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Avatar f tn Pacemaker batteries will not run out unexpectedly. When a battery is running low, the elective replacement indicator (ERI) is activated. Physicians can detect this activation during a routine office visit. In addition, the battery status and the general functioning of the pacemaker can be tested over the telephone. This is generally done every one to two months.
Avatar n tn What is the criteria for deciding when a pacemaker is to be replaced? In 1999 I had a pacer implanted after an AV node ablation, indicated for a-fib/ flutter. I am pacemaker dependent. My docs said I had to wait till I was"eri" for a replacement, but the insurance company said I could have one every three years with out a letter of medical necessity. I am anxious to have it replaced due to my dependence: but don't want to rush unnecessarily.
Avatar n tn My father aged 100 has decided not to replace his pacemaker battery and in September was told he had 3 months life left in it. To date is is almost 4 months - can anyone give me the symptoms he will experience when the battery starts to wind down - will death be immediate or slow? He has no underlying heart rythym - can the doctors be wrong when they give this diagnosis? Currently there are no obvious signs of failure.
Avatar m tn In our practice, however, echocardiogram is a far better assessment of ejection fraction than the nuclear scan, as slight change int he program parameters can yield markedly different results, and the spacial resolution of the nuclear scan is less than that of the echocardiogram. Another possibility is that the pacemaker being at ERI is not pacing him as frequently and in his native rhythm his ejection fraction improves.
Avatar n tn My pacemaker is in the ERI mode, and I have been having this this thumping heart beats when I go to bed. I am wondering if this is something caused by the pacer firing or just something my heart is doing on its own.