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Avatar f tn I just found out my pacemaker battery is dead. Will I realize any side affects until the new pacemaker is inserted? This discussion is related to <a href='/posts/show/396259'>pacemaker battery failure</a>.
Avatar f tn My pacemaker battery had been dead for over a year and a half, and I just now was told that the pacemaker will have to be removed because it can damage the heart if it doesn't have a battery. Is this true? Incidentally, my pacemaker had not been activated for several years, as it was set for the minimum and didn't ever have to kick in.
Avatar n tn An incision is made over the previous scar and the old pacemaker is removed from the pocket. A small screw driver is used to disconnect the leads from the pulse generator and the leads are tested to make sure they are working properly. The generator is hooked up to the old leads if they are working appropriately, the incision is irrigated with antibiotic solution and the new pacemaker is put back into the same place (pacemaker pocket) and the incision is closed.
Avatar f tn Hi Christina, How are you? The pacemaker is there for a reason. It would be best to discuss your options with your doctor and to be referred to a psychologist if needed. Prescription medications may help with the depression. It may also be helpful to join support groups to help you cope up with having the need for a pacemaker. Take care and regards.
Avatar f tn Hi, I have sick sinus syndrome and I have had my pacemaker since 2003. It is very close to time to replace the battery but I am having serious issues with the Dr's in my area. During the summer I was told I needed a new battery within the year. My question is....What symptoms might I experience when my pm battery actually dies? I don't think I will be able to find a Dr in time and want to know what I might have to endure. I am only 48 but don't feel I will make it to 50 because of my issue.
Avatar n tn But with the right EP doctor you can live a normal, and better life then before you had the pacemaker. I know it may not seem like it now, but having a pacemaker is a wonderful thing. I beleive that you will in time, with the right doctor and pacemaker, that you will feel much better! Take care.
Avatar m tn Mom is 90 yrs old and has severe dementia. She is need of a new pacemaker battery. Cardiologist said they don't change batteries - the whole pacemaker is changed. She is using her pacemaker 95% of the day. Is is a good idea to change this? Can you still die with a pacemaker? I know if she could make the decision herself she would tell me to not change it and leave well enough alone. I don't know what to do.
Avatar f tn patients with pacemakers would be dead without them...simple fact!! being 80% dependent on you pacemaker is a tad more dramatic than a slight boost!! and when its you wide awake, nervous and vulnerable on the operating table its a far cry from being slipped back in...with 'layers' if muscle and tissue being stitched before they get to top layer of skin! as opposed to death its a godsend but it is no walk in the park!!
Avatar m tn For atrial problems the odds are 3 to 2 that an ablation will fix the problem. For a 2nd and following ablation the odds are dead even. And that is if your atrial diameter is small enough. I have a naturally big heart (ought to since I am 6'4" and barrell chested with broad shoulders. I wear a 52 jacket even now). When the atrial diameter goes above 5cm the odds of ablation correcting atrial arrhythmia drop. Above 5.
255722 tn?1452550141 My TTT showed when I faint my hr tanks and I have no palpable pulse, then I had an EP Study with ablation to try and get rid of my arrhythmia's During the EPS, they found I had malignant arrhythmia's/vt called polymorhpic VT so they implanted a Teligen 100 pacemaker/defibrillator. The pacemaker is supposed to regulate the HR so when it gets to a certain hr it will pace you and then make sure it doesnt drop below that rate.
Avatar f tn See they have never had to deal with the allergic reactions. Just to infections or pacemaker replacements due to infections or battery dead. I have to have my pacemaker I have no option at all. I had a AV node ablation done after multiple other ablations.
Avatar n tn Well, I can see there is no way to just post a question to the group unless it is posted when asking the Dr. I apologize for my immediate's just that I have waited almost 11 months to finally get into the forum and would like to have my time respected. Thanks for your understanding.
Avatar f tn On my next visit, should I ask them to give me an appointment for a replacement if they just want to schedule me for another check? I have had no problems with my pacemaker. Recently, however, my vision has periods when it is more dim than it is at others. When I first received it in Nov. 2000, my vision had been the first thing to go before I passed out. Nothing had been wrong with me before this - that I knew about, anyway.
Avatar n tn I do take diuretics to keep the fluid off and have to take potassium, magnesium and calcium which are depleted with the diuretics.. I feel much better when my weight is down. I also have a biventricular pacemaker and ICD which has helped me more than all the drugs I take. I am sure the drugs are necessary but before I got my biventricular pacemaker, I had severe CHF symptoms even with all the drugs. How are you feeling? How is your endurance and stamina?
Avatar m tn Problem is not the pacer fail. They can detect before it out of work. Are you knowing that long term pacing the right ventricle can cause heart failure? Once my lead was leaking and I end up with a complete heart block. I didn't faint. Just felt a massive irregular beats, SOB and chest tightness. Lasted 2 weeks, made a lot of complaints. Finally, the GP agreed to run an EKG. I am not a pacemaker dependent.
Avatar n tn I am presently waiting to have my pacemaker and leads changed (early next week), both leads have cracks in them and battery is almost dead. My question is, if I proceed with another ablation, and become completely pacemaker dependant, will this stop the PVC's? I still have alot of arrythmias, and palpatations, which are real nucence. I have been told that if I have another ablation, this would stop all of my problems.
Avatar f tn The doctor that put in my pacemaker put me on acebutolol 200 mg twice a day. It stopped my pvs for about 6 years then my pacemaker battery went dead and had to have a new pacemaker and my pvs started again. My doctor raised my acebutolo to 400 mg twice a day. Now no pvs for the last week. It is the only medicine that has stopped my pvs. If you have a very slow heartbeat because of pvs i would recomend a pacemaker and acebutolol.
Avatar n tn I am presently waiting to have my pacemaker and leads changed (early next week), both leads have cracks in them and battery is almost dead. My question is, if I proceed with another ablation, and become completely pacemaker dependant, will this stop the PVC's? I still have alot of arrythmias, and palpatations, which are real nucence. I have been told that if I have another ablation, this would stop all of my problems.
Avatar n tn age 24 now 31 was a victim of 17 shocks in a row due to the nurse reprogramming it to dual chamber when only one was needed thank god I made it to the parking garage when I got first shock who knows what kind of tragedy could have accured if I made it to my car I now hae a dead battery for almost a year now and refuse to have it replaced.
365571 tn?1219601346 I went to see my doctor about the pacer today, my battery is dead! Its suppost to last 5-7 years, I've had mine almost 2 years. The doctor is calling my surgeon on Monday, I'm probably looking at another surgery while I'm pregnant. They are trying another antinausea medication, if it doesn't work and I keep throwing up I'm going to have to be hospitalized this weekend. Please keep me in your prayers!
116881 tn?1189759423 (I'm in Florida, It's hot with metal paddles strapped to your chest and back) I've had these PVCs for years, they continue to provide incorrect diagnosis which doesn't phase me much, I have no idea what it next, internal defib, pacemaker, who knows? Just needs to hobbies away from this stuff, fishing is one (dancing won't be the other one) Sorry about you situation at home, live your life and have fun, work with what you got. Have a great week!
1293512 tn?1315343460 They have proved that My Right side Pheranic Nerve is Dead and my Left Side is Severally compermissed. I have been sent in Septemember to the Cleveland Clinc see Doctors out there and they feel that the Doctors here in New York are doing exactly what they should be doing. Now I have another Nurve Doctor in Hornell, NY and he thinks that there might be something more going on besides the Diaphram issues. I have a lot of shaking going on in my arms and legs. My Left arm jerks and I cant help it.
Avatar f tn period and when he went to the emergency room they said it was unjustifiable and he shouldn't have gotten shocked. My husband is scared to death now and wishes he had never gotten this done. He is a big guy and is pretty tough and he can't sleep because he is thinking about it every minute since he done this procedure.
Avatar n tn (the 500 or so you have is also a very low number according to my doctor) So, my point is, you may feel like you are having more than you actually are because you are so sensitzed to them once your anxiety rears it's ugly head. This went on for about a month and then it just went back to the normal daily flutters that were manageable. Don't worry as they will not hurt you.
Avatar n tn As is required on this forum, I should state first off that I am not a medical doctor although I have a doctorate degree in bioorganic chemistry. Having stated that, I am now free to speculate and share observations.
341190 tn?1295470725 hes had 2 so far one lead broke and battery was almost dead.had that one for about 18yrs. the new one is so much better he can be around alot of things he couldent before.the only bad thing with the new one they put it under his coller bone and he can feel it kick in.but he leads a normal life.
Avatar n tn (no other symptoms) One doctor did an ekg and holter monitor and said everything is okay dont worry about it. Another doctor said that it sounded like thyroid. Thyroid blood work came back normal but they did find a tiny nodule through a ultrasound. I am only 25 years old and sometimes I feel this on/off all day (like yesterday) and other times I can go days without feeling it at all.
Avatar n tn Well, I have figured out that sugar is definitely a trigger for me. That is kind of a bummer but I guess it is another reason for me to stick to a healthy diet. :) I have also noticed that evening is worse for me--maybe because I am more tired? I am guessing that is it.
Avatar f tn implanted and basically said a holter would be useless in my case, which I agree since my episodes were a little over a month apart. He told me that it is a simple procedure, can be done outpatient! Battery lasts up to 3 years! I said that sounds good, he seemed very experienced and trustworthy. I was not told when the procedure would be, I was confused by what he said and thought it would be outpatient.
Avatar n tn More than one thing, which is why this is so difficult for a hammer everything is a nail, etc. Viruses? Inflammation? Inflammation which gets worse. Why do the episdoes self terminate? As confusing as why they start. The Afib seems, at least to me to have a 'positive' effect on my body, because when the episode terminates, I feel 'better' and 'cleansed'....the area under my eyes goes blackish during an episode and this disappears when its over....