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612551 tn?1450025775 He is listed as the co-inventor of the implantable pacemaker, something very important to many of us posting on this forum. He has won many recognitions and awards for his accomplishments, but this was my first reading of his work. I am a senior member of the IEEE. As a retired Electrical Engineer myself, I draw some satisfaction in learning that it was a fellow EE who was instrumental in the development of the IP.
Avatar f tn The ventricular part is 100% pacemaker, the Atrial was only 3% pacemaker. I found out 3 weeks ago the Atrial is now 49% pacemaker. The Atrial has been going down for 2 years. What effect will that have with my double chamber pacemaker. Apparently my Cardiologist foresaw this happening, I hope. Is it natural to lose all of the electricity in your heart and still do fine with your pacemaker? My new Cardiologists don't seem at all concerned.
Avatar f tn Hi. I am about to see the inventor of the gastric pacemaker. It seems to make a big difference in gastroparesis patients. His name is Thomas Abell in Jackson, Ms. Maybe he or someone in your region can use this method to provide relief to you. I definitely feel you as I have been struggling for 4 years now. I am very excited about seeing this doctor and receiving any help.