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Avatar n tn PODIGY TM DR 7862 SN. I tried to find out over Internet the characteristics of this pacemaker, with no success. Please help by e-mail where could I find details concerning this device, as well as its limitations.
Avatar n tn hi, finally the doctor said i should go for a pacemaker dual chamber as my heart is missing beats and slow. can those who already went for this type of operation share their experience with me please. and can you tell me if it does cost a lot, is there any complication after operation? is there any thing i should know? will my life be back to normal? as now i can't even work!!!
Avatar f tn Another type is a sinus venosus ASD, where the hole is located in the wall near the sinus node (the heart's natural pacemaker). Repair of these defects is also usually uncomplicated, but some patients can develop late issues with their cardiac rhythm. The last type to consider is called a primum ASD. This type of defect is associated with an abnormal mitral valve that has the potential for leakage through a "cleft" in the valve.
Avatar n tn // Hope this help.
Avatar m tn Are there any food limitations that we should be concerned with? Physical limitations? He does not have a pacemaker, sleeps all night, and is very active, yet he seems too thin.
351404 tn?1299492730 Jo -- I met a young woman at Preventive Cardiology Fitness clinic who had a permanent pacemaker because when she had her ablation her AV Node was damaged/destroyed? Anyway, she seemed perfectly able to exercise strenuously and was quite fit. I am not sure what her original problem was but she certainly was not slowed down in the least. Hope this is useful. I really don't have any pacemaker experience, except what I've read on this board.
Avatar f tn Hi, My Dad has a history of diabetes,chronic (but stable) kidney disease because of diabetes. The kidney disease does effect his ability to produce red blood cells so he is watched closely for his anemia with H&H counts. He has twice in the last year had mysterious stomach/intestinal bleeding which causes the anemia to get worse quickly. Each time being hospitalized and transfused.
Avatar n tn Secondly, I can give you a general opinion and hopefully a better understanding of the limits of chest and arm muscle use after pacemaker placement, however it is of the utmost importance that this patient discuss with his/her cardiologist, specifically the doctor who put the pacemaker in regarding his/her specific limitations.
Avatar n tn He called today and told me that there were episodes of 3rd degree heart block and suggested a pacemaker. Now, finally my question, unfortunately, I live in a small town where that is only one electrophysiologist. I am not sure if there might be another option out there... do you have any suggestions, I am only 31 and the thought of being dependent on a pacemaker horrifies me. Thank you so much for your time.
Avatar n tn I am an active person and I understand that a Pacemaker has it's limitations. I would like more information on the Maze procedure and it's benefits. My doctor's concern is that it would mean 2 open heart operations (because the Mitral valve will need replacing) and a second operation would be harder because of the scar tissue from the first one. It it possible to do both at the same time?
Avatar n tn I am glad I did it, as I am able to work again, and lead a normal life, with very few limitations. I still have occasional rapid rates of 180 or so, but they are very short, and don't cuase me too many problems. I take Verapamil daily and it helps.
Avatar n tn Recently I saw an Electrophysiologis who has recommended a Catheter Ablation and a Pacemaker or my only other choice is a maze procedure which your clinic offers. One procedure being low risk and the other high risk. I am confused about which is the best way to go. I am an active person and I understand that a Pacemaker has it's limitations. I would like more information on the Maze procedure and it's benefits.
Avatar n tn Because your heart slows down quite a bit a pacemaker might help prevent these syncopal events. A pacemaker is a small device which is implnated, typically, on the left side of the upper chest. It is the size of a man's watch. A couple of wires, or leads, are implnated in the heart through a large vein that runs below the clavicle. There is no bone or muscle cutting involved. Everything is done through small opening in the vein.
Avatar n tn Low atrial rhythm most likely isn't coming from the natural pacemaker which is located in the high atrium. It is normal to have this as long as you are not limited in terms of your physical activity such as climbing stairs, running or playing with your colleagues. If that's the case I would not worry about this at all. On the other hand, if you do notice some limitations, a visit to a cardiologist may not be a bad idea.
Avatar m tn Hi Lattegirly7777, Estimating life expectancy in heart failure patients depends upon a number of factors including age, weight, degree of limitations / exercise intolerance, ejection fraction, the cause of heart disease, blood pressure, and medications and response to medications. Other medical problems such as kidney disease and diabetes are also important along with being a smoker or drinking alcohol.
Avatar m tn As effective as ICDs are they come with some risks such as infection after implant, device or lead malfunctions leading to further surgery, anxiety of being shocked, not being able to drive after a shock and some physical limitations. I don't know off hand the actual percentage of serious complications of having an ICD but I do know that it is quite low now. ICDs are even being implanted in very young children. In my personal opinion the benefits far outweigh the risks.
529706 tn?1223692572 They pretty much told me I'd end up with an ablation or pacemaker, or may get an ablation and still have to have a pacemaker. I go in 3 weeks to get the specialist's opinion. Has anyone out there had the same and what was done for you - has it worked - how long did it take you to get back to work after the procedure(s) - and lastly, how do you feel now?
577754 tn?1217639910 They're currently trying medications which really aren't being too effective and I've been told that if they don't start working, they might have to consider sending me to an ep to see if a pacemaker might be necessary to stop the cycle of high then sudden low. Anyone have anything else like this go on? I'm 23 and the thought of possibly needing a pacemaker is terrifying...I don't know what to think or turn to...thanks for any input.
532476 tn?1214520784 All from heart disease or stroke. My father is 75 and has had bypass surgey and now has a pacemaker. I take 7 different medications for my problem. I have been diagnosed with Atherosclerosis . The surgeon who performed my bypass said I would be back. 16 years seems like a long time and I'm concerned that I may have problems again. Just wanted to know if anybody has gone longer than 16 years after bypass surgery and if they have had any complications since.
342425 tn?1241383064 We found this av block a week and a half ago and am running blood work, a full work up. Can I go like this for ever or will I need a pacemaker? Can medicine fix this or any help on this matter is greatly appreciated. Also, do you think their could be some damage to my mitral valve from my pregnancy? I do even have some sharp piercing pains periodicaly,, racing heart beat, pounding heart beat, even some flutters or quivers and sometimes it feels like a worm is crawling through???
742374 tn?1232567355 I honestly don't know. The people to ask would be his transplant team. They know the limitations - who qualifies and who doesn't. I would think a pacemaker would make him even more stable for such a major surgery. I hope he gets the liver soon.
Avatar n tn ) My cardiologist has recommended that I consider a pacemaker. I have been on Altace for many years and on Coreg for a few years. My cardiologist has also recommended that I double the Coreg dosage. Do you have any recommendations? Are there any other treatments that could help? Any experimental treatments available?
Avatar n tn My heart rate has generally stayed down, I guess from the beta blocker and limitations of my pacemaker/ defib. I need to see the consumer's report article.
967168 tn?1477588089 I don't need the leads out because I'm not pacemaker dependent. I saw a new EP last Friday who did 45 min of extensive testing on my ICD; who said I should have never left the hospital with the leads the way they were or at the very least had them repaired within a few weeks time. I have loss of capture, noise and tons of artifacts that he thinks aren't artifacts; the unit shows all kinds of problems with it from the beginning. Does this sound like a lead leaking or fracture?
Avatar m tn I understand that the statute of limitations for medical malpractice in the UK is only 3 years except under some very extreme circumstances and nothing I read in your post would qualify. You really need an attorney to find out.
Avatar n tn Then he stated if the heart did not go back we would need to look into a pacemaker! I lost my mind. Does this sound right, my 28 yr old, never smoking, runner of a wife needing a pacemaker??? Please, if anyone has any information let me know. Is it common for inflamation to make your heart slow down? Please help.
Avatar n tn My daughter was born with several holes in the heart. The paedetrician cardiologist termed it as "Complete AV Septal reject". She is now 9 months old and I have been advised that this is the time for surgery. Surgery should be done before she turns one. Her heart (right side) is enlarged. She is currently on medication 1) Digoxin (0.6ml) 2) Lasix (0.2ml) 3) Potassium Chloride (1.5ml). Items (2) She only weighs about 6kgs, she can't sit up on her own and has not start crawling.
Avatar n tn Including what it is, how it can be corrected, The sucess rate of correction and limitations on corrections. If possible please email results to ***@****. If not thank you very much still.