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Avatar n tn type places below the wound area. He wonders if he should go back to the dr or if this is normal for a hematoma. He has a pacemaker and lacks full liver function, however, he goes to his office and works every day, drives and is very normal in every way. My mother and I are very concerned, as he is not a complainer, and this is causing great distress to my dad.
Avatar f tn He was whipped into hospital and, which should have been done years ago, given a pacemaker, which has stopped his blackouts.Also hence the surgery at the top of the page!! After his last episode he was given a CT scan which showed that he had had another bleed but it wasn't anything to worry about!!! After this kind of surgery, is it normal to have headaches and a tightness to the head? I'm assuming that it takes quite a while for things to heal inside the head?
Avatar m tn I had a pacemaker inserted on the left side in Dec 11, it became infected and was removed in Feb. 7 days later a new device was placed in the right side, it now appears to be infected. Is it reaction to the metal, the sutures (the incision site has started to open) my skin not healing properly? I underwent 5 days of IV antibiotic and went about 10 days and have now started a 2 week session of daily IV. Where does the 3rd pacemaker get placed?
Avatar f tn My 59 year old mother recently had a spontaneous subdural hematoma that required burr hole evacuation. After surgery, she had a short episode of slurred speech so her neurosurgeon prescribed Keppra. It has been one month and now she is showing signs of bradycardia and sick sinus syndrome. Her cardiologist is considering a pace maker. The only other medications that she takes are estrogen (post hysterectomy) and synthroid (treating hypothryroidism).
Avatar f tn You may feel different part of the pacemaker system, blood collection (hematoma) which grew post procedure (although it should likely resolve by now) or it may be sign of more serious complications. You should not attempt to palpate on your own ‘lumps’ around pacemaker. Please see the doctor who implanted the device to discuss your concerns and for full evaluation of newly placed pacemaker.
Avatar n tn I am on blood thinner and 320mg of Betapace twice a day, also Lanoxin 250. Recently I had a pacemaker put in because of the low heart rate caused by the Medicine. My questions are these: 1. I am feeling very fatigued, the doctor put in the pacer two weeks ago and since then raise my dosage of Betapace from 320 a day to 640 a day, is the medicine the cause of the fatique? I thought the pacer would make me less fatiqued 2. The meds are not controlling the A-Fib, I go in and out on my own.
Avatar m tn My 81 yr old father fell 10 days ago resulting in a fractured skull, and a subdural hematoma for which he was hospitalized. While hospitalized an arrhytmia was diagnosed and a pacemaker implanted3 days ago. The electrophysiologist,cardiologist and pacemaker technician said that the pacemaker was working well, until today when they informed us that they the lower lead was displaced. So now they are considering repositioning the lead.
Avatar f tn Hi Thanks for writing to the forum! In all probability the injury gave rise to a neck injury or neck strain, causing compression of spinal nerve at the cervical level. This neck stiffness could be causing headache. Maybe a CT scan with contrast can be done. There are other possibilities like MTBI or minimal traumatic brain injury or a chronic subdural hematoma. However since you do not have any other complaints, you may not have these problems. Hope this helps.
Avatar m tn I went back for a couple more echocardiograms and pacemaker checks. They found I had developed an epicardial hematoma near where one of the pacemaker leads was implanted into my right ventricle. It was rubbing against the pericardium and causing an inflammatory response. They put me on Colchicine and Advil for the inflammation. On my last echo the hematoma was pretty much all gone and I’ve been taken off the Colchicine. I am feeling quite a bit better now.
Avatar n tn I am absolutly terrified for I have had a PVI node ablation, a pacemaker fitted and with both I developed a hematoma. The first hematoma I was in hospital for eight day instead of one, also given two pints of blood, I was not a happy lady. Reading articles on the internet, has I think, frightened me more. There does seem to be quite a few bad experiences after the AV node ablation. After reading your your letter I feel slightly better.
1156727 tn?1309571208 I have been having pain & pressure (more pressure than pain) behind my L eye which sometimes extends back to about my ear. I also can feel this moving from my scalp downward. I was in the ER twice, they found a corneal abrasion. It healed w/ ointment but I'm still having the pain & pressure. This has been going on for over 40 days, varies througout the day, but I have not had one day w/o this feeling.
Avatar m tn I have had a cat scan(cannot have a MRI due to pacemaker), X-rays, consulted my personal Physican, a pain Specialist, and a Neurologist. I have taken pain medication, including Vicodin, without any relief. The Neurologist suggested a spinal tap, however my Personal Physican disagreed. I am had four Acupuncture sessions at the present time, so far without relief. I do not have migraine headaches or few daytime headaches, (which are usually due to allergies). I am open for any suggestions.
Avatar n tn I have complete heart block, as result of an av node ablation. The beginning of April I had a new pacemaker put in. I also have SVC syndrome, so the goal was to remove my ventricular lead before putting in a new one. The docs. where I live no longer have access to laser removal, so the cardio-thoracic surgeon tried with no success. Now I have an infection. 2 days after surgery I had a temp.of 101.5 They sent me home anyway.
Avatar m tn We were told that her heart was just fine and did not need a pacemaker. Her old pacemaker was removed due to infection and she was given antibiotics for a month or so. Mom's Cardiologist moved to another hospital. At first her 'New' Cardiologist said a new pacemaker will be put in a month or so. Instead, he took her off heart medication and said she was fine and did not need a pacemaker. To the very end, she was very active and had a sharp mind.
Avatar m tn Also, you right leg may be really nasty looking for weeks after the procedure. It's not uncommon to develop a large hematoma. Look up "Hematoma" on Wikipedia and that's what it'll look like, except on the inside of the leg. Hope everything goes well!
Avatar n tn My husband, a 60 year old, fell in our garage 2/16/04, sustained a spinal cord injury & hematoma to right side of brain. He had operation 2/17/04 to remove blood which seemed to be successful with little or no side effects. The spinal cord injury was another matter.
168732 tn?1311715679 I had cleared the virus in '07, had a couple good years, but last fall two bouts with infections and a very bad fall (massive hematoma) set me into end-stage liver disease. My cirrhosis was too far along to recover. Had liver and kidney transplants in Feb. at Northwestern in Chicago. Last week I elebrated with all the wonderful surgeons, hepatologists and RN's down at Kovler Clinic as we crossed the 6 month survival mark.
Avatar m tn I also have a pacemaker and the cardiologist made some adjustments to it recently and not sure if that had anything to do with the way I feel or not. I am very medication sensitive and have stomach problems for many years ibs and diverticulitis. I am concerned about the procedure as it is only 10 years or so old and whatever they do cant be reversed. My heart other than the afib is healthy.
Avatar n tn Also after the ablation say these spots are found what are the odds of other cells saying ok its my turn to try and be pacemaker? My heart isnt enlarged yet and my ef is between 60 and 65 percent. Also I was on effexor when I was there for my visist and since then I have gone off of it because it was making me sick and causing the bigeminy to be worse. Is it possible for this drug to cause pvcs to be worse? Thank you.
Avatar f tn He zapped and tested, zapped and tested but after 7 hours he knew he couldn't bring it under control, didn't want to risk having me on a pacemaker so he stopped. But he was very upset about not getting it. I went along for a few years and there was a new variety of ablation (rather high tech computer something or other) and he was willing to try again. Well, he made some headway and although I'll always have my premature beats, my PSVT is greatly improved.
Avatar m tn What this means is that there is a small blockage of the signal from the SA to AV node causing a slight delay the signal getting from SA to AV, but not enough of a problem to need any kind of intervention, such as a pacemaker. First degree is the least problematic variety and generally there are no symptoms, the only place it can really be noticed is on an ECG printout.
1423357 tn?1511089042 Interestingly, she will have temporary sutures, something I did not experience 7 years ago for mine. Less chance of hematoma and no weights. More later...
Avatar m tn As I understand, that AV node is the 'real' pathway, so, how come you can burn the extra pathway which is located within that 'real' pathway, without damaging the 'real' pathway? And if they do so (damage the 'real' pathway), that will result in a having pacemaker? I'm really worried, that I haven't spoken to the doctor, which will treat me, I have only spoken with nurses and some people who will be there during the procedure.
2044185 tn?1330801382 Withing 3 week I was back to full strength and except for a tender thigh from the hematoma that drained out into my leg. By that point, I had also been discharged by the EP who told me to go celebrate with a double espresso in the coffee shop across the street. That's about as jovial as my EP got.... So 2-3 weeks should be sufficient unless you a plan skiing or mountain climbing vacation (or holiday as you say there)!
Avatar n tn Worse case senario is that I may need a pacemaker to control the rythym of the heart. Maybe this is what you have. Maybe you have the righ bundle branch block instead of the left. The LBBB is suppose to be less common. Let me know what you find out. I will post my results after the Thurs.cardiac ablation. Good Luck!
1210142 tn?1266080631 I know of a person who was in car accident, hit his head and died from hematoma. He was on Plavix and aspirin for over 3 the drug is far away from harmless not speaking about the fact that it does not show very many benefits beyond 1 year of use/with few exceptions probably/.
Avatar f tn Now, I am not thrilled about removing a non-cancerous gland nor am I particularly thrilled about goig under the knife. I am 100% pacemaker dependant with a bum heart, The idea of waiting another six months and potentially letting a cancer spead is not a great option for me. i already have periods where my glands are inflamed in my neck...In two weeks we discuss it again with my decision..
4186692 tn?1350826888 They used both sides, but the right side was used the most. I had a large hematoma which drained into my thigh and look horrible for nearly there weeks before slowly disappearing. It got as far as my knee, and was sore to the touch. I limped noticeably for 2 weeks following the procedure. I'd say that hurt the most. Oh...being a male, and having general anesthesia, I was catheterized. It was removed prior to me leaving the hospital.
Avatar n tn We don't want him to end up with a pacemaker at the age of 15, especially since we have not yet exhausted the array of antiarrythmic agents he could try. Lots of questions, I know. I would appreciate any help you can give me.