and still working properly, we were suggested by Drs. to have him receive a defibrillator. He would not be in a situation as to accept open heart surgery. A defibrillator and medication would help him out.
Avatar m tn My husband had a Medtronic ICD implanted in 2004. Unfortunately he has one of the recalled leads. He had the generator replaced in 2/09 and was told the lead was not broken. Four weeks later he received four shocks and went to the ER. The defibrillator was turned off with the pacer still working. Now the doc wants to replace the lead. This is causing a lot of anxiety and my husband would like to just keep the defibrillator turned off.
Avatar f tn Why double chamber medtronic pacemakers mediated tachycardia? there are many people suffering from Atrial -fib A PACEMAKER like Adapta double chamber model could increased Atrial fib? Ana.
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Avatar f tn I have recently gotten a medtronic pacemaker installed during the beginning of April. I've only had it for three months, and the leads are not fully attached yet. Is there any way that I could have it removed? Both the generator and the leads?
Avatar f tn I have had numerous surgeries including the Fontan in 1987 with a revision of the Fontan in 2006, where at that time I also had a Medtronic Enrhythym Pacemaker install. 3 weeks ago I had a Pacemaker replacement due to the fact my battery on my Pacemaker was running low. The new Pacemaker installed is a Medtronic Adapta. Since the new pacemaker my Heart beat has been all over the place. My 1st Enrhythym was paced at 80 bpm, and it pretty much stayed like that for 5.
Avatar f tn The doctors kept track of that for about 2 years and it wasn't until she started having real problems with dizziness and presyncopy and her awake heart rates were in the 30s range that they put in a duel chamber pacemaker (Medtronic).
Avatar f tn On June 2, 2011 i had a Medtronic safescan pacemaker implanted. Before that my problem was Bradycardia with a pulse of 40-48 bpm, and my hypertension was very well controlled with medicine. After this implantation my b/p have been running high (for me) with some measurements ranging from 185/90, 154/104, to 150/87, 156/87 and the heart rate has been a steady 61 bpm. Should I be concerned with the systolic and the diastolic being so high (for me)?
Avatar f tn I got a pacemaker about 8 months ago,after being treated for arrhythmia for about 12 years. Started off rough with bad shoulder and chest pain on left side... Then that cleared up. I felt good the first few weeks,Went in for a pace check and they adjusted it down 2 points from 62 to 60. It is a 2 wire Medtronic. When they do a pace check,they say it is working fine.( BP and HR is ok too.) Since then I have dizziness that lasts 1-3 days at a time and feel very weak at those times..
Avatar n tn Some people don't feel better with a pacemaker, they feel worse. The only pacemaker tricks that I can think of are to maximize the AV delay to encourage intrinsic conduction if possible. I don't know of any magic bullet to fix your problems though. If you truly have second degree AV block and need a pacemaker, there is no good way to minimize pacing. I hope this answers your questions. thanks for posting.
Avatar n tn They just came out with an MRI-safe pacemaker so I would ask about it in your case. Look up the Revo MRI SureScan pacemaker, made by Medtronic, is the first such device to receive marketing clearance in the U.S.. Since CTs are not very useful for pituitary tumors, your doctors should clear you for this one.
Avatar n tn My husband had a Medtronic Pacemaker/Defibrillator implanted Aug. 2006. At the time we were told the battery would last for 4 to 7 years. After 26 months, at a routine pacer check, he was told the battery would only last another 3 months and it needed to be replaced asap. His device has the Sprint Fidelis lead that was on a recall. When the surgeon replaced the device, he found that the insulation had come off the Left Ventricular lead and this is what caused the drainage on the battery.
Avatar n tn Medtronic, Guidant, and St Jude make up most of the pacer implants, >90%. Medtronic and guidant in particular are very popular. Do some google research, there are some published articles on models names and recalls. And types, look into that too, as there are single lead, 2 lead, etc. Pacers only activate at too low of a rate, they do nothing over a certain heart rate (usually around 40).
Avatar n tn my pacemaker was put in 12/05.Doctor said my heart is using it 100%. and i need a new/a little bigger? I have a MEDTRONIC EnPulse E2 DR.
Avatar m tn Hello Doctor My wife has been implanted dual chamber pacemaker from Medtronic named EnRhythm MRI SureScan in May 2010 as she has heart disorder - Bradycardia and specific name is Sick Sinus Syndrome (SSS). She is currently in 30th week pregnancy. I need expert advice on following things: 1) Is pregnancy risky for the patient/child having pacemaker implanted for SSS? 2) What can we do to avoid/minimize the risks or what precautions should be taken before and during delivery?
Avatar n tn I have had a Medtronic KDR701 dual lead Pacemaker since February, set at 60 BPM minimum. I have had sleep problems (no problem falling asleep, but awaken well before dawn) which preceded PM implantation. But I am wondering whether tweaking the PM programming to have a lower BPM sleep setting , with a steep curve so that minimum WAKING activity level would still be 60, might alleviate the sleep problem. Do you think this might make sense?
Avatar n tn 1. Are all her syptoms the indication to get pacemaker? 2. What is the general steps to implant a pacemaker? 3. What is the estimated cost for implanting a pacemake overallr? 4. My understanding is that there are various pacemakers on the markert. Can you recommend one to me? Very appreciate all your help!!
Avatar f tn It was later determined at autopsy that her pacemaker lead had fractured. It was a Medtronic pacemaker. I have been in disbelief since then. I understand that these are just wires.And as an electrophysiologist so eloquently put it, "they are like a paperclip.If you bend a paperclip enough times, it will eventually break." And that leads are the "achillles heal" of the pacemaker. This to a mourning mother doesn't sit well.
Avatar f tn I had a Medtronic 7960 pacemaker in 1996 and the generator was replaced in 2003. I have never had any problems until 3 months ago when I experienced soreness, pain and swelling where the leads are close to the collarbone after some strenuous exercise. I saw my cardiologist (I'm in a small town, rural area) who said he thought I had pulled a muscle but did a pacemaker check which showed it functioning properly.
Avatar f tn What might my symptoms be when the pacemaker is no longer functional? It's a dual lead, programmable Medtronic pacemaker.
Avatar n tn I am experiencing extreme tiredness and loss of stamina. These are my questions. 1. My pacemaker is a Medtronic combimation pacemaker/defibrillator. My clinician has told me that the pacemaker portion establishes only the low rat at 70bpm but does not control the rate at anyother point. I thought a pacemaker worked as a heart regulator, establishing a low to upper heart beat range and then controlling the heart at a level within these parameters? Is this correct? 2.
Avatar n tn I'm 57 with a history of A-fib/flutter, 4 ablation attempts, heartblock after last attempt. Initially got Medtronic pacemaker that was changed 6 months later to a Biotronik pacemaker with CLS sensing, three wire BiV unit to help with running/racewalking. The running was very slow with the Medtronic device & I could barely run an 11:00 minute per mile pace. With Biotronik unit, I can't run at all in CLS mode.
Avatar n tn This can be the pacing itself (the act of pacing the right ventricle) or could be what is called pacemaker syndrome. Pacemaker syndrome usually makes people feel lightheaded, more fatigued, or pulsing in their neck. Sometimes this can be improved by changing the interval between atrial sensing or pacing and ventricular pacing to minimize ventricular pacing. Unless they didn't see it on the echo, I doubt this is a stiff ventricle.
Avatar f tn I am a 27 year old female and was diagnosed with neurocardiogenic syncope when I was 14. I am 3 weeks, 3 days post-op for a dual-chamber pacemaker (Medtronic, Adapta, ADDR01 model). Currently, I am not sleeping well at all. My pacemaker will go off many times during the night and wake me up. The pacemaker wakes me up because I am feeling a flicking or thumping sensation on the inside of my chest, near my heart.